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Once Upon A Time, We Held Hands

Once Upon A Time, We Held Hands

Author:May Toyo


Rachel is shocked when her husband, whom she had devoted her self into for 3 years, had an affair with another woman. She lost her marriage and her husband. Pregnant, betrayed and alone, she decides to pursue happiness and dedicate her time, affection and effort to her child. Eventually, she meets someone who loves her and her child.
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  I just sat quietly on the chair on our dining hall. Repeatedly reading the paper in front of me. A paper that my husband of three years brought me.

  Annulment papers.

  My husband, Daniel wanted to have our marriage annulled.

  My knees are trembling so bad it’s a good thing I’m sitting otherwise I would have fallen down the floor.

  Where did I go wrong as Daniel's wife? Did I do something he didn’t like? Or maybe I’m no longer beautiful in his eyes? Does he still love me? Did he really love me? Is he cheating on me with another woman?

  I seem to have lost my voice and can’t even utter the many questions raging like a storm on my mind. I barely even said one word to my husband.


  “Rachel, I have a mistress. And I want to be with her. So sign the papers now. We don’t have children so I’m confident that the annulment process will go smoothly.” He answered me with an impassive face. And it broke my heart to thousands of pieces.

  Hello! I’m Rachel Santos Herrera by the way! And it looks like I'm about to become Rachel Santos, because my husband Daniel Herrera wants us to split up as a married couple. Because of that, I no longer had the courage to tell him that I’m 2 months pregnant!

  I had my heart crushed but that’s okay. Because I can take care of myself as well as my future child. He has no right to know about our future child. Because he’s a dum-dum! He even just handed me the annulment papers with no trace of remorse on his face!

  It’s going to be painful and tough but I’ll move on. I’m a strong woman and I’m capable of raising my child well!

  With that I dispassionately agreed to the annulment. “I have thoroughly read the contract. I will sign it but with some conditions. I'll take the kitchen utensils, from the smallest of the spoons to the oven. I’ll take all of it because I bought them, I still have the receipts and it’s all named after me so don’t try to argue with me!” She added sternly when she saw Daniel is about to protest.

  “I’ll take all the things that I think are mine because I. WILL. NOT allow your mistress to use my things. Just buy a new one. Don’t worry because when it comes to money I will take nothing. I have saved some, which I think is enough for me to live well and away from you.”

  And when she saw that Daniel seemed to have agreed with her conditions, she quickly took the expensive pen given by the man and signed with dignity still.

  “Before we part ways, I just want to ask you a question.” She asked timidly.

  “What is it?”

  “Did love me at all? Or is it just a lie?” She whispered softly waiting for an answer.

  He didn’t answer her and she assumed he never loved her.

  Resigned she softly spoke to his now ex-husband "Daniel, can you just give one valid reason why you did what you did?"

  He just looked with a lazy expression on his face. "I fell in love with Gracie. She was my new co-worker. We got closer to each other and we have been in a secret relationship for two months." Her eyes widened. '2 months!' "I don't love you anymore Rachel, Gracie is the one I love now. I will leave you for Gracie. She is the one I will make love with, the one I will love and you can't do anything about it."

  "That is hardly acceptable as a valid reason Daniel. Well, your bigamous unsatisfactory sex organ will just have to wait to drill her unmarried vag since I'm still here." She deadpanned and walked away. "I will give a call once I've settled things here."

  He growled after hearing the insult about his dick.

  Rachel having heard the dog-like growl stiffled her laugh "*sigh* Looks like we're on our own now my baby. Mommy is extremely downhearted right now but I will pull through for you."

  She continued to reassure herself and her unborn baby as she gently stroked her still flat tummy. "We can live my child. Together, we can live well and happily. I will raise you as a good man. I will make sure of that."