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You are the Most Precious to Me

You are the Most Precious to Me

Author:Anime_Lover 18


Since five years ago, Melissa had been suffering from a painful incident due to which all her emotion, feelings were also lost with that incident. She only had a great attachment towards her book which was very precious more than her life, which holds a very precious memory of her life. But One day, a guy in black suit let her precious book fall in the ground and mistakenly stepped on the book. She was really mad and directly slapped in his face twice. What happened if she discovered her new boss was the guy whom she slapped?
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  Feeling pain in her head, she woke up from her bed. She looked at the time on her cell phone and it was almost seven o'clock in the morning.

  She put her cell phone on the table and went to bathroom. She looked at the mirror, there was a dark circle in her eye due to not sleeping till mid-night due to her work. Her hair was full messy, her full apperence was messy.

  She took a bath, after taking bath. She looked at the mirror, she was looking complete different.

  Her slim body making her like a model, her smooth and white skin like of little kid, her long eyelashes, her long black hair, her sexy lips, makes her so beautiful and outstanding.

  But she didn't care about her own appereance, whether it's beautiful or not. She didn't care about anything. She was a kind of person who had no emotion, nothing.

  After taking bath, she directly went to her kitchen, she boiled two egg, filled one glass of juice and started have her breakfast.

  After having breakfast, she went to her room to change her dress into her company uniform. The company uniform which she wore made uniform looked more outstanding. She was more like a model.

  She wore a light makeup on her face, even with light makeup, she looked completely flawless and more beautiful.

  It was almost 8:15 A.M. She put her cell phone on her bag, took her precious book on her arm carefully and locked the door of her apartment.

  She went at the bus stop waiting for bus. After the bus apprived she went inside the bus. Everyone in the bus were staring at her, even some people mistook her for a celebrity.

  She was already used to for such reaction, and she really didn't cared about it at all.

  Before nine o'clock, she reached at her office just right at the time.

  "Good morning." Everyone greeted her with smile.

  She greeted them too without any emotion on her face, nor with smile, nor with cold face and everyone in her company were used to her emotionless face.

  At first, when she joined this company, employ of this company used to think, she is Weird and still they think. But after some period of time, they all got used to her.

  "Hey! Listen! Listen" Sizu came running towards the office and everyone's gaze fall into her.

  "Our new boss is going to come within this week. Do you know, who is it?" Sizu said with excitement.

  "New boss?" One of the employ asked in suprise "Who is it?"

  "Well... it's our company's boss, second Son." Sizu said with really excitement.

  "Second Son?" One of the employ female stood up from her chair "Really? I heard that he is very handsome. He was even selected for aritical newspaper model when he was kid."

  "Yeah! Yeah!" One by one started to talk about new boss in the office.

  Sizu clap her hand and draw everyone's attention towards her "Aa-hmm! Well... so everone why don't we prepare a welcome party to our new boss."

  One of the female employ came forward "No we can't. It's in our company rule, if we broke the rule then, we have to bear a big consequences."

  Another female employ voice came from backward "Yeah! It's true but at least we can welcome him by giving him a beautiful flower."

  Everyone agreed with her opinion and so did sizu.

  "Well... that's it then. Let's welcome him with a beautiful flower." After saying that sizu went towards melissa "Aren't you excited for this?"

  "For what?" Melissa asked working on her work without looking at sizu.

  Sizu gave a heavy sign "I had expected this from you so don't worry. I'll tell you. Our new boss is going to come within this week."

  "So...." melissa replied without any excitment nor emotion.

  "So?" Sizu grabbed melissa face and turn towards her "So... our new boss is our retire boss second son. I heard, he is really handsome and he is young but i don't know whether he is still married or not?"

  "So... Does it have anything to do with me?" Melissa aked sizu.

  "Well... not really... but yeah... i mean if we got chance to hook up with our boss then..." sizu started to have a day dream.

  "Would you leave my face now. I have works to do." Melissa wasn't interessted at all.

  Sizu felt so boring now, her all excitment was vanish with melissa reaction "I knew you would say something like this, but even so, i wanted to share my happiness with you, so did i."

  Melissa didn't said anything and continue to do her work.

  "It's same as always. Why are you even bothering to tell her?" The voice came from behind.

  Sizu immediately turn her head towards the voice "Oh! Jenny i know."

  Jenny laughed and walked towards sizu and melissa "So, your still working, huh!"

  Jenny and sizu really admire melissa. Melissa just joined this company before three month ago and her working ability is so perfect that she could pass jenny and sizu at anytime who has been working here for more then a year.

  Maybe, she could get promotion with her post at any time. She was just too hard working towards her work. Even the retire boss was really satisfied and happy with her performance.

  Jenny moved her hand towards where melissa had put her precious book beside the computer.

  Melissa immediately catch her hand and looked at jenny with a cold face.

  Jenny immedaitely withdraw her hand from melissa and raise her hand upward "Don't worry! Don't worry! I don't want to die so soon at this young age. I was just going to take that file, not your book."

  Melissa cold face vanish and came in normal "Ask me first, i'll give you by myself."

  Sizu laughed and patted on jenny shoulder "I really thought you were going to die."

  "That's not funny." Jenny took file from melissa.

  "I'll give it tomorrow." After saying that, jenny went towards her way.

  "Hey! Melissa, i want to go for shopping today. Let's go." Sizu hold melissa hand and looked at her with pity "Please?"

  Melissa directly reject her. Sizu knew that melissa would reject her but she wasn't ready to give up. She requested her many time, finally melissa agreed with her.

  Even though melissa didn't wanted to go, she had no choice but to go with her. Otherwise sizu wouldn't have leave her alone until she won't accept her request.

  After the work was finished, melissa and sizu went at shopping mall.

  Melissa was holding her precious book on her chest carefully. After buying some cloth, they went to the famous park near the shopping mall for some rest.

  "Do you want some juice? I'll bring it... you wait here okay?" Sizu went to buy some juice near at the park shop.

  On the park there was almost five famous and luxurious resturant... which can only be afforded by rich people. Ordinary people can't even think of going at sich luxurious resturant.

  On... such luxurious resturant, near a famous park, mainly business man came here to have a business meeting.

  Melissa saw a garden with different beautiful flower infront of her which remind her of her precious memory. She walked towards the garden remembering those precious memory.

  On the way, she felt really pain on her head. She felt so weak that she couldn't even stand straight.

  She searched her medicine on her bag and found that she had forgotten her medicine on her office desk.

  She wanted to take that medicine so much, to reduce her pain. Fortunately, sizu came at the right time.

  Sizu frowned "What happen?"

  Melissa breath heavily "Me-Medicine... my medicine."

  Sizu became really worried "What? Medicine? Wait here... i-ill go and buy it immediately...."

  Sizu knew very well about melissa sickness and about her medicine.

  Fortunately, medicine shop was really near from the park.

  Melissa was feeling too much pain by not getting that medicine. She was still holding her book in her arm and due to her pain in her whole body, head, she couldn't move and can only wait for sizu at that place to get the medicine.

  While she was waiting, someone was rushing hurriedly towards the exist of the park. When that person was rushing, he dump on melissa.

  Melissa was too weak that she directly fell on the ground and her precious book was also fall on the ground.

  Melissa looked at the person, He was wearing a black suit which make him look really handsome abd perfect. His face was really smooth, his little long hair covering his forehead, his sexy lip, his phoenix eye, which can make anyone fall in love at first sight.... he was just like a dream prince.

  Her gaze fell into him only for a second and she withdraw her gaze from him and looked at the book where it was fall down.

  She was really angry at this moment, not cause she was fall down, it was cause her precious book was fall down.

  He walked towards melissa "I'm sorry. I was in hurry so, Are you alright?" His voice was damn sexy but melissa didn't care about him at all.

  Melissa looked at the book, and was just going to take her book.

  Just when melissa was moving, he came forward and give his hand to help her to stand up.

  Unfortunately, he step on her book by his leg without knowing, which made melissa gone crazy like a madman.