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I MARRIED MY BABY DADDY.   By Grace Kashimba


Author:Kash G


Daisy discovered that she's pregnant six months before her wedding with Adams Monde, she did not know what to say to her fiancee, neither did she know how to explain it to her parents. Hiding her pregnancy became a goal and each day that passed was an achievement, her wedding will be canceled once Adams finds out about her pregnancy.
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  Six months to my wedding day, I discovered that I was pregnant. Lately, I had been feeling strange but I ignored the feeling, assuming that it was just fatigue since I just returned from park city where I had gone for a vacation.

  When the gynecologist told me that I was pregnant, his words echoed through in my mind, pregnant...pregnant...pregnant "pregnant?" I repeated his words, with my eyes filled with astonishment and disappointment. " Am I really pregnant? Doctor are you sure about that?" I continued, expecting the gyneocologist to tell me that he was joking. I expressed myself innocently, making it sound as if I was being accused of something I have not done.

  "Are you a virgin?" Doctor Mark Phiri asked in an annoyed tone. I clinched my fist, lowered my gaze and smiled expressionlessly. "No" I said to him in a sad tone, my voice filled with passion and regret.

  Doctor Mark Phiri stretched out his hand, asking me for a handshake and said with a comforting smile, " "Congratulations Mrs Daisy Kabwe." I did not give him my hand but turned around and said in an emphasizing tone, "MISS!" Making it sound like doctor Mark committed a crime by informing me that I was one month and two weeks pregnant.

  " Hey Daisy, what's wrong? You are not well?" My best Friend, Chrine Banda said to me with an expression of concern. I frowned and said with a pale smile, " It's only a headache, nothing serious." I was not ready to let any person know that I was pregnant.

  " Let me see, what did the doctor prescribe?" She grabbed the documents from my hand as she spoke in a caring tone. Before she could unfold the documents, I grabbed them from her hands and said, " Chrine I told you it is only a headache and you don't expect me to be proscribed anything besides pain killers. I'll be fine, you do not have to worry about me." Chrine lifted one eyebrow and said in disbelief, " I hope you are really okey. "

  Chrine turned to leave as I opened the gate of my small apartment, she wore a pair of navy blue jeans which fitted tightly on her curved heaps and her round butt. Her yellow body top was of the same coulor as her branded slippers and her braided hair fell to her back, almost reaching her west.

  I then revewed a bashful smile and said, " I'm okey, really. " Chrine turned her head, lifted her right hand and waved to my direction " bye, call me if you need help." She said expressionlessly.

  When I entered my room and sat at the edge of the bed, different thoughts began to cross my mind. I wondered how my mother was going to react after she finds out that I got pregnant before my wedding day knowing very well that my two elder sisters were married off as virgins. I thought of how the society was going to mock me and the shame that I brought upon my entire family, the church leadership was going to burn me from the praise and worship team.

  My thoughts made me tremble, I slightly bent my back and rested my right chick on my palm with my elbow pressed on my thigh. Tears ran down to my chin, I never thought I would pass through such a thing in my life.

  My phone rang, I glanced at the screen and saw my fiancee's number. "Hey my love," I said with confidence, trying so hard to hide the emotions in my voice.