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The Secret Necklace

The Secret Necklace

Author:Celine Hiromi


Tanya was a college student who just transferred. On the first day, she pissed Hans, the hugely popular boy off. Her seat was occupied by this arrogant guy. No, she wasn't the kind of student who could be easily bullied. So she just sat on his lap. Then the affairs between she and he spread in the school as everyone believed she had a crush on Hans. Gosh, she didn't love him at all! She wanted to make it clear but Hans refused to cooperate. He even kissed her as a punishment when she spoiled his T-shirt. She decided to stop the rumor and accepted the blind date arranged by her mom. To her surprise, Hans showed up on that day...
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  Early morning, Tanya wake up excitedly and dressed up for her first day in her new school. After shower, she ware her school uniform and brush her hair, and go to school.

  Tanya is a 4th year college student, in a course of Business Administration. She hurry up in her school and not to be late.

  When she arrived at the school gate, she saw a great crowd of students standing infront of the school gate.

  "Well! I'm just not late. What do they care about?" Tanya said to herself.

  Tanya slowly approached the students who are so excited to see the man in the car. She saw the black Mercedes Benz parked at the front of the gate and the door was open, and at the same time a very handsome student step out the car.

  The man well dressed in a school uniform, as perfectly fit on him and with a black leather shoes.

  He stood to be in around 180 cm tall. His face was all angles and planes, from his forehead, cheeks to his jawline. His looks were the type that would stand out in a crowd.

  Tanya caught sight of the man in the crowd at first glance. He looked so cold, and yet there was something very appealing about the impassiveness on his handsome face.

  Although he was surrounded by a crowd, he didn't seem perturbed at all.

  The students were excitedly cheers for him.


  "Hi Hans, you're so handsome!"

  "Hi Hans, hi Hans!" said another.

  He even scouted the male student who was in shock. It looks rich, tall, clean and handsome!

  But in Tanya's mind, "Hmp, he is not so handsome!"

  She also saw that some students give Hans love letters and gifts, but Lance ignores them, just keeps walking and he sees Richard. He called him right away.

  "Chard! " Hans shouted.

  "Hey, Bro!" he greeted him warmly and they walked in together.

  Ada also kept walking and immediately searched for her classroom and immediately found it.

  She entered the room, surprisingly by her classmates, as if questioning her whole being. They look at her from head to toe, she just ignore them and looked around to find a seat. Seeing a vacant seat near the edge of the window, she approached it immediately and sit down.

  She noticed her classmates whispering as she saw her sit in the chair.

  "She is stupid!" said a student.

  "Hey, she is so shameless!" said the other.

  Tanya was surprised, as she heard it.

  "What's wrong with them, why are they looking me like that?" Tanya whispered to herself.

  Tanya put her bag in her chair. While waiting, she took her cellphone first and read her Mommy's text.

  "My dear, let's meet if you have time, I have something important to tell you!" her Mom texted.

  While Tanya was reading the text, she suddenly hear a voice.

  "Miss, that's my seat!"

  Tanya looked at the man who was speaking in front of her.

  The man's expression still remained the same, and his sharp and handsome face revealed a grim.

  The man's sharp eyes swept over the resume in her hand.

  Oh, he is the guy who's been in a crowd around outside! Tanya was surprised, to see him standing in front of her, and staring at her angrily.

  "Ha? I got here first!" Tanya replied.

  "Tsk!" Hans briefly said.

  The guy replied and immediately took Tanya's bag and threw it to the floor.

  Tanya was surprised at what he did and immediately got up and took the bag.

  Then Hans slowly took his seat. Tanya hate it, what Lance did to her bag and she confronted him.

  "Why did you throw my bag away? I'm the first one to sit here!" Tanya said angrily.

  His handsome face revealed an indescribable coldness. He just glance at Tanya, she is just an ordinary girl for him, but when he look in her eyes something different. He feels like his heart beat pound!

  He took a deep breath, he look at the window and he just stared outside and ignore her.

  At the same time, their Teacher came in the class room.

  "Good morning! Okay class, you may take a seat!" Teacher said to them.

  When Tanya heard what Teacher says, she sat down...but at Hans thighs.

  The whole class was shocked and they whispered when they saw it.

  "Ha! Why is she sitting on Hans thighs ?"

  "Why she do that?"

  "She's so embarrassing! So shamless!"

  Tanya heard it and she also looked at her Teacher who was looking at her.

  Tanya rubbed her red cheeks and felt them burning in embarrassment. It was the most insane thing she had ever done in her life. Her heart pounding, her mind was a jumble of thoughts.

  She heard Hans take a deep breath and she feel it in her left ear.

  "Never mind! I'd better make this quick." Tanya said in her mind.

  Tanya slowly got up and looked for another seat, seeing that there was a vacant seat behind Hans, so she quickly sat down there.

  "OMG! Why I did that?" Tanya asked herself.

  Tanya looked relieved, as class was over. Seeing that Hans was fixing things up, she was afraid she might be confronted with him, so she quickly covered her notebook on her face.

  "Hey, Miss what did you do earlier?" asked her classmate.

  Slowly, she lowered the notebook to her face, she saw the three women standing in front of her and saw Hans leave the room.

  "Ha?" Tanya asked them.

  "Don't you know what you did to my Hans?!" said the woman as she faced her thick make up!

  "What? Your Hans?!" Tanya assured.

  "Yes, my Hans! Just because you're new here, just don't come close to him or talk again!" she said as a command.

  Tanya suddenly stood up.

  "Wait! I didn't even know him!" said Tanya.

  "Do you know what you did earlier?" said Jenny.

  "We have a crush on Hans, but we never touch him not even his finger! And you? Tsk!" said Lyka.

  "Maybe you like Lance?" said Jenny.

  "Ha? Me?...I don't like him! If you want Lance, it's all yours!" Tanya said and so annoyed and walk out immediately.

  She went to the canteen alone to buy some food, she noticed that she was looking at some students and whispering at her.

  She just ignore it, she laid down her food tray on the vacant table and sat there. While eating, Tanya paused, muttering to herself.

  "Why they are so addictive to that Hans? He's just white and tall! Hmp!" she said angrily to her self while eating.

  Later on, she saw Lance and another man entering the canteen. Immediately their eyes met. They were both shocked.

  Hans saw her and meet again her eyes, his heart beat pound again so fast.

  "Hans!" Richard call his name.

  Hans quickly regained his composure, and looked at the dishes they had ordered.

  "Shocks! Speaking of the Devil!" said Tanya as she was him.

  Tanya immediately finished her meal and left the canteen.

  Hans noticed this and followed her gaze. Until she walkout in the canteen.

  "Oh, is she the girl who sit at you earlier?" Richard said, while looking at Tanya's leave.

  " I can believe this! Just now, there's a woman who hit me!" Hans replied.

  "Hahaha, so, you mean a woman who didn't affected of your "Magic Charm", Richard said.

  "Tsk! I don't have a Magic Charm. Let's just eat!" Hans said.

  As they continue eating their meal.



  "Yes, it's finally over." Tanya said to herself, when the bell rang.

  She looked at Hans again, he standing up, looking at him and walking straight out of the way. He just ignore her.

  "Hmp! A devil!" said Tanya.

  Tanya was fixing her things, while her classmate approached her.

  "Hi, Tanya right?" she asked.

  She smile at her, she's simple and clad in glass.

  "Yes." she replied.

  "I'm Joice!"  and shook her hand.

  "Are you going home? Let's go together!" Joice said.

  "All right then." Tanya smiled, and they went home together.

  While walking, they talked about Hans.

  "So, you're just transferred? Why are you transferred here?" Joice asked her.

  "Ah, because we've moved home." Tanya replied.

  "Ah ok! But do you really know Hans?" Joice said.

  "No, I don't know him!" Tanya said.

  "Is that so? You know almost every woman and gay here in our school, had a crush on him." Joice said as she smiling.

  "So, mean even you have crush on him?" Tanya asked.

  Joice nodded as she smiled.

  " Yes! You know since my First Year High, I've been crushing Hans. Almost every girl is clinging to him! When he looked, I feel melting and dying! I even gave him a love letter before in his locker, just to be blotted out well. That's a pity, because we're graduating, I'm not going to see Hans anymore." she sadly said.

  "Huh, just let it go. There are many other guys there! Sure, you'll find even more handsome than Hans!" Tanya replied.

  "No, I can't forget Hans! I can't let him go! " Joice said.

  Tanya take a deep breath.

  "Alright I'll go ahead, it's a bus coming." Tanya said.

  "Ok alright bye! Watch out!" Joice said.

  "Ok, you too!" Tanya said.

  And Tanya had already taken the bus.

  Upon returning to her rented room, she immediately changed clothes for her part time job, in a coffee shop. It's just walking distance from her apartment. She warmly welcomes customers who enter the coffee shop.

  She has been working there for only a few months and has noticed that this customers are rich or fluffy because of their coffee and cakes.

  After her works here, that's the only time she  have her dinner. Sometimes, she even forgot to eat because she was so tired. When she got home her Mom called again.

  "Hello" Tanya answered.

  "Hello, Tanya why didn't you reply to my text earlier this morning?" her Mom asked her.

  "Ah, I forgot, sorry Mom." Tanya said.

  "Ok! Anyway, I told you that we need to talk. You need to meet up with Don Manuel, it's important thing to talk to him! And .." said her mom.

  "But Mom, how many times do I have to tell you, I don't want to see him!" Tanya said.

  "Tanya, that's for you too! You have to show to Don Manuel! I heard he was getting worse ..." her Mom said.

  "But Mom -" Tanya said.

  "Nothing but's! I let you go there alone! Even though we don't want you to live there! So now, you'll obey me. This coming Saturday, I will told them that you're going!" her Mom said.

  "Ha? This coming Saturday? But I'm not ready Mom! Wait!" Tanya said immediately.

  "Just go there! If you don't, you must come back home!" then she lowered the phone.

  "But Mom..." Tanya muttered.

  Tanya just lay down on her bed and nodded.

  Tanya always avoided a meeting with Don Manuel, because her parents had agreed to marry his grandchild.

  This is also the reason why she left the house and went away, because she was so annoyed that her parents were cheating on her.

  Tanya wants a simple life, she doesn't want to get rich and other people control her life. Therefore, she did not know what to do on Saturday. She will be forced to go.