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Mystique Fortress

Mystique Fortress



Mere twenty years ago, another world aside from mortal world, called Mystique Fortress was completely destroyed. Many Wizards, Element holders, and Guardians died. Their souls were trapped in the bodies of ordinary human. Magic is now all around the mortal world. Now, the search for the lost souls is up. Are you one of them? The search for love, life and power is now open.
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  Hello. I'm Czesianna Aria Falcon. Turning 18 on October 31. Daughter of my mother and father. I'm sarcastic person. Their name were Christina Trinity Taylor-Falcon and Zachary James Falcon. I have a twin and her name was Zandrea Tria Falcon. By the way she's older than me by 5 minutes.

  I'm finished my morning ritual.

  When I went downstairs but I saw no one except for Mom. Where's Dad and Andrea?

  "Mom where's Dad and Andrea?" I asked her

  I felt nervous when I saw how she act.

  "I-I'm sorry I don't know what to do. Your Dad filed a divorce and left with your twin. I don't know what to do. You're sleeping last night I don't what to disturbed you" she said while crying

  Dad and my twin left and leave me here with mom?

  "No. It can't be... Andrea agree that whenever or wherever she go I'll be on her side yet... she... she left me" I said while crying

  "I'm sorry for not being a Mom to you and only cares for Andrea" she said

  "Don't worry Mom. I love you even though you only cares for Andrea because of you I'm here, without you I didn't exist" I said

  It's true. I love my mother.

  "But Mon where did they go?" I asked

  "I don't know. Your Dad what us away from them. Sianna you should go to the school. You'll be late" She said

  "But mom. You need me by your side. I promised you Mom. I'll be on your side forever" I said

  "No. You should go to school. I'll be alright" she said

  "Okay mom if that's what you want" I said. I carry my bag and walk towards the door "Mom be alright please. I can't afford to lose you too" I said and walk away for our house

  While I was walking I felt something strange. It looks like someone is spying on me.

  I was walk fast not to the point that it's a run. It felt strange.

  'It's okay Sianna, relax' I said in my mind.

  When I reached school. I saw my bestfriends, Annie and Sandra

  "Hey Sianna you okay?" Annie asked

  "I don't know. I feel something strange" I replied

  "Don't worry. This school is a