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The character Joy Jones is a woman with a special gift, a power of some sort. She could think about a person and dream about them. She has been asexual for sometime, she believes that if she holds out long enough her dream will come true. She has a love interest that blossoms into something amazing or is it something else. From the thoughts of Candi J Owls and The Seclusive Savior. A two-sided point of view on things with a little fantasy and poetry.
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  Joy Jones

  ESCAPISM 6:23 a.m.

  Thoughts of your patience are rare,

  Got me staring into thin air,

  waiting for an Amazon package to get here.

  No one in a long time made me feel this way.

  No sex, abstinence, your soft tone lingering in my ear,

  Deborah Cox "Nobody supposed to be here".

  Yes, my heart is fragile, 

  Amazon box with a smile.

  Beginning a journey of erotic dreams,

  Finally, this is where our thoughts stream.

  From Joy Jones 

     It's one of those nights again poems in my head. Waking up next to your old man, in my Florida slang. Hoping that you wake up next to him. See there was this guy, I seen on the bus yesterday, I think they called him Bryan, but I'm not too sure. Maybe I will gain the courage and ask him out on a date. All-day at work, I was thinking of him. Especially, when l went to sleep last night. It was all about him. His smile, deep heavy caramel eyes, and his dark wavy hair nicely braided, with a tapered cut. Something about his laugh keep lingering in my thoughts. His Hanes black shirt and his khaki slim fit pants grabbed his body. Tall and muscular the way you want it not the buff way where they look like they can't wipe their ass. 

     I thought I was going to get a rub on Jasmine, which is what I call my cha-cha, my ya ya, my blonde head between my legs. See I thought he wouldn't of notice me, considering I am 5'5 thicker than most with bronze color hair. Yes, bronze! a hair dye that went wrong, crescent eyes that match the sky at midnight, lightly caramel colored skin with 38C breasts and a gut like I have been eating a dozen donuts the night before. One asset, I love about my body, is my hip to ass ratio. Mmm, I wear a size 20 wide below. So, really I look like a pear, but he walked on the bus and stared at me like caramel snicker. Said nothing and sat there.

  Bryan Waines

    Within such a beautiful day ahead. My bus arrives and I happily gets on, minding my own business and jamming to some 80s music. Took a quick glance to the right and there she was. A beautiful real thick young lady with smooth caramel skin just glazing and tone motioning to the sun as she sits by the window. Clothes are attention seeking lady-like. Hair in a neat fro, black tights

which I love

, a designer white shirt and a long cardigan which fits on her perfectly and some all white high tops Air Force Ones boots.

  Here was my chance to approach her. Being lonely for awhile it's about time that I switch up and step up to the plate. No more stroking Tommy at night, I need to man up. I breathed in and breathed out. Stepped up to this beautiful masterpiece and asked her if this seat was taken and she replied shyly "not at all". I introduced myself as Brian and I'm not a thug and I have a good heart. He explained further rambling on saying "the reason why I didn't say anything to you when I got onto the bus is because I was shy and scared". Her reply startled me "My name is Joy and it's okay I get approached a lot of times but mostly by thugs. You seem like a guy my mother told with I was younger". She went on snappy "there will be guys like you that don't deserve my time". Them are words softly spoken and her voice was like I was at Heaven's Gate. Honestly, it was a total relief to be exact.

  This can't be a dream, I deeply keep telling myself. My next move was to kindly ask for her number, without any hesitance I asked for it. Her response "Normally I'm not the woman to give my number out to just anybody but you're making me reconsider my thoughts. The way you approached me was too cute I sensed the shyness which also turned me on spontaneously". I looked her right into her bright eyes and smiled then gave her a flirtatious wink. That moment my Johnson was so hyped, so went all in to make her smile and giggle.

  My stop was coming up so I told Joy that she brings such great joy to the new beginnings into my life. She laughs and said, "I'm glad I can do so and please call me tonight". Without any hesitance, I blew a big kiss as I stepped off the bus. People were laughing, smiling and as I glance through the window her cheeks became rosy she was blushing. Therefore, I knew I made a good first impression. I patted myself on the back as I walked into the house.

  Today was such a perfect unique day for me. I took my belongings off and got fresh articles clothing then showered. I sat on the bed just reminiscing about what happened and it brought tears of joy to my eyes. I am telling myself it's just 1 in a million that this happens to anybody. For me, I've just got lucky with just the right one within the nick of time.


   I was embarrassed, but I was so confident in my daydream. I relived the whole scene in my dream that night. I pictured him coming up to me fixing the hair behind my ear I looked at him and said, "hi". He said, "hey how you doing" and I responded with, "call me to get a response to that question" just that smooth. I need something more in my life then these fantasies.


  ESCAPISM 2:43 p.m.

  As this package arrives, My heart drops and my innerness is boastful,

  Never would I've imagined a woman to be this thoughtful.

  We took a break from each other then the footprints lead to trails that's when we both learned we were never meant to stumble,

  Patience dealy plays the role, If you know me I'm quite humble.

  Like a bawled-up fist, you can say that I'm a handful,

  Like a whisper in your ear, you can say that I'm playful,

  Within our distance our vision is clear,

  I wished you've stayed in New York this way our presence is near.

  Love your voice on the game and over the phone,

  Even on your workday I know you're busy it's my decision not to leave you alone,

  Never will I treat you like a servant you play a role in that empty slot next to the throne.

  You said Deborah Cox "Nobody supposed to be here",

  Well, I am here think dirty deeds, with a sign do not disturb or please beware!

  By Bryan Waine