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How to be famous

How to be famous

Author:Eli Writes


This story is about a girl named Allison Stanfield, who is a celebrity. This is the story of her life, which is kinda complicated to explain if you didn't read my story. So I won't spoil you. Just read my story so you will understand what is this all about. Thank you...
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  Chapter I

  Red carpet, Gowns, Celebrities, flashes, cameras and reporters. That's what you will see if you are a celebrity. As the flash were flicking, the pictures were taken, the people around you were shouting your name, you were just smiling for them.

  "Allison! Here!" The camera man said, as I looked at him, he started to take a photo of me. They all shouting my name.

  "Ma'am, you need to move forward now..." My assistant said. I just nod and move forward, leaving some hand waves for the people around me. As I move forward with my red gown, in a red carpet, someone jumped into the barrier and run towards me. I was shocked, because maybe he will grab me. And thank god, my body guards were in there.

  "Allison! Wait!" The man said, my body guards were blocking him and he still trying to get into me. I looked at him and I leave him a smile on my lips. As I go towards the car, there's so many peoples around my car. And it was blocking the driveway. My body guards and my assistant helped me get into the car. I entered my car and there's still some flashes flashing into my eyes. As the car moved, I lay down on the car and tried to relax. I sighed and closed my eyes so I can rest.


  My phone rangs, as I opened my eyes and looked at the phone ID and it's my mom.

  "Hey honey, how's your day?" My mom said, I clicked the speaker phone so I can hear her even though I was laying down the car.

  "Still the same mom... I just wished I never accepted this offer. It's so hard mom..." I said, while my voice is weak because of stress. My assistant looked at me madly because of what I said. I took a glance of her.

  "Oh sweetie, sorry if I forced you to that opportunity. It's just, I want you to be confident, not to be shy in your whole life." My mom said, and I ignored her. I looked at my assistant.

  "What?" I whispered to her. She just rolled her eyes and looked at her phone.

  "Sweetie are you still there?" My mom said.

  "Yes mom, I'm still here..." I said. I suddenly closed my eyes to rest.

  "Okay sweetie, I'll gonna hung up the phone. I think you're tired, so get some rest. And I miss you, see you soon. I love you!" My mom said.

  "Okay mom, I miss you too... I love you too..." I said. As my mom hunged up the phone, I turn it off and closed my eyes again. And then my assistant tapped me. I opened my eyes and looked at her.

  "What is wrong with you Allison? This is your dream! And you wished that you didn't accept Mr. Jones' offer? What the hell?!" My assistant said madly.

  "I'm so sorry Fiona... I'm just tired... I think I'll just gonna quit..." I said weakly.

  "Okay! That's good! Thanks to you! I'm losing my job again!" Fiona yelled at me, and crossed her arms.

  "I'm sorry okay?" I said to her.

  "Sorry? After these years? And you're tired now? Oh my goodness Allison! I hope you're happy now. Cause I will quit too, and get a new job!" Fiona said.

  "Fine!" I said madly. I crossed my arms and trying not to look at her. She crossed her arms too. As we arrived at my apartment, I get out in the car madly. I walked through the door and get my key on my purse. As I grabbed the key, I opened the door. I dropped my purse on the table beside the door. Suddenly, I layed down on the couch. I looked at the ceiling. And then, my phone vibrates. It's a text from my boyfriend.

  "Hey babe. Are you still awake?" Diego said on a text. I grabbed my phone and texted back.

  "Yes, I'm still awake..." I replied. As I waited from his reply, I stood up and grab a cup of coffee. And then my phone vibrates again. And I read his message.

  "I heard that you and your assistant had a fight..." He texted. I sipped at the coffee and grabbed my phone.

  "Yeah... Sorry about that." I replied, I walked at the couch and sat down. I put the cup of coffee at the center table. And my phone vibrates again.

  "Don't be sorry, you can fix that right?" He replied.

  "Yeah... I guess?" I texted.

  "Good. That's my girl. Btw get some rest now, I have a surprise for you tomorrow. Good night, sleep well my princess. I love you!!!" He replied.

  "Thanks. Ok, see you tomorrow. Good night and I love you too!!!" I texted. You know, Diego is the most sweetest man I ever met. Everytime I'm stressed, he always give me surprises. He even surprised my mom on her 50th birthday. So, after that sweet conversation, I take off my shoes and go straight ahead on my bed and lay there.

  "I wish I could go back in time and fix everything." I said. After that, I fell asleep.

  Let me take you back in time, when I was a child and innocent.

  - June 28, 2002 -

  It's my 7th birthday, and it's just me, my mom, my brother, and also my bestfriend, Fiona. Yeah, Fiona is my assistant and my childhood bestfriend. By the way, no one came on my birthday except for Fiona, because I'm an ugly child. When I was 5, I always wear sweat shirt on schools, why? Because it's comfortable. That's why the other kids laughing at me. Because they think that I'm lame. And it's lunch time, I have a lot of foods, that's why I'm fat. I weighed 50 pounds. Imagine a 5 years old kid, weighed like a normal 7 years old kid. And yeah, they bullied me. And then Fiona comes to rescue me.

  "Hey, I see you lonely here on the table. Do you mind joining you?" Fiona said, she's holding a tray with a sandwich and a can of coca cola.

  "No... Uh, I mean, yeah, sure!" I said nervously. And then she sitted in front of me. And then that's how our friendship begins.

  Year later, we're on grade school and she became a hardworking kid. She's always reading and studying, because her mom wants her to be on top always. And yeah, she's always the first placer. And here I am, second placer and always supporting her. I'm kinda jelous of that, but it's ok, she deserve it.

  And then a years past by, we're in high school. She changed a lot. Like, she always wear makeup in the school, but no boys liked her because they think she's a nerd. You know, reading books all the time. And also she wears braces. And then they bullied her, but I'm always here for her to save her. And then this is where I changed. So there's this boy in the biology class that is so famous. And he's always looking at me, but I just ignored him. You know these days, boys are pigs. And then one time, he sitted next to me. And we feel silence and awkwardness.

  "Hey..." He whispered.

  "Hey..." I whispered back.

  "Jamie by the way." Jamie whispered

  "Allison..." I whispered.

  "Wanna hang out sometimes?" Jamie asked.

  "Sure...?" I said. I'm not sure for this, because I feel like, this thing is not gonna work. Because you know, I'm fat and ugly. I'm sure they will gonna bully us. And then we hang out. He asked me to be his boyfriend, and then I answered yes. Because I don't want to reject him and make him sad. And then we dated for a few months, by the way we're both legal on both sides. And then, tragedy comes. There's this thing spreading in social media so peoples were gathering on their phones. And then Fiona let me look at that post. And it's Veronica's post, a rumor about us. By the way, Veronica is the most famous girl on the school, and he likes Jamie but he doesn't like her back because of her attitude. As I looked at the post, it says "Allison Stanfield is a slut. She dated my boyfriend, Jamie. She stole my boyfriend! What an affair!" Which isn't true. And then Jamie comes.

  "Allison, we need to talk..." Jamie said.

  To be continued...