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Dragonian Academy

Dragonian Academy



The world was once filled with dragons, different dragons that once made the world beautiful. But as the humans modernized, the dragons are hunted almost to extinction because of their unique personalities. But in Dragonian Academy– an academy with students willing to save the Dragons from extinction. They try their best in order to save the dragons from the dangers of humanity. But what will happen if the school itself is corrupt?
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  "Kherea! Kherea! Where are you?"

  I smiled when I saw Leah walked past my hiding place. She's been trying to find me for a couple of hours now, and I saw her walked past this place without even looking to try and find me. Well, I can't blame her, I'm literally sitting in the pig pen, and knowing my bestfriend, she won't even think of trying to find me here.

  I sighed and stood up. One huge pig almost knocked me out my feet, but I was able to maintain my balance. I looked at my wrist watch, its time for the dragons to be fed, so I need to get out of here before the feeders find me here. There's no rule saying you can't go in the pig pen, but I smell right now after staying in here for hours, the feeders are mostly Dragon Riders who volunteered to feed the dragons.

  And most Dragon Riders in this school of ours are quite a bully, there's two types of students in this school – The Dragons Riders and the non-riders. But those two types are more known as outer and inner students, the inner students being the Dragon Riders, and as I said, most of them are bullies.