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An Unwilling Wife

An Unwilling Wife



Hanna very sensitive and kind-hearted twenty-three-year-old girl, Her parents never loved her neither let her go out of the house. treats her as the maid of the house. scared of darkness and happiness. Her words never matter and her life is sold to the man whom she just saw. giving her the shock of marriage their parents married her to a man and took a huge amount in form of investment. ****************** Charlie's everything is mysterious! why he married her like this? why Hanna's parents behaved like this? To know this all read this book and don't forget to enter it into your library.
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  A man was standing in his room in-front of mirror with his red-blood eyes which was full of anger and tear.

  Soon he punched the mirror and it broke into million pieces and some pieces were stuck on his knuckle making his hand bleed badly, in a short time there was a pool of blood, but who cares? At least not him

  His Bluish green orbs were changing into gre, soon he took out his mobile and dialed a number

  “I want to know everything…?” he shouted at the other person through mobile and he just sighed “Charlie… I know..." other person answered in low tone.

  “Tell me dammit” he asked in his highest pitch.

  “I’ve messaged you few information which I know, rest you can contact christopher he’ll tell you in sometime for sure…” he informed and Charlie disconnected the call and dialed another number…

  “Yes?” Christopher asked

  “I’ve send you some details. You gotta find each and every detail otherwise… you know” he said in anger and disconnected the call…


  A girl was cleaning dishes when a lady entered and saw her cleaning while lost in thoughts.

  “Hanna” shouted the lady and girl left the plate which she was holding getting scared and it broke down

  “What the hell! You again broke plate from my dinner set” The lady held her arm and twisted it with which she winced in pain “Mom please…” Hanna whispered

  “What please? Not this time…” she dragged her to the store room and pushing her in she locked the door and turned off the light

  “Stay here so that you get this thing straight in your mind that you need not to break my plates…” she shouted and went away ignoring her begging…Pleadings…


  Charlie was going through some files in his room when he found a written note and a smirk appeared on his face “Hanna…” he smirked evilly and closing all files rushed out of his room…


  Hanna's POV…

  I am once again locked in this hell. Why don’t they understand I will die her!

  How much ever I try but they end up finding a reason to lock me here knowing I’m scared from this- this room this darkness.

  GOD! Why? why you send me here? To devils? I have no hope left. My dreams are scattered. I wish I could kill myself but I’m not so brave to even do this. Why you made me so weak…? What was the fault? I am crying and crying and crying I have nothing else to do. Closing my eyes so I don’t see the darkness as always, soon I heard someone unlocking the door. I was happy and ran to door “Baba…” I shouted but she was maa… I immediately ran out of the room, first time she lovingly caressed my cheek… “Come with me” she lovingly pulled me to my room… my so called room… the room which is known as My room but I’m not allowed to enter it… and whenever they take me there, it means they need me… she made me sit on bed and took out a beautiful black gown black designer gown for me… “Go wear it.” She ordered and I just nodded… I’m not allowed to question them. That was back less till waist and sleeveless… I wore it and looked at my reflection in mirror. I thought I’m looking beautiful… but, who cares? washing my face I walked out and she smirked seeing me… doing minimal makeup of mine she gave me high heel sandals of black color and some matching jewelry… Black…Black and Black… As if today is worst day of mine… she took me out in hall and asked me to smile… I smiled looking at dad and a man… Same as mine age but fate better than mine… “She’s Hanna…” dad introduced me and I unwillingly smiled at him… I don’t know why but his smirk was evil and hurting me, scaring me to the core… “Hanna. He is Charlie Anderson” dad introduced me to him and he stood up walked to me with same smirk and forwarded his hand to me I smiled and shooked hand, but he didn’t shook it. He held it as if wanted to break it, maybe he is like that only. I thought and sat beside my dad… "Why you’re sitting there? Sit here" Chatlie said shocking me. I couldn’t say anything as my dad smiled “Go Hanna…” he pushed me little… hesitantly I sat beside him and tried to maintain some distance… soon I felt something cold on my waist and it shocked me… he was rubbing his hand on my waist and that too disgustingly… “Dad…” these words died in my mouth when I heard him “She is all yours mr. Anderson. afterall who’ll say no to you…” dad said to him… “But please marry her…” my mom added shocking me more… “Of-course let’s go now only” he spoke I couldn’t believe my ears… my marriage… I’m his? “What?” I finally spoke “He wants to marry you… and we agreed go get ready” dad said in stern voice with a smile… “Here are your clothes” Charlie handed me and mom took me… I was numb… all numb. Tears were streaming down but I wasn’t able to do or say anything… I never dared to say anything ever, how can I even say? I can’t. I silently got ready. I knew this is in my fate only. I can never be happy and that time will never come when my words will matter to anyone.

  My existence never matter, My soul never… but my body does matter.

  I was taken back to hall, but tears were not ready to stop. “Let’s go” Charlie again snaked his hand on my waist and grabbing it roughly and tightly pushed me into to the car… we drove to nearby where everything was already ready. What happened next I didn't even understand, I was lost in my sorrows feeling tug on my arm I just nodded and said yes. His lips touched mine and that didn't felt good. That kiss- was full of hate. I wasn't Hanna Murray anymore but Hanna Charlie Anderson. Somewhere it felt good to be free of that surname and getting in this one but his behavior was scaring me. I hoped that this new life will be good. I had so many questions to ask my dad, soon Charlie walked to his car leaving me in Church. “Come soon” he smiled at me and I couldn’t evem smile.

  “Why?” I just asked and they looked at me. “See Hanna one day or other you had to get married than why not now? That’s why we agreed. He is going to help us in again stabling our business… he loves you. and wanted to marry you. He really loves you” my dad tried to explain and I couldn’t understand how can he love me when we never met? “You sold me?” I asked with tears again breaming “Something like that only. Don’t you dare tell anyone our secret Hanna… otherwise you know” my mom reminded and I nodded.

  “Now go… and behave as if you’re happy” my dad hugged me to show off to Charlie.

  Fake crying they both dropped me to car, and we drove to his house, to my NEW LIFE. Hoping this will be good…