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Author:Jedyne Tracy


Jedidiah being the Apple her parents eyes was diagnosed with a serious diseases which urgently required her to have a kidney transplant. Both her parents were not a match. In order to save their daughter's life they advertisement promising her hand in marriage to the donor if she survives the operation. Alarn Richard happened to be a donor. He ends up being Jedidia's husband with his ulterior motive being avenging for his parents' loss of property which was snatched by the Amor family. What happens when he finds out that he has fallen hard for Jedidiah making it difficult for him to carry on with his revenge?
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  In city hospital, which is among the best hospitals in Brinam city, A couple was talking to a doctor who put on a pair of glasses and a snow white laboratory coat with a stethoscope round his neck. Mr Ronald Amor together with his wife Mrs Alice Amor were begging the doctor to help them find a donor for their daughter ."Please save our only daughter. She is the only precious thing to us. We are willing to pay any amount of money"

  Two days passed without any news about a kidney donor being mentioned. After much thought, they decided to give their daughter's hand in marriage to whoever would volunteer to donate a kidney to their daughter. Immedietly an advertisement was aired in every television chanel. Alarn Richard sat on the couch watching the advertisement about Jedidiah Amor's health Harzad. At the moment, painful memories flooded his mind. He clearly recalled how the Amor family had snatched away everything that belonged to his family. His eyes turned beetroot red. Six years had passed since the catastrophic incident. He swore to take back what belonged to his family no matter what the consequences would be. 'This is my chance and I am not letting it go. I must take back what Belongs to my family' he thought. With immediate effect, he drove to city hospital and carried out the reaquired tests to make sure he was a Match for Jedidiah. If this is the only way to get back at them, he would not hesitate. Luckily, he was a match. When Jedidiah's parents got the news they delighted and signed the papers so that the operation could be carried out. It was now or never. Sitting outside the operation room, Mr Amor and his wife were praying heartily for the operation to be successful. The only sounds that could be heard were the sobs of mrs Amor. After an hour and half Doctor Albert came from the theater looking tired. He informed the couple that the operation was successful though Jedidiah would be admitted to the hospital for almost a week before being discharged in order to monitor her recovery. According to Alarn, he would take the week to prepare for his marriage to Jedidia as promised. He knew that since the promise was said publicly the Amor family would not dare back down. Finally, he was going to give them a taste of their own bed.

  Three days have gone by but Jedidiah had not woken up since she the operation was done. According to the doctors, that was part of the recovery. It was assured that she would wake up that day in the evening. Having their hopes up for their daughter's recovery they started planning for her marriage. One week went by fast. Jedidiah had already recovered and the next week she was going to get married. A promise is a debt. Everything was settled in time for the Jedidiah and Alarn to get married. .All the successful business men and women together with some celebrities attended the wedding. After all it was the wedding of the daughter to a successful business man in Brinam city. It was a great wedding and Jedidiah was announced the heir to the great business empire of the Amor family. In the meantime Alarn Richard had already paved his entry to the family which meant that he would also be part of the business. He had carefully strategised his plans. Everything seemed to be falling to place. The wedding was successful thanks to the wedding planners.