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She Never Knew

She Never Knew



Single mother Kryla has a pretty normal life. She one day, fatefully, runs into an old flame who wants to rekindle things between them. After their encounter, things begin to change for Kryla. What is it about Ryze that makes her feel so...hot? An almost animalistic hunger for him that drives her crazy! Will she accept her new life or will she reject it all?
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  “....hello? C-can you...please....” Kryla’s words come out slowly. Her current, weakened state prevents her from finishing her request for help. Just as her eyes are about to close in unconsciousness, she hears someone coming closer. Maybe they heard her or would see her and know she needs help. Yes, they’d have to help her. As she finally loses consciousness, her final thoughts are of what will happen if they find her son as well. Would they help him or leave him? She tries to fight to stay awake, but it’s futile.

  Kryla whispers a prayer as her eyes finally close. Hiding nearby, in the darkness is King. He wants to rush over to his mother but she made him promise to stay hidden unless it was safe. He’d been hiding for a long time and he didn’t know what to do. He remembered that he had slipped his phone in his pocket before leaving!! Yes!! Who could he call? How would he tell them where they are to help him and his mom?? Just as he was about to call 911, he heard it. A twig snapped! Making sure his phone was on silent, he pushed it back into his pocket and peeked from his hiding place very carefully.

  Someone was there. He couldn’t see who it was, but he had to make sure his mom was okay!! He gasped as he spied a figure approaching his mother. “Oh no”. His heart began to race as he thought of what he could do next. Quickly looking around, he needed to find something to use as a weapon just in case. He quickly grabbed what he could while remaining hidden, all the while keeping an eye on his mother. Just as he made the last of his hurried adjustments he saw it. The person standing over his mother stiffened and looked in King’s direction. The eyes. They shone and glowed like a deers on the side of the road! At that moment he made a choice, “GET AWAY FROM MY MOTHER!” He yelled!! The figure jumped to its feet and ran!

  “Ugh!! Ah man!!” Now what was he going to do? His mother had lost consciousness and he didn’t know why. He decided he’d hidden long enough! He went and sat beside his mother. “Mom...” he said gently, “You have to wake up. We can’t stay here.” Just as he finished a voice he recognized spoke to him in a calm voice. “I can help her, I know what’s wrong with her. You just have to trust me. Please.” King quickly turned around with his makeshift dagger of stone in his hand. He expected to see whom the voice belonged to, but all he saw were the surrounding trees and darkness. “Who are you?” He asked. King continued to look around for a face he had seen before since he knew that voice. Soon...he saw it...the biggest wolf he’d ever seen in his life!! His fur was darker than the night that surrounded them. His paws alone were almost the size of King’s face! He was terrified!! He knew his mother couldn’t help but he wouldn’t leave her. He raised his dagger in confidence and said loudly “If you try to hurt us, I’ll definitely do my best to blind you so you hurt no one else!” The creature stopped. King realized it understood him. “Can you help her?” King asked. The creature nodded.

  King was flabbergasted!! How can animals communicate with humans with no training?! Who would even be brave enough to attempt to train such an animal of size?! “Will you harm us? Do not lie!” King gripped the dagger even tighter, preparing for the worst. That’s when he noticed...it’s eyes...they seemed sad. Like he’d hurt its feelings?! King looked into the creatures golden eyes, the wolf shook his head ‘no’. King had no choice. “Then help her. Now!” The werewolf walked slowly over to Kryla. He looked at her, so beautiful. He knew he would have a lot to explain. The sooner he helped her, the better! The wolf hunched down so Kryla could be lifted onto his back first. After she was secured, King climbs on next. As soon as they are both on his back, securely, he takes off they the wood!!

  As a werewolf it would take him just a few short minutes to reach the pack hospital! He had to get her there, and fast!! He sped up, only looking back to make sure he hadn’t lost any of his passengers. He could smell the location getting closer and closer! He stopped just at the doors of the pack clinic and the medical team on duty came rushing out to help! He’d mind linked them in advance to make sure they had everything set up to help her! They quickly got her off his back and King jumped down to stay by her side. The medical team told him to just wait until they got her in a room before he came back there with her. He was upset, but he understood. As he was peering they the hospital doors he noticed the wolf had disappeared! Where the heck did he go?? Just as King was about to enter the hospital he heard the voice again. “I’m here King” he said. King spun around as quick as he could. There, he could see it was a person this time. “Who’s there?” He asked, his mind unable to think with all he’d been through. “It’s me” he said as he stepped into the light. “It’s Ryze”.

  “I’m confused! What the hell is going on?!” King yelled almost in tears. “I know. It’s a lot to explain, and I will tell you everything. Right now though, we need to go check on your mom”. King’s mind was spinning with all this new information. What he’d seen. As they entered the hospital King began to feel a pain in his stomach. He thought it was hunger pains and ignored it. As they got closer to his moms room the pain intensified. He needed to see she was okay! He took deep breathes to breath they the pain. Ryze noticed and asked if he was okay. “I’ll be okay. I just need...to see my mom!” King said a little roughly. Ryze knee what was going on and he quickly opened the door so King could see his mom.

  She laid there, sleeping. The nursing staff had changed her clothes after they cleaned her up. As Kong’s topped foot into the room he collapsed! “GET IN HERE NOW!!” Ryze bellowed! In less than a second a doctor and two nurses got King onto a bed and began to examine and treat him.

  After twenty minutes a nurse stepped back into Kryla’s room where Ryze was sitting by her side attentively. She knocked before speaking or even entering, she did not want to piss him off! “What is it?” Ryze asked. She swallowed nervously before speaking. “He’s stable sir. He in the room next door, if you like we can move him in here with his mother.” Ryze thought for a moment. “No. Not yet. I need one of them to wake up first before we make any changes.” He said. The nurse nodded. “Did you need anything else sir?” Ryze pondered this for a moment. “Yes.” He said. “Do not tell them anything yet. For all they know ‘something’ got them to safety and that’s all there is to it! If I find out...that someone didn’t follow orders....there will be fucking consequences and they won’t...be...pretty” he emphasized as he walked past the nurse out the door. She let out a small whimper, “Yes Alpha. I understand.”