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Rain of love

Rain of love

Author:Miss duzzy


Kim ji was sleeping when she recieved a call from her friend that today is her interview for the job in xuan ji company if she will not be on time then she will be automatically kick out from the list.At 10:00 am she was at the enterance of the Xuan ji company of Beijing. From the reception she asked for the interview hall and then moved to that side.when she entered the hall she see lots of female candidates sitting there with charming expressions on their make up cover face.she sigh ,and sit down on a chair near the door and start checking her Cv and other files that are asked to take for interview after finish reading she loked him self in the mirror door of the hall and felt little embbarras but on the other moment she listen her name being called by the secretay.she entered the room and say hello to all checkers they replied to him hello with professional smile and then ask for her file she put it them on the table between them one begins to read and the one started to ask question why do you think this job is essential for you .she stop for a second then replied in a confident way that it is essential for her to make her living from a famous company as she is a talented one .Then second question asked by a female why you choses only this company to apply? She replied because i think it is the most famous company not in the Beijing but also in the c country and i am eligible too.after answering all question prefectly and confidently she was asked to leave the room .she stand up and left the room .When she went out from the company and waiting for taxi.After getting in the taxi she started thinking about her interview and reminding this she was not sure that may she get this job. But there is no choice for her to still wait .she stopped the taxi near her apartment and move inside.
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  After she entered the appartment .she directly lay down on the couch of the hall and start thinjing about her life she passed her life in utter piverty her parents were died when she was very young and she spent her 12 years of life in an orphanage.After that,she wejt into city high school where she was regarded as a pitiable student who has nothing in life. But she decided to make herself a proud sue started hard work as a student so that she can hold scholarship for further studies she also participated in many co-curicular activutues to build her confidence.she passed her degree buisness administration from university of Toronto. Now,she has applied for the post of finance manager in Xuan ji company .she can't do nothing but hopes. Thinking of this she called her friend Gu nuan and told her about her interview.

  Zhuan ji was the only heir of xuan ji company and groups .he was capable of everything and buisness .in the short time of three years he had already raised the status of Xuan ji company and groups to such a level that there is none to compare morever he was too arrogant that he did not attenda social gatherings,meetings he limited himself to buisness and family .Due to this reason zehn and shin ,his parents were so worried about his love life that he never pay attention to the girls while all were from high class but he didnt visit them so all was in vain now they were waiting for a miracle to occur. Xuan was nowadays on buisness trip in overseas.when he returns back to C city he got the list of all those candidates that were qualified but only one have to choose which will be ofcourse by their boss Xuan.while he was in his villa he called his secretary to send him the list of qualified candidates .After a minutes he recieved a mail in which all qualified candidates names with their full data was given he read them one by one .after sometime his screen stop on the name of kim ji .He thoroughly studied his data then call Secretary and ask him to call kim ji to attend the office from two days later and in these two days she comes and fulfill the documents and contract .After this he disconnected the call.While on the contrary secretary was astonished how it is possible to appoint an employe inly within ten minutes by boss but he has to do what the tboss said to him .

  When she woke up it was already dawn she cursed himself fo this laziness .She felt hunger and went into the kitchen to cook instant Noddle's .After cooking Noddle's she put them in a bowl and sat on the same sofa on which she was sleeping.She was checking texts on her mobile .its all were from the sim company and gu nuan so she put it on the side table .After finish eating she went again in kitchen to was the bowl .when she was about to enter the kitchen she hears her phone is ringing .she hurroedly went towards the table to pick up the call in thought ut might be from the company where she gave her interview .she pick the phone and recieve call after heaing the call she came to know that she was appointed .She consider this call as her call to success. After ending the call she went into the room to collect her documents and also called Gu naun and invite her for treat.