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♡Forbidden love♡

♡Forbidden love♡

Author:Forbidden love


Love is pain,love is delight Its everything except what it is! Ndumiso, the playboy prince,his native country was Swaziland,he had everyone including law eating from the palm of his hand,people with millions at his fingertips and the world at his command,no one has dared to challenge this casanova's royal desire. Learning was not the actual reason why he deserted his own country perhaps it was what gossip-mongers were saying. He was an extrovert who wrapped his loneliness with violence. His friend, Ed was a commoner,who had sauntering and staggering movement. Such an introvert man,he was a passionate and incorrigibly romantic regardless of the hole that the atrocious busted relationships left. He was not particularly a towering force of nature nor handsome man. As they say once bitten twice shy,Ed's fingers were badly burnt by relationships;he was afraid to be in a relationship again,he had the fear that everyone he love is going to break his heart. ***
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  In the dead of the night,the howling wind rattled windowpanes in

  the bitter,dump night outside,I twisted and turned under my thin

  covers. My teeth chattered in chilly air around me. My sweat

  dripped down on my forehead and my heart was pounding like a

  drum in my chest. A hand reached up and touched my lips. I

  blushed at the way he called my name. Under any

  circumstance,he would never call me Princess like the rest of my

  schoolmates. The scene,the man beside me was one of a

  kind,cutting me down into pieces with his smile,i felt elation

  mounting in my chest, a heavy burden lifting off from my

  shoulders. I have never felt these feelings before. Feelings of love.

  "Suzy,you are mine." The man's melodious voice full of honey

  whispered giving me electrifying gaze. I too,at the moment was

  having the time of my life. I turned skyward,looking right at his

  dimpled face. Oh my God that adrenaline that rushed through my

  entire being revealing my thoughts. Few seconds elapsed and a cold hand managed to procure my shoulder,my eyes fluttered

  open. I looked around,all i saw was darkness that surrounded me.

  "Wake up,we have a morning class." A familiar voice uttered with a

  jaunty tune.

  "Edward!" In disbelief i was,i stretched my hand to reach the switch

  which was within. Darkness faded away. I once again touched my

  lips and stared at the figure near me. "Mona!"i muttered between

  my teeth. Consciousness returned and i aroused only to realise

  that i was having a hallucination of my own. May be my endless

  flirting with Edward piped and obliged the dream. I sat down on my

  bed with a grin on my face. I was ashamedly happy though it was

  just a delusion. My feet swayed swiftly. If only i was able i could

  pause it and proceed with it the other day or perhaps replay it time

  and again.

  "Mona,you shouldn't have waken me up from a happy dream."

  "You have been acting so conspicuous ever since you became

  close with Edward,you even talk in your sleep....hmm."

  My heart changed,it signaled that was the time Ndumiso had to

  let me off the hook. We hurriedly trotted to the class. On our way

  to class we joined Mrs Eliza's infallible student. We cowered under

  his shadow as we entered the class. Surely he was eager to see

  the end of the dream too but his bruised eyes communicated a lot

  more than anything else. He was pompous and full of himself. How

  could he cross night while i dreamed about him in such a way that i

  didn't want to wake up from a happy dream?

  I watched him as he sat down,his eyes gleamed like stars,the way he

  crinkled up when he laughed at the teacher's jokes,oh that million

  dollar smile that made my heart have irregular beats every single

  time. I think he was born to give me a heart attack. Clock ticked

  tick tock,the school alarm rang,at least he became my shield with

  his coherent ideas.


  Ed and Ndumiso took a walk around the school campus as it was

  Ndumiso's daily routine to make sure everything was going

  accordingly. He was a head prefect. Few meters to the gate,their

  eyes picked a timid,small,skinny girl whose hair strands were dry

  and rough and certainly not have been oiled for months. The shirt

  on her body was there for name sake. She was standing

  expressionless in the vicinity of the school adjacent to teachers'

  quarters while the Prince and Ed felt a sudden feelings of pity but

  their minds were of no use, in the tumult of that time,their eyes

  widened in alarm when they saw the Princess coming within a

  hailing distance. She helped the damsel in distress who was like

  Alice in wonderland. Ndumiso commenced smiling from ear to ear.

  In that drizzling and filthy Friday afternoon,the Princess's eyes

  gleamed after she saw her two allies. Ed staggered towards her.

  He took off his hat and blazer off.

  "You are going to catch cold." The ardent man with his innate

  romantic streak that remained intact despite what he went through.

  He was besotted to the Princess. After he helped her to put on the

  hat properly,he assisted with the blazer.

  Ndumiso was quite taken aback and disgusted. It was perceptible

  that his own best comrade will be an obstacle to what he really

  came for in Lesotho. Princess could feel the pain behind his forced


  "Thank you,your heart is made of gold,." Princess uttered with

  exquisite,slanting mischievous eyes and her fluttering lashes

  flashed messages which attracted handsome hunks like bees to

  honey but their hopes always spiraled bit by bit, hopelessly by her

  instant rejection. Prince of Swaziland came all the way hoping that

  one day his words would not get into one ear and get out with the


  "Ndumiso and Suzy met in England six years back. It was

  noticeable that Ndumiso really loved Suzy.Ndumiso has got everything,looks,dancing moves " Ed's meditations went

  deep,anxiety and his best friend, hatred drove him to the land of

  confusion. He could not even feel that it was really cold. Ndumiso

  hurried them to the place with a rooftop.

  "Lets play truth and dare game." Ndumiso blurted out rubbing

  hands with anticipation but there was that uncanny glamour on his

  face. The two comrades nodded their heads.

  "Ed, can you fall in love your best friend ?" He got Ed off guard.

  His solemn expression paralyzed everyone with fear of doubt. Ed

  turned looking at Suzy with a serious face.

  "No,I would never do that,being in relationship with her might

  wreck my friendship."

  "Suzy,how is it to be born with silver spoons in your mouth,being

  the princess after all?" Ed questioned princess trying by all means

  for everyone to be at ease.

  "Nevertheless,what I want at times comes on a silver platter but

  having no say in issues that concerns me,having no freedom to

  date whoever I love. Being a member of that kind of a family,being

  someone like that. I hate it so much myself..... I just want to live

  like an ordinary person."She stammered.

  Wells of tears streamed down her face. Nonetheless Ed did not

  have a gentle personality but he could not help it staring at her.

  Crying pathetically like that,to a certain degree,he knelt down

  beside where she was sitting and wiped away her tears.

  Ndumiso's anger meshed with fighting spirit second to none. In no

  time he was pacified. The idea that Ed was the commoner and

  could not be able to marry the princess. That gave him comfort

  and more solaced by Basotho culture which would not allow any

  ordinary person to marry the princess. The commoner and

  princess could date but joining in matrimony was a cold day in hell.

  Suzy's tears kept brimming of her eyes. Slowly,tears did as they

  wish,ran down her face in rivers,gently Ed wiped them with his thump. The door burst open,a sudden stab of pain encircled

  Ndumiso's heart,he escaped the building leaving Brown on the

  doorway with a reminiscent smile.

  "Stop crying your heart out." Ed said with an aura of love. Suzy

  coughed attempting to croak some words out of her mouth. Indeed

  she was smitten.

  "Shh" He whispered taking out his hand out of his pocket,a tiny

  pout on his plump lips,instantly they fell into each other's arms like

  frightened children. Their hearts commenced exercising,signaling

  strong messages.In a blink of an eye,there was short gaze that

  worn out their hearts on their sleeve. Out of the blue, a firm hand

  reached Suzy's neck propelling into a vigorous kiss burning

  calories,no doubt they couldn't resist. Ndumiso returned and stood

  beside Brown for a moment hoping the flirtation was over by then.

  He was at his wits' end and exasperated. Ed's words weren't

  matching with his actions. Ed and Princess were really getting

  along like a house on fire. A deluge of bitterness and pain ran

  through Ndumiso's veins. Both of them vanished,one muddled with

  confusion. Elation was written all over Brown's face. His eyes filled

  with merriment,he supported his friend through thick and thin. He

  was enticing and had an aura of confidence.


  Everyday to Ndumiso was a torture,trying all in vain to demolish

  those nightmares and thoughts. Was it not crystal clear?Suzy chose

  his ally in lieu of him. Anger was seething silently with

  frustration,his heart frozen solid with pain,fear and hatred. Strange

  feeling racing through his veins. Examinations were hectic but

  days kept on elapsing with him having niggling doubts about it,not

  mentioning ways to get rid of his treacherous friend. There he

  was,looking at the blue fluorescent sky. Pure and clear with no

  clouds hanging in the horizon. The envy in him escalating each time but how on earth could the sky be so crystal clear while he

  had a mammoth wolf in him howling in his heart. His heart at war

  with his mind propelling a surge of atrocious thoughts cross them

  all at once. A brilliant idea finally flashed through. He hastened his

  thoughts carefully. Tuesday morning broke with light drizzle,clouds

  were still hovering in the sky.