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City Boy Jasper X Reader

City Boy Jasper X Reader



Help me I've been trying to publish this story for eons now and I think this is it. If the cover is Sean it's cause my Jasper art was cut off . Now I need 50 words for the description excuse me SKDNDKDKDBDKDKFBDKEDOJDNEDODJDBDODIRBDNSJDNDKDJDNDNDKDNEB DKDJBFDKXUBF FNDKDJFBDNDKFJR RznsnsSKSJDS
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  It was around nine at night when you were finally released from work. That day was another long, boring day at work, nothing else new. Rain was pouring down like you've never seen before. The streets seemed like they already had a thin layer of water coating the black pavement. You didn't check the weather previous to leaving the house, hence why you were stuck, thinking about how you're gonna get to your car without getting soaking wet. The place you worked at was downtown, deep within the city. The parking lot was always full, no matter at what time you get there. So, parking a couple blocks away seemed like the best option for you, considering a couple minutes of walking never did you any harm. You stood at the tall glass doors directly in front of you, just staring at the mass of water in the dark atmosphere. 'How am I gonna get to my car..', was the only thought invading your mind. A couple taps at your shoulder was enough to make you jump slightly and turn around. Before you stood a 5'8" male with.. semi well kept hair. There was clearly an effort at styling it, but either it just got messed with, or he was terrible at fixing it up. Nonetheless, he made it look good; it almost complimented his dark woody green eyes. You didn't exactly had to look up at him, but there was maybe a two to three inch difference. His body was adorned with a red and black plaid flannel, dark blue jeans, a dark brown belt that matched his boots, as well as a white undershirt. To be honest, he was not the type you would expect to see in a city, or work at a place like this, but, you just learned to not think twice about whatever you see around here.

  After a small moment of you two letting your eyes shoot around at each other's features, he spoke, "Hi. I see you're just standing here...? Do you not have an umbrella?" You raise your brows, trying to think of how long you could have just been zoned out staring at your demise. A couple seconds pass, and you shake your head. "Ah, tough shit, me neither. I guess we're just screwed then, eh?" The stranger then stood next to you, crossing his arms and doing exactly what he had seen you doing for the past five minutes. He nodded slowly. "Yeah... Ah! I have an idea." Just as he finished speaking, he started to unbutton his flannel.

  "Woah woah wait a minute-", you say out of confusion. "First of all, I don't know what a flannel is gonna do with a storm like this, and what are you planning on doing anyways?" A small sigh escapes your lips before you continue, "Can I at least know your name?"

  "Just call me Jasper, unless you have other nicknames in mind. Oh, speaking of nicknames," he paused his unbuttoning to look you up and down. "Your name is now 'Tiny', or, that's what you'll be referred to as when you're around me. It's fitting." A seemingly content and satisfied smile crossed over his features when his hands went back to work on his 'overshirt'.

  "So.. you don't even wanna know my name, huh?" He didn't reply after you spoke, just acknowledged your words with a shake of his head. 'Tiny..? Why Tiny out of all names? I'm literally barely even shorter than this guy. Nonetheless, he's a character that I guess could be fun to wait around in the rain with.' Soon enough, the flannel was being adjusted by the collar, allowing the open sides to drift against his torso and stomach. You clear your throat, allowing your hands to clasp together behind your back, all while being keenly aware of how tight the white undershirt seemed to fit him. 'Why even wear a shirt that tight? It has to be uncomfortable. For the standard that people set for what you have to wear at this job.. he definitely breaks and bends that.'

  "Nope, I don't. Tiny works just as fine as any other name." Jasper grabbed the button side flap of his flannel, opening it up so you could see his armpit and his side. "C'mon in."

  "'C'mon in'? You're saying that you want me to get underneath your flannel an-" you were cut off by a clearly eager Jasper.

  Jasper shot forward, pulling you into a hug sort of situation. Even though you had literally just met this guy about a couple minutes ago, you just let him do as he pleased. Besides, he didn't seem all that harmless. It took him a moment to fix you up properly into his arm so you were both comfortable and 'shielded' from the storm. "You ready?" His head tilted a certain way so he was leaning forward just to see your whole face.

  "As ready as I'll ever be.", you mutter out. As much as you would hate to admit it, you were having a bit of fun. So, as soon as he looked forward and away from you, a small smile curled onto your lips.

  Jasper took a deep breath before rushing out, pushing out the glass doors. As soon as you two were out of the safety of work, it was a flood from the sky, or so you like to put it. Without thinking, you darted towards your car, luckily having Jasper right next to you to 'shield' the rain. In reality, you were right. The flannel was doing nothing for either of you. Jasper seemed to notice the inconsistency. He dropped the thin fabric and skidded in front of you, causing you to stop. "Fucking rain-", the male hissed under his breath, one eye twitching closed while the other was squinting at you.

  "What're you doing?! Move!", you yell, confused as to why this man stopped moving out of nowhere. Before you could say another word, Jasper takes a few long, panting breaths as he crouched down to the side, forcefully picking you up bridal style. He was off running in the same direction previous to stopping.

  Jasper didn't stop his feet, no matter how hard it rained or how slick the pavement was, he continued to run. Soon, his hair was soaking wet, sticking to his forehead. None of it seemed to bother him. Besides the heavy pounding of water, you could hear him mutter "fuck fuck fuck" repeatedly under his breath. Well, I guess it did bother him after all. "Where's your car?!", he yelled over the obvious noise.

  You don't know what came over you when your eyes locked upon his face. He was a complete stranger, someone you had met only minutes ago, and now he was carrying your to your car. Of course you wanted to kick out of his arms and rush to your car without looking back. But, something inside you that you couldn't describe writhed within you. Who knows, maybe one day you'll come to thank it. Once you snapped back to reality after hearing Jasper yell 'TINY' repeatedly, you looked around at your surroundings. Your eye caught on a familiar car, it wasn't anything to be proud of, just something to get from point A to point B. You point to it. " There!" So, he runs you over to your vehicle, dropping you to your feet while making sure you weren't hurt.

  "FUCK-", he had yelled out as if he had forgot something. Jasper looked around. "I took the taxi here and the streets are flooding, there's no way in hell I'll be able to get home. His eyes locked into yours. Were you really going to let this guy into your car.. ?

  A/N: hey so you can decide what happens next. Will you dump his ass on the street, drive him to his place... Orr... Maybe you yours..? I dunno, it all depends on your choice. Good luck I guess