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An Autumns Breeze

An Autumns Breeze



Two people belonging to two different cultures,with contrasting mindsets and a dissimilar outlook to life,each one having its own priorities and criteria.But unfortunately their life keeps on interconnecting,forcing them to think that they are a little more passionate for each other.Hania is a quite yet charming girl in her mid twenties,she never thought of sharing her life with some one she didn't acknowledged.But with the passing time he kept on making a place in her heart,and after a year or two she's spending a simple yet beautiful life with her possessive but caring husband in a villa like house in a peaceful neighborhood with a little soul residing in her womb,letting her to think that something she unconsciously wished for can actually happen,but her peaceful life is shattered into little fragments of glass that are scattered all over.It was just a mistake in ones eyes but that mistake took all her happiness and left her with painful and agonizing memories,after crying out all that she had bottled up till so many days she decided not to weep anymore now 5 years had passed and she's living quite happily with her only love.But those agonizing moments of her past keep on flowing in,till one day she encountered a person who was once her life,and that excruciating memories of her obscured past start to picture in front of her eyes,will she be able to forget her past and move on or will she try to open her heart once again.
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  She has graduated from a well known university,now her only focus was to get a secure job,but unfortunately 2 months had passed and none of the places where she had given interview had responded,and even now when most of her fellow classmates had been selected by various companies and some of them had gone for higher studies,she's still sticking to the hope of getting a job soon.

  "Hania,what are you thinking beta,I think you shouldn't waste your time,you will be 24 in a couple of weeks,its time you should think of getting settled",

  her mom who was preparing some salad for lunch said while focusing on Hania and making her feel awkward by her gaze,

  "why are you not responding",

  her mom said again however now her voice raised,

  "Um,mom I'm not ready yet ,and I have told you a couple of times before that once I got a job then, I will think about it",

  she said while looking at her IPhone she couldn't look into her mom's eyes who was giving her a sarcastic look.

  Hania's mother was never concerned about her daughter's studies,and the only thing that concerns her is that she isn't married yet and this is what annoys Hania the most about her mother.

  "Hania I'm telling you again and again that you should get married,Joseph is such a nice guy,what do you think he will keep on waiting for you",

  her mom's voice is raising again and Hania is sensing the anger in her tone.

  "mom I'm just asking for one year,and please don't force me to marry Joseph",

  before her mom could say anything her father enters the kitchen,where they were sitting.

  However,there house was quite old but as it had been renovated so the kitchen was up to modern standards with dark brown cabinets with two double doors,to the right below the cabinets was the kitchen sink,all clean and tidy,showing her mother impressive cleaning skills,the sink was surrounded by a forlorn stove colored in white and black to the left and a dish rack to the right,there's also a light blue colored refrigerator located ten inches away from the dish rack and stands next to the microwave rack which houses a black microwave and a biscuit colored conventional oven, right infront of it there's a dining table suitable for a small family.

  "what's for lunch,dear",

  her father asked with  joy in his eyes,he's a retired government employee,and nowadays he's enjoying his retired life.

  "Dad mom's making biryani with spicy koftas",

  Hania replied enthusiastically as if she's glad that his dad had come because of which the argument between her  and her mom had stopped.

  "okay then,Hania until your mom is making lunch,come with me to my study",

  her father said while moving away from the kitchen table.Hania was about to get up from her seat,but her mom motioned her to stop by calling her husband,

  "Where are you taking her,we were doing some serious talk,I think I need to knock some sense in your daughter,because you will not remind her that she's a woman and a woman needs a man's support",

  her mother said while glaring at her husband.

  Hania dad once looked at her wife and by her looks,it seemed that soon she's going to explode all her frustration on her poor daughter,and then his eyes caught Hania's who were pleading to him, through her big lustrous eyes to free her from her mom's rage.

  Now there was only one way to free them from this situation,he need to act in front of her wife,he immediately start coughing recklessly in front of them,and at that moment he winked at her daughter secretly without letting her wife know,Hania immediately knew that its time for action"

  Hania approached her dad,letting him to place his arm on her shoulder,and saw her mom who was quite shocked,because his husband was quite healthy,actually she was the one who had been suffering from high blood pressure due to which she easily lose her temper.

  "Mom I think,dad is not feeling well I'm taking him to his study,we'll talk later",

  she talked hastily while trying to suppress her smile on her father's amused act

  "Yes,take him quickly,I'll come with some..."

  "No mom there's no need,the medicine is already in the study",

  She didn't let her complete what she was about to say and start moving toward the study,with her dad along her side.

  When they entered the study,his father took his seat right beside the fireplace,and start putting some woods in the fire pit,to make the place warm and cozy,Hania was making some coffee near the coffee table that was placed at one side of the room.

  The study had an antique taste however it had been renovated to give it a slight modern touch,on the left side there was a dark walnut book case lining the entire wall,there was also a leather sofa with  fur rug on the back and an Indian blanket draped over the arm. The far wall has a large fireplace and a mantle dominating the center,with a cozy wheeling chair where Hania's dad was sitting,with book selves lining it on either sides. On the mantle there was also an antique clock,that he liked a lot as it was gifted to him by his dad,Hania's grandpa, and a painting of four jazz musicians.On the right corner of the room there was placed an upright piano and bench in dark walnut color,on the other far side opposite to the fireplace there was her father's study table,with a moveable chair,as his father was retired so there wasn't much work to do so he spent most of time in reading books,so some religious book was lying closed on the left side of the table.

  "Dad,I never knew that you have such a trait",she said while giggling.

  "Beta,you don't know what your father could do for her princess",his father spoke,giving an amused smirk.

  "So dad it mean you can help me to get rid of all this marriage stuff,because I'm not ready",

  she said while giving her dad his coffee mug and settling in her dad's chair near the study table and holding her mug in her cold hands to warm them.

  "No dear,you know about your mom's health,I can't go against her will,but I will try to talk to her,I'm sure she will understand,and stop pestering you to marry so soon"

  Hania's dad had always being the rational one,whereas her mom never listened to the other person's thought and start telling them that what is right for them.

  Hania had always being closed to her dad,because he always understood her,and stood with her in her decisions,while her mom never agreed with the way she thinks,and always thought that her daughter is too naive to make a decision.

  "Dad,I wanna ask something",she asked while giving her dad a querying look,

  "Yes,are you depressed regarding your mom,if that's the case then you should have known,that's her habit",

  Her dad replied while warming his hands in front of the fire screen,it was quite cold outside,and as their house was quite antique,so there was no modern heating system,yet the house was quite unique,because it stayed warm in winters and cool in summers,this was their grandparent's house,so his dad had lived his whole childhood here,and he was quite devoted to this place,

  " dad, that's not what I'm worried about I think you should reconcile with Murad,I think he's the reason. behind mom's changing mood swings",

  she said with pleading eyes,one reason behind mentioning Murad in front of her dad was also because she was missing his big brother's company,he had always being there for her in her thick and thin,but now due to the the argument between him and Dad,he left the house two months before.

  Her dad frowned a little,but then calmed down,"Hani, I don't think you should interfere in this matter,and your brother will soon regret his mistake,because I just want him to understand the seriousness of this situation,due to his recklessness he had ruined a girl's life",

  Hania,understood the pain and anger in her father's tone,and stopped influencing him.

  At that very moment Hania got a text message,and the moment she read that,her eyes lit up,as if a burden had lifted from her shoulders.