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From Prisoner to Physician

From Prisoner to Physician


Gavin Armstrong was a prisoner. A special prisoner. All the other prisoners dare not to look in his eyes as if he was the king of the prison. No one knew Gavin's real identity. However, he could make Chloe Stevens, the most popular singer, come into the prison and sing for him. He was surrounded by dozens of beautiful ladies. And all the policemen showed great respect to him. When he was invited to get out of the prison, he got to know that he was already engaged with a beautiful lady. Unexpectedly, his fiancee was Chloe Stevens, the singer he had met in the prison. In this way, Gavin started his journey to win his fiancee's love. Meanwhile, he opened the chapter of his legend.
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Since Chloe Stevens started her career, she had never encountered such a strange thing.

She was supposed to perform somewhere else on that day. However, an unexpected, sudden invitation brought her to prison to give a gig.   

She initially thought the male prisoners, who had not seen a woman for months or even years, would go crazy at the sight of her.  

Yet, the result surprised Chloe.  

At this moment, she was performing a song at full steam on the stage. 

The hundreds of prisoners in front of her, however, were squatting beside their chairs with their backs to the performer and their ears covered, as if they dared not watch her performance or listen to her singing. 

Only one young man behaved differently from the others.  

The man was also in a prison uniform but was staring at the woman and wearing a faint smile, his hands and legs crossed.     

Chloe and the man looked at each other, and the woman agilely noticed that he was different from other people.   

Other prisoners did not wear anything on their hands, but he had heavy handcuffs around his wrists, and his eyes seemed to be able to see through people. 

The music stopped as the woman finished singing the song.

Chloe glanced at the prisoners present and said, "Why don't you guys get seated? If time permits, I can also sign my name for everyone after the show." 

The prisoners stayed motionless at the woman's words.  

She gave a hint to the guards next to her, but they pretended not to see her.  

Chloe had no choice but to repeat what she had said. 

However, there was still no one moving.

"Beauty, don't bother. They won't listen to you. You'd better continue to sing for me."

The young man, who was sitting in the first row, revealed a light smile.

"Why?" Chloe pouted and said, "I came here today to sing for everyone, not you only." 

"Why?" Touching his nose, the man said smugly, "Because you are the woman I like, without my permission, they cannot look at or touch you or anything else that belongs to me."


At the man's words, Chloe was first stunned and then a bit annoyed, saying, "Shameless." 

With his eyes narrowed, the man's smile deepened. "Beauty, I mean it when I say I like you. Why don't we get married?"


Chloe was speechless.

The man then looked at the other prisoners next to him and asked smilingly. "Hey, you guys, don't you know what to say at this moment?" 

"Marry Brother Gavin!" 

The convicts in the hall shouted in unison as if they had rehearsed it before.

Chloe was shocked by their deafening yell. 

After they shouted a few times, the young man raised his hand to give them a sign to quiet down.  

When the crowd became quiet, the man looked at Chloe and said with a smile, "Beauty, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Gavin Armstrong. It seems that everyone wants us to get married. Why don't we hold the wedding today?" 

"Wedding! Wedding!" 

The others took up the chant again. 

"Oh, you..."

Witnessing the chaos, Chloe became slightly breathless. After making the sound of only two words, she suddenly felt soft all over. 

Just as the woman was about to fall, a figure rushed over to her and helped her up.  

"It's just a proposal. You don't have to get so excited, do you?" 

Gavin held Chloe and said in a joking tone.  


Lying in the man's arms, Chloe took her last breath to curse him and then blacked out. 

In the medical room:

Chloe slowly opened her eyes and found herself on the sickbed. 

Realizing that her mysterious illness had visited her one more time, Chloe let out a wry smile. In fact, the frequency of the attack of the sickness had been increasing. 

Since a few years ago, Chloe had been suffering from this strange disease. Every time it attacked her, she would go faint suddenly, and after she woke up, she had to lie on the bed for days. 

If things went on like this, she would soon be forced to give up her career in the showbiz industry, which was her favorite. 

"So, your name is Chloe Stevens."

While Chloe was sighing, a burst of light laughter sounded in her ear. 

Chloe tilted her head and saw that the man, who had flirted with her earlier, was sitting next to her and reading a magazine that once interviewed her.  

At his words, Chloe rolled her eyes and thought to herself, "He doesn't even know my name but actually wants to marry me? Ridiculous!"

Chloe did not make an immediate reply to Gavin, but the man continued to say, "According to the magazine, your body measurements are 88, 59, and 85. What a coincidence that they're the same as those of my favorite AV idol."

Chloe flew into a rage. "My measurements are none of your business!"  

The woman, who regarded herself as a good-tempered person, could not tamp down her anger in front of the man at all.  

Gavin lifted his head to look at her figure and commented smilingly, "Form my point of view, your measurements are not impressive enough."

Upon hearing the words, Chloe was like a dog whose tail was trampled by someone. She jumped out of bed and barked, "B*stard, what nonsense are you talking about?" 

"I'm just telling the truth."

After giving Gavin a furious glance, Chloe turned to the prison guards next to her, saying, "I don't want to see him. Please take him away immediately." 

The guards looked at each other, then walked over to Gavin and said politely, "Mr. Armstrong, it's time to leave." 

"Please cooperate with us." 

What the hell?

The guards' respectful attitude towards Gavin, a prisoner, shocked Chloe. 

Gavin looked at Chloe again and then said in a somewhat disappointed tone, "Beauty, I've saved your life. It's okay that you don't want to marry me, but it's too cruel for you to drive me out."

"Humph! You stinking rascal!"

Chloe snorted and said.

She then thought, "What he did was just to help me up before I fell. What's so significant about that? He even wants me to marry him? What a weirdo."  

"Chloe, I heard that you fainted again. Are you okay?"

Not long after Gavin had left, the door to the medical room was pushed open again. Chloe's agent rushed in and asked.


Upon seeing Chloe standing by the bed, the visitor exclaimed.  

"Ariana, what's wrong?" Chloe asked curiously.

"You, are you all right?" the agent pointed at Chloe and asked excitedly, "Every time you fainted and woke up, you had to stay in bed for two or three days before standing up. Now, you are actually out of bed."

At the words, Chloe also noticed that she was not feeling as weak as other times when the illness had struck her.  

"How could this be?" Chloe asked with a shocked expression on her face. 

"You have to thank Brother Gavin." 

The prison guard standing next to the women explained.   

"Thank that guy?" Chloe frowned and asked, "Why?"

"It's he who has treated you," said the guard. 

"He treated me? He actually masters medical skills?" Chloe could not believe so. 

"Of course. There is no disease that Mr. Armstrong can't cure," the man continued with a hint of gratitude in his eyes, "He cured my mother. To put it simply, he is a miracle-working doctor."

The shock hanging upon Chloe's face deepened along with the guard's speech.  

She thought in disbelief, "That guy not only can cure diseases but also owns high medical skills?   

"He is so young and doesn't look like an experienced, skilled doctor at all.

“More importantly, both the prisoners and the guards respect him so much."

In an instant, curiosity about Gavin occupied Chloe's heart. 

"What crime did he commit? How long is his sentence?"

Chloe asked.