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Be with me

Be with me



Yeong Jeong everyday toil hard so that she can pay her college fees. She is very beautiful and young. At a very young age she lost her parents in an accident which made her Nyctophobic. She was a intelligent girl because of which she got admission in one of the best university in Seoul. Her life takes a turn when the only hire of The Choi group ask her to be his girlfriend for 10 days. Will they both will be able to realise the affection they have for each other or they will be parted.....?
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  My name is Yeong Jeong. I lost my parents in a car accident since then I am living with my uncle and aunt.

  They took great care of mine

  Currently, I am doing more than four part-time job as the fees of the University is quite expensive which my uncle and aunt cannot afford to pay.

  I just want to live a simple life but after the death of my parents nothing seems simple and easy.

  Luckily I won quite good amount of scholarship in my school days and now, I am going in one of the best University of the nation The Seoul National University.

  It is a very famous university. It is said that the fees of each term is very expensive because of which everyone cannot afford it but as I won the scholarship my expenses will be on University

  But my house is quite far from the University so I am living in a dorm with my old friend Hyeon-U Jeong. He always helped me whenever I need him. Actually I have a huge crush on him but I can't confess.

  I am very happy that I am able to be in the University where my two best friends are Hyeon and Young Lee. Young Lee is only daughter of Lee family though she is very rich she never looked down towards me and Hyeon.

  "..... Yeong Jeong..…. come fast or else we will miss the bus" exclaimed Hyeon-U Jeong though he was poor he looked much more better than many other rich child, he was tall and handsome and very kind

  A sleek, fair and preety girl entered the bus, with most appealing smile on her face which could make anyone fell for her. Her hair tied in a ponytail which made her look prettier.

  "I got the bus", catching her breath Yeong Jeong exclaimed.

  They both reached the bus stop.

  A luxurious car stopped right in front of them because of which they were scared till death.

  A girl came out with a limited addition satchel, she was no one other than Young Lee. She hugged Yeong Jeong and said,

  "It's being long time we meet I missed you Yeo"

  "We meet yesterday", Yeong Jeong said with a smile.

  They all went in the premises of University

  Near the lobby some boys were harassing a girl who was holding a cake in her hand, they all were surrounded by everyone

  Yeong Jeong didn't felt right so pushing the crowd she went in the middle

  "Excuse me "she said

  They stopped and one of them who was 5ft.10 inch tall came near to her and asked,

  "Who are you"

  Till Yeong Jeong could answer anything a boy dragged her to the end of the lobby he yelled at her,

  "Are you crazy,do you know who they were?

  Yeong Jeong was confused she said that " I also don't know who you are,if you haven't dragged me hear I would have beaten them to death"

  "Sorry, let me introduce myself I am Yong Soo I am your senior."he added,

  "Be careful from them they are rich brats who always insults other they can harm you"

  Untill Yeong Jeong could ask anything Yong Soo went, Yeong Jeong was standing there and was mesmerized in the beauty of Yong Soo.

  When he was talking she felt that bright light was shining all over his face. After sometime she came to sense.

  "Today was quite tiring I need to have a good sleep", Yeong Jeong went to sleep...