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Billion Dollar Orphan

Billion Dollar Orphan



Noble Baloyi was an orphan thrown out after he turned 19 from the orphanage which took care of him And the orphanage took him back because there was a job available for him He was always depressed about pocket money and how he is going to pay off his tuition fee at the end of the second semester He was looked down by many people and his friends in university until one day he got a letter to from someone who claimed to be his parent
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  Happy Griffen is that you,Sabela replied

  Yeah it is me, I can't believe you can still recognize me after all this years

  Come on Happy it has been only two years since our final year of high school

  Happy looked at Sabela in disgust,how can this guy be poor of the poorest,he was the top student in class now he is a sore loser Happy thought

  Happy hated Sabela after he had stolen Beauty Smith who is currently in her final year of university to be surgeon

  Are you and Beauty Smith still together,Happy asked

  Yes,Sabela replied with a confident and proud look

  Haply said I'll take you for Brunch at Noble San Belleza,Noble said in disgust

  You mean that 7 star luxury hotel in Sandton City,Noble asked in embarrassment

  Noble San Belleza was the most expensive hotel in the world with $2500 000 for minimum two night stay and was number one in everything even though it was the newest hotel on the block located in Sandton City,South Africa where the super rich lived

  Yes let's go and get you some clothes and hit the road in my 2020 Audi RS7 Sport,Happy said proudly to make Sabela jealous

  They hit the raod and Happy bought Sabela expensive clothes and some jewellery all costing up to $30 000

  As they arrived at the Noble San Belleza

  A young lady came storming out to help Happy and Sabela to park the car as the young lady was a Valet

  She was wearing a short formal skirt showing off her thighs and legs and with a tight casual t-shirt showing her massive boobs and a the Valet Jacket which is all part of her uniform and showing of her thick,curvy and gorgeous body

  The car was parked in an High Security underggrount parking and Noble and Happy entered the hotel

  Happy went to the reception and asked,What are prices for two nights

  The standard Suite is $75 000,The Presidential Suite is $150 000,The Modern Vegas Suit is $250 000 and the Lost City of Azania is $450 000 and the Luxury Gold Mine is only for individuals who spent more than a billion in this hotel or the top of individuals of the organization that runs this hotel or the top individuals of this hotel,the receptionist replied

  But the Lost City of Anzania is the only available at the moment,said the receptionist

  I'll take it,Happy said

  Happy take out his black card and the receptionist swipes it and Sabela was shocked in embarrassment and he looked away but he wasn't jealous

  Can you please wait at the lounge down the hall to the left and second door on your the left

  Sabela and Happy go to the lounge and waited for a while for the transport to take them to The Lost City of Azania section

  And suddenly a Rolls Royce Phantom 2020 model came and they were both shocked and thought it will be a simple transport

  And Noble noticed and said to Happy,We don't have clothes for two days

  And Happy laughed

  This hotel offers clothes for people who pay for a suite like ours

  And Noble was relieved and almost broke a sweat

  They both enterd the Rolls Royce and the Hotel had almost everything a person can think of

  They reached their destination and they were immediately escorted to their room

  And when they got there it felt like they entered a modern luxury appartment even though it was a hotel room

  It had great features like a balcony tropical pool with grotto rocks and artificial waves and other artificial features with great interior

  The pool looked like it costs almost $450 00 and the hotel room looked like a $15 000 000 modern luxury appartment with artificial intelligence and latest technology

  Thats why it's so expensive here both of them thought at the same time

  Noble goes to the casino and gets a free $7 500 voucher to redeem chips so he can play while Happy hated Noble with all his heart and was planning an evil plan against him and he Happy smiled with the most evil smile anyone has ever saw and he laughed and kept shouting

  Noble you better be ready you sore loser!

  Happy continued to laugh.

  And it was night time around 19:30pm

  Until Noble was on fire in the casino playing poker with elite people then he saw one of them was a drug lord,he immediately took his money and left.

  Noble had won about $176 000 and he was too stupid to think about his school fees,pocket money and debts and he went straight to play blackjack and he lost over and over where he had $50 000 and he left to play at the slot machines.

  The chips Noble had were all 500 meaning $500 each chip and he had about a hubdred of them and without hesitation he went to the slot machines and played.

  It was around 23:06 and Noble had about 7 chips left and he was already tired and depressed once more and he entered his third chip with only 4 chips left and he entered all of them and when he was about to stand-up loud music started to play and bright lights were everywhere and the CEO and other individuals came storming out meet Noble.

  The CEO of the casino immediately called the CEO of the hotel

  Shirley Brown who was the CEO of the casino waiting for Simon Brown who happened to be her father

  Simon Brown,Hello as he answered the phone

  Sir,there is someone who won the Grand Jackpot,Shirley said with excitement

  Ok I'll approve the payout,as the CEO of the hotel hang up

  Sir please follow me,Shirley said

  Shirly was a beautiful coloured young lady with astonishing looks and her beauty was rare,her figure was like a model who won best body of the year award

  She was not tall nor short but an average height similar to boys but not as tall as Noble

  Noble who was confused immediately said OK!

  Noble followed Shirly to the office hotel