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Reborn: Belated Love to Him

Reborn: Belated Love to Him


My boyfriend died protecting me. I was in his arms watching him turn to a dead person right before I died too. My tears turned into blood. The pain was too strong, so my soul didn't disappear after I died, it went through a time tunnel and brought me back to the time when I was 18. I woke up naked in my boyfriend's bed, he was holding me tightly in his arms, with lips still kissing my ears, he was naked too! I finally realized I was back to the night when he and I had our first sex. I came back with two purposes, revenge and make it up to my boyfriend. But he didn't know I was already a different person, my face was the same but I already entered my afterlife...
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A tall and handsome man was protecting a woman in his embrace. Both of them collapsed in a pool of blood, their bodies being riddled with gunshots. Despite the man's desperate attempt to protect the woman, he and the woman were already lifeless. Surrounding them were several men who were armed with guns and sneering at them without the slightest scruple.

"Well done, Wilder! You actually succeeded in killing Yoel Grant."

"Haha, I have to thank this woman. She believes other people too easily. Falling in love with her, wasn't Yoel Grant courting for death?"

"How could you be so cruel to such a gorgeous woman? It is truly a pity that she dies just like this."

"Haha, do you want to have fun with a corpse?"

At this moment, the woman was drenched in blood and long dead. However, there was a tear of blood that fell down on her remarkably beautiful face, like an indication of her despair and unwillingness. The red birthmark at the corner of her eye had been covered in blood, which became redder and gave off an indescribable grief.

Lindsey Bell was astonished to find that she was floating in the air. In extreme grief, she was looking down at Yoel's and her corpses. She saw those killers laughing and kicking and shooting Yoel's body for fun.

Her soul rushed towards the shooters frantically. "Don't touch him! Go away, all of you!"

But no one heard or saw her. Her soul simply passed through their bodies. Lindsey watched with despair. Yoel maintained a posture that was protecting her even when he died. He had been such a proud man, but now he was being humiliated by these people after death. This was unbearable to her!

"Ah!" Lindsey screamed. It was a yell from her soul.

Then everything around her went dark, as if her soul was shattered. Then she lost consciousness!



It was unknown how much time had passed. Lindsey abruptly opened her eyes. Fogged with tears, her eyes now flashed with ice-cold hatred!

Through the gap of the curtains, the rays of sun broke into the room. The dark room was gradually illuminated.

Lindsey's mind was in a mess. She did not know where she was. With a slight move of her body, she felt the tearing pain.

"How could I feel pain if I'm already dead?" she wondered.

"Stay with me!" An attractive, deep male voice suddenly arose beside her, but it was like an echo in her mind.

Lindsey froze, her pupils contracted, and the hatred in her heart was replaced by deep shock!

She turned around stiffly and her watery eyes suddenly widened. She saw a man with the most beautiful face in the world. He had a high nose and a pair of starry eyes. At this moment, he was frowning and pursing his thin lips.

"Yoel Grant! It's Yoel Grant!"

"Didn't he die with me? What exactly is happening..."

Lindsey looked around and found that they were in a room of an extremely manly style, grand and luxurious. It was actually Yoel's room!

On the European style bed that was over two meters in width, they were both naked. The white sheets were dyed with a splotch of redness. Even a fool would know what had happened earlier.

This scene was completely different from before!

Lindsey looked a little greedily at the face in front of her, no horrible scars from her cruelty, no worn-out face, no wrinkles at the corners of her eyes, no quiet coldness.

She was looking at him so intently, as if she wanted to imprint his face inside her heart.

"It's him, but younger, and also... a younger me!"

Lindsey pinched her thigh and felt the pain. She wasn't dreaming!

They had reincarnated just like the demons and deities in the book, Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio. However, the timing of their reincarnation was rather "subtle". A romantic aura was filling this room, which made her heart race!

She was overjoyed and all her grievances and hatred were temporarily suppressed. All she could see was the man in front of her, while her mind repeatedly replayed the scene of how Yoel risked his life to protect her!

She remained still and dumb, watching this naked man standing up, revealing his strong back and putting on that familiar military uniform.

He was nearly two meters high and had an extraordinarily handsome face and tanned skin. His body was muscular without any unwanted fat!

Lindsey blushed and turned away!

When Yoel saw her reaction, his eyes darkened. He must have misunderstood her again, and thought that Lindsey turned away because of disgust. Before he walked out of the room, he gave her a complicated glance.

"Don't...don't be afraid of me!" he said.

"..." Lindsey opened her mouth, but did not say anything. She was still in shock at this moment.

She blinked her eyes and thought that she was indeed not afraid of him. In the entire capital city, she was the only one who did not fear him!

In her previous life, she was a joke. The man she had been wholeheartedly pursuing was just making use of her to get close to Yoel for the kill. Finally, Yoel was dead because of her.

She had been trying to get away from Yoel before, a man who lost his life in order to protect her.

"It's great that we can meet each other again."

"Yoel Grant, in this life, I will rather betray the entire world than to betray you!"