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Born For You

Born For You

Author:Dark shadow


A man betrayed by his step brother and lover. They killed him. But nature give him a second chance. He reborn again for revenge. But what about that girl, who love him with her heart but he never loved her. The girl was killed because of her love. But this time,will he get her back again?And protect her from his enemies?Will he??? what do you think ?
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  I am Richard Wilson, 24 years old. Sam is my wife. But I never loved her. She always tried to save our marriage. And always wish I loved her too. But I hate her and torture her so she divorced me.

  Two important person in my life, Nancy and David. Nancy is my girlfriend. I love her like a blind. And David, He is my step brother but I treat him like my real one. Grandpa didn't like David that much but for my request he let David stay in Wilson mansion. I love them so much that I did everything for them.

  My grandfather and father forced me to marry Sam. I thought Sam and her family were greedy and Sam marry me for my money.

  My grandfather told me

  " - Rich my child, don't get us wrong. We always wants best for you. And Nancy is not good for you. "

  But I didn't believe my grandpa. Anyways,after marrying Sam. We move to my place where I used to live alone. Because I want to torture her, which was not possible in Wilson mansion.

  I have bring a new girl every night. Sam always try to pretend like nothing happened. But I could see her pain in her eyes, which I wanted to see.

  Sam is a cheerful & brave girl. She wants to be a artist and she is a great singer also. And one of her habits is,singing while painting. She often made my paintings secretly. I was surprised when first time I saw these. One of them was that moment when I was walking alone in front of my house & missed my mom. I surprisely saw that picture because this picture was describes a lot. My pain, my aloneness everything. Even background also clear. She must have seen me from the window.

  I don't want to but admit that she really great in this.

  I really wants to keep those paintings especially this one. But for my revenge, I burned all the paintings. After that day, she never touched her art equipment.

  - " Grandpa, I miss you so much. "

  It's hard to believe that the one who always loves me,protect me, is no more. When I was little, dad was very strict to me.

  - " What !! only 85 in math? Are you my son? "

  My mom always tried to hide my mistakes in order to save me from this monster.

  However, He often got drunk and came home late. Which cause a fight between mom & dad.

  When my mom died, I was all alone. Grandpa was the one who stay by my side always. He always took care of me as like as my mom. But now he also leave me. I was broken and sad for my grandpa.

  I was feel lonely so that night I made myself drank.

  Next morning,

  - " Wasn't I at the bar. Then why I'm at home. I'm not hurt but there are blood stain on my bed. What's happened to me last night. Who brought me here ? " Agh!! My head. I can't remember anything....

  ............ ..To be continue