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Hunted guy

Hunted guy



This story is about a man named, John, who have been working for a secret society under the government since childhood. He and Alex were saved by the old leader after surviving the outbreak from their place. He's the right-hand in that organization, working under his older brother, Alex's command. Traumatized, fed up, and losing hope with his life, he decided to cut all the bridges that connected to the world. Turning him into something that even Alex didn't even expect; brutal, heartless and expressionless person. At the same time, being burdened with the power that he carried in him, virus M, increasing his tendencies on suicide. He always searching for the right opponents to fulfill his wish, but none of them meet his requirement. Making him become more aggressive and uncontrolled which made Alex becomes worried about him. The situation worsen as people becomes afraid of him and none of them dare to talk back him. The days past by until he was forced to take a girl, Naz under his wings under Alex's order. Although he had a bad start with her, he begin to realize they started to get along well together. Because of her, he started to change bit by bit, giving him the motivations to move forward and leave his past that has been haunting his life. Without he noticed, he started to have a genuine emotions towards her. He tried to deny and hide those feelings, but he makes it worst. Will he confess his feelings or let it slip away? The most important is, will he able to change himself into a better person because there are going to be a lot of obstacles waiting for him ahead.
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