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Nothing is more worse than being in the custody of a foster family. That's what Cherry though, or rather the fact. She's being treated badly, in fact, it looks like they adopted her just to be a maid in their house. December 25, 2013, her worst day ever. For the first time she thought she's finally accepted the time she got invited for a supper, atleast that's what she thought. It was like the calm before the storm. They were all good to her until her stepmom brought up engagement topic. Cherry thought it was for Claria, but much to her dismay... it was for her. She'll be engaged and married to the most ruthless, cold, and arrogant billionare in Sierra City. Before the day of meeting, Cherry planned an escape from the situation. She indeed succeeded but one day, she heard a knock on her flat's door. "Who the heck bangs other' doors this early?" She muttered in annoyance as she got up from bed and reached the door. She peeked through the peephole and stood frozen behind the door. Shit, why is he here?! Has he found me?! She quickly dashed through the backdoor when she heard a loud bang and she knew immediately that her door was destroyed. Before she got a hold of the backdoor' knob a large arm grabbed her waist, her back hit a hard and warm chest. A manly scent quickly enveloped her smell as she fought hard to set herself free. "Let me go!!" She screamed as she threw countless punches and kicks. "Finally, you think you can run away from me forever? You'll never escape again, because I finally caught you," he whispered in her ear sending million volts in her nerves.
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  I live in Sierra City along my foster parents. I thought I will finally have a warm home when the Rodriguez Family adopted me, but boy, I was so wrong. If I were to choose between the orphanage and the Rodriguez residence? I'd rather go back to the orphanage. Aleast there I'll be happy, sister Mariana and the other sisters are good people alongside other orphans who I grew up with. I was eighteen when they adopted me. Heck, they keep telling me I'm so beautiful, with my red auburn hair, light electric blue eyes, and white soft skin; but neither of those made me happy nor feel contended. I want and need a family that will treat me as if I'm their biological child. Parents who can give me moral support and utmost care, parents should give to their children.

  I sat on my study table as I sip on my instant coffee. Always like this... if I'm not needed downstairs I should just stay upstairs in my room and do whatever I want but to go down especially when they have popular guests. They flaunt their biological daughter of course Claria. At first, she was this innocent, good-looking,kind and cheerful girl but what everyone don't know is that she's rotten in the inside. Rotten to the core.

  "Cherry! Bring us a cup of tea!", my stepmom Roselda yelled from the living room.

  "Coming!" I yelled back.

  I sighed deeply as I place my cup on the cupboard and walked outside of my dear fortress, my comfort zone... my room.

  When I reached the kitchen I saw aunt Criselda preparing the cups.

  "I'll take it from here aunt,"I said as I walked in the kitchen.

  "Oh no dear, let me handle this and just sit back and relax there," Criselda said sweetly as she motioned me to sit on the stool infront of the Island counter.

  "You seem happy aunt Cris," I said as I observe her preparing the tea.

  "Oh, you would want to know why BUT..." she trailed off as she turned around to face me with a bright smile. "It is a secret for now dear," she chuckled and I snorted.

  "You know you can't keep secrets from me! We made a vow!" I complained, frowning.

  "Oh sweetie, this one is great just be patient okay?" She says as she laugh her way out of the kitchen. I just rolled my eyes in return.

  "You seem happy huh?" A voice resonated the kitchen hall.

  "You bet," I replied seriously.

  "Really? You don't need to be that serious," she smirked. Yeah, ladies and gentlemen, my stepsister, Claria Rodriguez. Gosh, just seeing her face annoys me.

  "Really?" I mocked her and a smirk made its way to my lips when I saw her reddened face.

  "You know, if you're gonna tease me to the extreme might as well practice first before you come up on me and throw nonsensical things," I said as I gesture my hand in the air.

  She stomped her way out of the kitchen hall while mumbling, god knows what are those.

  "*sigh* She came up on you again huh?" Aunt Cris said as she reach on me.

  "Let her do what she wants. As soon as I really lose my patience I'll leave this hell hole," I said as I stood up.

  "I'll return to my room and finish the song I'm making," I bade goodbye to aunt Cris as I make my way outside the kitchen hall. Just as I was about to reach the stairs a voice spoke behind me.

  "Cherry, you'll have to go outside until tomorrow... Claria will take your room as hers, help your sister," she says as she smile at me.

  That smile. That fucking smile. No way! I have my important belongings there! Knowing Claria, that little envious bitch,she will steal somethings there or might even destroy something! My songs!

  "No," I said as I took a deep breath.

  "Excuse me?" By the sound of her voice I know she's annoyed.

  "Tell your daughter to use her room," I said as I look into her eyes.

  "What nonsense are you saying?! Help your sister make a good reputation to the Willson family!" She muttered in anger as she grips my arm tight, her nails digging onto my skin.

  "Stop this mom!" I screamed.

  "My,my... what's going on here?" We heard a female voice.

  "I'm just teaching this maid a lesson," My mom said through a fake smile.

  Of course, I am the only one who can see through her real intentions. That's what makes her scary. You don't know what's going on inside her head as she plays a great facade masking her rotten smell. Her thoughts and physical analyzations differ from each other. She's a great actress.

  "Oh! Wait, can I borrow that maid of yours? I'm gonna take her home for good 1 month!" The lady said smiling.

  "W-what?" My stepmom stuttered in bewilderment.

  "Oh, is not clear to you?" The lady said smiling, but I knew better. She's mocking mom. I can't help but smirk mentally. What would be her intention?

  "O-oh, it's okay!" My mom said as she recovered from shock.

  "Can I have some time alone with your gorgeous maid?" She requested and my mom said yes. Before she completely vanish from our sight, she threw me a death glare.

  "Say, dear... is she always doing this to you to satisfy her greediness?"

  I snapped my attention back to the lady as I heard what she said. I was about to say no when she cut me off.

  "There's no point in lying Cherry Rodriguez... I offered that so you can have a free life. Within that one month, I will take in charge of you and we'll be your new family. You don't deserve this dear," she said as she looks at my wound sadly.

  Tempting offer, but I'd rather not accept it. She doesn't know what my mom is capable of. "I'm sorry ma'am but they're my family," I answered and walked past her.

  As much as I want to,there's still something inside me screaming to give my family chance to change. Until then, I'm not going out of this hell hole.

  I laid on my bed as I stare at my black ceiling. Why would she do that?