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Poor DayDreaming Student

Poor DayDreaming Student



This story is about a boy who was an orphan but intelligent too.But he had a habbit of daydreaming. Some said he has a mental disorder but after examination in a hospital arranged by the management of the orphanage, the doctor said it is just a habbit that will go away with time . He got admission in one of the top ranked college of his country on scholarship when he turned 18 where his one and only friend also got admission.His friend belonged to a rich family. But deep down inside his heart he loved her but never dared to tell her. Until one day a rich guy transferred to their college after one year and this changed their life totally .
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  A handsome boy came out from a luxury BMW car. His straight hair was falling on his cheeks giving him a perfect attraction.He looked like his age was 19.He was wearing a uniform but it looked so fine like it was specially made for him.

  As he put his foot on the ground everyone started staring at him  with a feeling of being jealous that why they were not rich like him and then a few girls came around him and tried to talk with him but he continued walking while ignoring them.While walking he saw all around him, sure it was his first day in the college.

  After walking for a while he asked a girl who was passing just by near him about the way to class B12. The age of the girl was about 18 years. The girl seemed in a little hurry but she stopped to tell him the way to the classroom and then went in straight direction.

  It happened for the first time with him that a girl didn't show any interest in him, as he was both handsome and rich. And ofcourse all girls want a rich and handsome guy to be their boyfriend like him.

  The time of the class was 8:00 am and he reached at the door of the classroom at 8:05 am, just 5 minutes late. He was late 5 minutes because it took him some time to search for the class as it was his first day in the college.

  The teacher was calling name of the students at that time for attendence. When he reached at the door of the classroom, everyone looked at him just to see who is going to be marked absent beside being present in the class, as the teacher was strict and she hated being late and also those who try to come into her class beside being late.

  Everyone was surprised to see a new boy as none of them ever saw him. Teacher said him to sit into the class but she won't put present of him in the attendence register without even looking at him.

  "i am sorry for being late but it's not my fault at all"  he said.

  After hearing this, the teacher looked at him and said, then whose fault is this ? Is it mine!! that you are late.

  He apologized again and said " i am late because finding the class took me some time".

  Why you had to find the class? Are you new in the college? The teacher asked angrily thinking that the student might be making just a lame excuse to escape from such a situation. As it is normal for students to make lame excuses to escape in such situations as sometimes such excuses even work successfully. So, there is nothing bad giving it atleast one try as failure in it will cause nothing bad at all.

  "YES, i am new in this college" he replied.

  Teacher raised her one eyebrow and asked his name while looking at him. "Oliver Adley" he replied. So, his surname was "Adley",one of the richest families in the whole city named Tokyo. Ofcourse not everyone can afford such an expensive car. Other students also belonged to rich families as that college was expensive. But he belonged to a super rich family.

  "oh" teacher said ," You must be the transfer student about whom principle told me earlier but i forgot".

  You can sit in the class and i will put present of you as it is your first day in the college but don't come late ever again.

  "Okay" he replied and went to the back of the classroom as there were only two empty chairs in the entire class, one on the front and the other at the back. As it was his first day, he decided to sit behind.

  As the teacher finished calling names for attendence, a girl came at the door and asked for permission to enter into the class from the teacher. The teacher looked at her and then allowed her to come inside. She came inside, said something to the teacher and then sat on the empty chair present on the front. She was the girl from whom Oliver had asked the way to the classroom.

  "Thank God, he didn't sit on that chair otherwise he would have to leave that chair now and would be embarrassed " he thought in his mind.

  He thought why teacher let her come in without saying anything as she was also late like him, even more than him.

  Duration of the study in the college was of 4 years and one year had already passed, so the new boy transferred in his 2nd year. Getting transferred in 2nd year of studies in this college was not easy but ad he belonged to a rich family, so it must be easy for him.

  As the class finished and teacher went out of the class, some of the students came to Oliver and tried to be friendly with with him specially the girls. But he spoke with them coldly. He was still thinking of that beautiful girl.

  "Why am i even thinking about that girl " he asked himself. This had never happened with him ever before.

  It was breaktime and students started getting out of the class. Some went to the college cantene to eat somthing, some started studying by going to library and some remained in the class talking with each other. But Oliver wanted to talk with her. He didn't even know her name yet. He went to cantene to buy something to eat but he saw that girl there. She was buying two juice bottles. He felt a little confused that why she was buying two juice bottles?

  After buying two juice bottles, she left the cantene and started walking towards the garden that was at the backside of the college. He continued following her and then he became stunned and a little sad when he saw her sitting next to a boy. She gave one juice bottle to him.

  He remembered that he has seen that boy  somewhere! But where ? He thought too much and suddenly remembered that he was sitting next to that boy in the classroom. Oliver even remembered the name of that boy which is " Edward Abram" which he heard during attendence in the class.

  "But why he didn't hear the name of that girl during the attendence!" he  thought.

  Maybe her name was already been called before his entrance into the class as he reached a little late. And she must have gone out of the class for some work of the teacher as she said something to the teacher on entering in the class. This must be the reason. What else could it be! After watching both of them talking,he went back to the class.

  "Why am i felling jealous after watching that girl sitting next to a boy" he thought.

  He was thinking about this and suddenly someone came near him and called his name "Oliver Adley" in a a very sweet voice. He raised his head and remained stunned as it was her, the girl about whom he was thinking just now. She said to Oliver Adley, "Hi,How are you?"

  He remained stunned for a moment and then said "I, i am fine ".

  It seemed like he didn't believe that the girl he wanted to talk with, just came to him and said "Hi".