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Tear Drops of My Heartache

Tear Drops of My Heartache



Laureen Grace Ventura was forced to marry her cousin's fiance- Harsh Vardhan Aragoncillo- whom they thought was a blind and disabled man. Their whole clan beg her to do a favor since she's the least capable to run their business empire. That what makes her life worse than just having a nightmare.
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  Laureen gasp at the sudden burst of her mother while arguing to her Father. With the utmost curiosity, she can't help but to eavesdrop. She leaned closer to the door.

  "How could you sold your own daughter to the man she never imagined to be with?" Her mother exclaimed.

  "This is a family emergency situation, Honey. Please do understand how significant it would be in the future. This will save our empire for the arrange marriage that my grandmother promised" her Father said in a pleading manner

  "Wilbert, it's our own daughter we're talking about here! How dare you and your family sacrifice her own happiness" her mother cried out helplessly.

  "I'm really sorry if we have to go all through this situation. I owed my brother too much and this is what he's only asking for."

  It was a long argument happened and she cannot bear to listen more. Thanks to her mother for her unconditional love to the point that she's the only one who go against the decision of their clan.

  'Why me?' she asked herself.

  'Of course I'm the very least who could hand a help to all our businesses.' she answered herself

  How pity she is to be chosen in the position to marry a blind and disabled man. It's not that she's being picky, she just cannot stand the thought to spend the rest of her life for the person whom she never know at all.

  Aside from his disabilities, what type of person that man was? Is he a good man? Is he a womanizer? Will he hurt me?

  What a stupid thoughts she has. Of course, nowadays, people are always judgemental. How could they even like or love a person with a disabilities?

  The night after that, Laureen sat quietly at the dining hall together with the closest member of their clan. She seems uninterested while eating some desert. Happiness is vividly written in each people's faces. Except she and her mother-who seems really unpleasant seeing those people.

  "Laureen must be thankful that we found a suitable man for her. Both of you seems a perfect couple. I imagined how great it would be" one of her cousin said- the one who should be marry that disabled man. Although Hera was smiling, Laureen could determine that sarcasm and mocking is in her tone.

  'how dare this woman!

  If it wasn't his father who's involved here and her grandparents, she will never do it. Even it will cost all their wealth.

  "And I will pity an unluckiest man who will fall into your trap" she said full of disgust but gave a wide smile.

  All eyes are on her. She may look innocent most of the time but she never been a dumsel in distress.

  "Everything will be fine, sweetie. I promise you that" her mother gave her a warm smile to comfort her. She even squeezed her hand gently for assurance.

  'how could it be fine, when I have a boyfriend?' she's talking to herself again.

  She forgot to tell her parents that she has an online boyfriend for almost 5 months, but after a misunderstanding with her boyfriend- whom she thought will going to rest for being mad and stressed, didn't show up for a month now.

  That makes her heart break. And the reason why she agreed on this arrangement because she thought that her boyfriend will never show up again.

  She blinked twice to suppress the tears from her eyes. The unbearable pain in her heart was expressed by the tears in her eyes.

  'Nevermind, if you don't come. It's okay. I will be fine. I'll just take care of my soon to be husband since he's disabled'

  She tried to comfort herself with those thoughts.

  In the dark room she have- a lavender themed room full of furnitures and wonderful architectural design. Laureen is laying on bed while checking her messages on her phone.

  Hoping to see a single message from her boyfriend. But to her dismay, no single message pop-out.

  Her tears began to fall again. Every day and night, when she is lonely, she can't help but to cry thinking that her boyfriend left her without a single word.

  "Why you're not yet showing up until now?"

  "Baby, Please come back now"

  She sobbed while sending those messages to her boyfriend.

  Every day, she never failed to send messages even though he's not online.

  She's tired of getting hurt everyday and crying every night. But no one can comfort except herself. And then, another problem came. And that is to marry some stranger.

  Since her boyfriend doesn't want to come back, Laureen decided to accept the favor her clan asking for.

  "I'm really sorry if you are facing this kind of problem, dear" her Father is genuinely feeling sorry and guilty at the same time.

  "I will be fine. It's okay" she faked a smile

  "I have to go now. I just have to finish my school works" she bid a goodbye to her parents.

  But as soon as she closed the door in her room, deep thoughts eloped in her mind. All the problems came simultaneously. And this is unbearable for her.

  Staring at the dark sky filled with millions of Stars with a sorrow brought by the deep pain. Laureen cannot help but think about his man from another country.

  "If you could only be here comforting me with your delightful words, I will be at peace. But how could I surpass this problem if no single trace of your existence is visible? Baby please come back now"

  Laureen sobbed again and begging to someone as if she's talking with it personally.

  She wants to stop what she feels right now but it seems that her heart has it's own mind. Why can't she stop from hoping that everything will fall into what she wanted? Even it's impossible to happen.

  "One day, everyone of you will regret that you met me in this lifetime. I will no longer be attached to anyone if they will just leave me broken in the end. You will all be mere worthless strangers in the future"

  She knows her father more. If there's no threat in their lives, he will never agreed to their conditions.

  During dinner that night, when she's on her way to the comfort room, one of her uncle putted his father in a deadly trap. Saying that he will put his father in a prison if everything will go wrong.

  Something's happening between them but she didn't want to ask her parents about it. She will just go with the flow.

  Their relatives really look down on them just because her parents are not dependent on the inheritance from their ancestors business empire.

  Her parents are staying on a low profiled identity and striving hard for their needs.

  Tomorrow, she will meet the parents of the man he will marry soon. But the man he suppose to marry is still out of the country having his treatment.

  If that man will act rude to her, she promised to kick his ass off to serve as his lesson. Let's see how that man will endure her attitude.

  "Hello baby, how are you? I really missed you so bad. Don't you miss me too? Please come back now. I need you" a flowing tears in laureen's rosy cheeks is being wet now. Her heart is being crashed by thousands of pointed blades.

  How could you say that you love me more than how I love you when you can't even let me feel it? How can you bare to leave me that easy if you really love me?

  Those are the questions stuck on Laureen's mind until she fallen asleep.

  Tomorrow, she will meet her in-laws-- the people she never know will now be part of her life. But the man she will marry is not in the country now. They said that he has a treatment and maybe major surgery.

  It is indeed really difficult for laureen to accept everything that happens. The boyfriend she has doesn't have a plan to show anymore. Her family is in great crisis now. And lastly, she will marry the man she never know.

  How cruel this world is.

  Why we can't be with the person we really wished to be with from the rest of our lives?

  Why would it be such strangers who has disabilities?

  Everything has a reason.