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First Love

First Love

Author:Dark Rose


This novel is about our main protagonist who is Riya. She is a easy going girl but fall for Richard after getting rejected from him she writes a novel about him and how she see him in her eyes. This will be all how our main protagonist see the other person. So the highlight is how she writes those things about him and finally if he realises the love that you guys need too wait and see... If he falls how he fell for her or if is getting someone else in the meanwhile that's a suspense till you guys read it you will know...
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  "I..I..I... Want to say something"

  when she looked at him and was Speaking she didn't knew till now that trying to say out that she likes him would be this difficult for her. She stammered through out the speech when he looked into her eye's his shining brown eyes was smiling and his plump lips moved and asked her


  with that she got a little wavery. It's her first time telling someone she liked so after a little bit of hesitation she looked at his eye's and told that

  "I love you, I want too be your lover"

  Suddenly the shining eye's went into cold gaze. It made her feel like dig a grave for herself. After thinking that she thought it's not a good time but a sudden voice made her shiver

  "I don't like you and take that hope away from your head and study"

  But she didn't cried, she just node her head and left from there. She took her bag and was thinking what to do at that time she saw a advertisement

  *If u want to become a aspiring writer just join us, you can become a writer if u want too try just get in.*

  This made her life a turning point. It wasn't easy to become a writer who is well known too the society so she clicked the app and wrote her name Riya. She didn't think much so she started too write her novel "First Love"...

  As getting rejected by her crush she started to write a novel and concentrate on it.

  She knew that one day her love to him will be true and he will accept her. But she didn't thought that he will reject her on the spot without thinking twice. Which made her sad she started to write the novel.

  Riya's Pov


  Shinning sun

  I woke up at 7 in the morning, was so excited too get up because this was the first day of my college. I went to the bathroom did my daily routine and went near a table put my hands on the desk and did my Mr bean workout. Yes, as you guessed I hate doing exercise but what too do I need too do something or else my brother gonna kill me haha funny right. Nevermind after that I went to the kitchen and hugged my brother who was cooking food for me. I only have my big brother in this world so I hugged him and said

  "Good morning brother"

  He turned and looked at me poked my nose with the atta hand because of that I pulled his ear which made him angry so he beat me with the spoon on my head and said

  "Baka, don't make me say again don't pull my ear am ur big brother and also Good morning my lil pigglet"

  After hearing the last word I shouted at him

  "BROTHER °^° "

  which made him put his fingers in both ear and said

  "Ok ok I then what about monkey