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Fated to lose you

Fated to lose you



Sheela recently graduated. It was time for her to build up her carreer. Just when she tought that everything was going on perfect, a disaster happened. On her way to the job interview she got into anaccident. This accident turned her life upside down!
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  Hi, I'm Sheela. What you're about to read is my story. It all started in the year 2020, just right after I graduated from the business management university. Anyways here it goes...


  Sheela was sitting like every other day behind her computer, searching for the best possible job to start her carreer with. In these days it was very hard to find anything that was well paid, but needed less effort.

  On the screen:

  - Commercial Assistant -

  Sheela "Nope, I hate making phone calls" then she scrolled futher down.

  - Marketing Assistant -

  Sheela "Nope, I hate adds" once again she scrolled down.

  - Sales Assistant -

  Sheela held the computer mouse tightly in her hand and slammed it with a "BANG!" on the desk. "Is there even a job that I like?!" she shout with an angry voice. This was actually the 34th day that she was looking for a job.

  - bzz bzz bzz bzz- her phone started to ring. Sheela took the phone and looked at the callers name, then she quickly opened her phone with a big smile on her face.

  "Ben!" she said with a happy tone.

  "Hi, Sheela. How are you doing?" Ben answered.

  "I'm doing fine, just looking for the perfect job"

  "Great! I actually called you, because I got the perfect job for you!" he said in an exited tone.

  "OMG, Really??" What is it? Tell me quick!" Sheela was actually excited because of Ben. He was looking a job for her, doesn't this actually mean that he cares for her?

  " As Accounting Manager for Xen company! " Ben said it very excited. Then it was quit for a few seconds...

  Accounting Manager?? The big shot Xen company?! This was more than perfect! Sheela couldn't believe her ears.

  " Is this true? You are not joking right? " she asked with a serious tone in her voice.

  " I know right, it sounds like a joke but it's true. A friend of my father works for Xen company. He asked him if he knew someone who could work for Xen. So I recommend YOU!" after Ben continued " Xen company is looking for young talents and since I knew you like to work with numbers , I recommended you. " as last he asked "Sheela what do you think? Do you want to accept this job offer? "

  "OFCOURSE I'LL! THANK YOU SO MUCH BEN! YOU RE MY HERO!" after that Sheela and Ben talked for around a half hour before they ended the call.


  Sheela layed on her bed. Was it true? Was she really going to work for Xen company? Xen company was one of the biggest companies of the country! It's ranked in the top 5 biggest companies.

  Not to mention the most handsome guy in the world is the CEO of Xen! His name is Levi Stone, although he's very handsome, people say that he's a real demon. How many companies did he destroy again? I can't remember, but it's a lot!

  Since she was going to work for his company, would she be able to meet the CEO? Nah, even tough they work in the same company it was not that easy to see him.

  Sheela has an appointment tomorrow, at Xen to speak the details of the contract. After that she could start right away. Therefore she went very early to bed tonight. She could not offer the have dark circles under her eyes on the first day of her work.

  The next day.

  Sheela woke up at 6:30 AM. She quickly took a shower and dressed in neat clothes. Today she was wearing a navy blue pencil skirt long until her knees, a white shirt above it and to make it perfect a navy blue watch.

  She put her hair in a high pony tail. "Voila, you look so stunning for the first day of work gurl!" for awhile she admired herself in the mirror. After taking a quick breakfast, Sheela left home to go to Xen.

  Xen wasn't actually that far from her appartment. So she decided to go by foot. It was only going to take her 10 minutes. At the crossroad Sheela was happily waiting for the green light to walk over the street.

  *peep peep peep.. * the lights turned green for pedestrians, there were no cars in sight. So Sheela started to walk forword to cross over the street.

  Few seconds later...



  In no second Sheela was laying down on the ground. Before she could understand what happened, everything went black.