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Always by My Side

Always by My Side


Madeline was a gynecologist, but she had a male patient Yohannas, who was the Golden Bachelor of the Year. What a pity he had a problem down there! When she attended training in another city, he even bought the whole hospital to find her because he couldn’t get in touch with her. She was the only one who could cure his disease. But she didn’t know that he had looked for her like crazy for the following five years, not only two weeks... Wait, he said she was the one who made him invalid on bed five years ago? But wasn't it supposed to be her that cured him after that intimate night?
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The surgical lights in the operating theatre were lit up. Madeline Leonardo hurriedly put on her scrubs, with a hint of nervousness in her eyes. "The patient is in a deep coma, and she is suffering from an external injury on her lower abdomen. She's 31 weeks pregnant." She reported.

"What's her blood pressure?" Madeline asked.

The nurse beside her answered softly, "It's normal."

"Since the patient is unconscious, it won't be easy to control the dosage of anesthetics so we shall get ready for a natural birth!" Madeline said.

The nurse asked with uncertainty, "Dr. Leonardo, are you sure about this?"

"If we are to perform a C-section instead, then we may not be able to save both the mother and the baby. Who will take up the responsibility then?" Madeline said loudly.

"Dr. Greyson, please get ready," Madeline said as she looked at him. 

Half an hour later, Madeline said speedily, "The cervix has fully dilated. We'll prepare for assisted delivery now! As the mother is still unconscious and cannot push, we will use assisted pressure to deliver the baby!"

With the loud crying of the bady.

Madeline breathed a sigh of relief and said, "It's a boy."

Before she could take another breath, the nurse suddenly shouted, "Dr. Leonardo, the patient is suffering from a hemorrhage on her abdomen. Her pulse is going down... it has stopped..."

"Beep----" The machine let out a monotonous long beep. 

Madeline immediately stepped forward and said, "Get ready for CPR. Right now!"


Five minutes later.

There was a hint of sadness in the nurse's voice as she spoke, "Dr. Leonardo... there are no vital signs. Time of death is..."

Madeline's beautiful eyes were calm as always. "Get the defibrillator ready! We still have a chance, we mustn't give up now!"

The nurse was shocked by her words, but she listened to her and continued to save the patient. 

Half an hour later, Madeline took off her mask and walked out of the operating theatre.

"Who is the patient's family?" Madeline asked.

She turned her head and her eyes happened to meet a pair of deep eyes. The man was wearing a dark blue hand-made suit with a cold look on his handsome face.

"Are you from her family?" Madeline asked uncertainly.

"No, I found her on the way." The man said coldly. 

Madeline looked into his eyes. The man was extremely good-looking and he was staring back at Madeline with his deep-set eyes. Madeline's eyes shook slightly as she said, "Sorry, I don't get you. If you are not, then can you please inform her family?"

"I don't know her at all," The man said coldly.

Madeline was a little confused. She then asked, "What's your name?"

"Yohannas Zachary." The man said.

"Mr. Zachary, did you hit this pregnant woman with your vehicle? It's good that you send her directly to the hospital instead of running away after the accident. The pregnant woman has successfully given birth to a baby boy and is no longer in a critical condition. However, I will still need to make a police report."

Yohannas grabbed Madeline's wrist and said, "I didn't hit her."

A doctor from another department rushed over to Madeline and said, "Madeline, the patient's condition is stable now, right? All thanks to this gentleman who sent the patient here. The driver who had caused the accident has been arrested, too."

Madeline looked back and forth between Yohannas and the doctor awkwardly. Then, she said softly, "She will be fine if she can pull through the night. Have you contacted her family members?"

"They are on their way here." The doctor said. 

Madeline looked at Yohannas apologetically. "I'm sorry, I thought..."

However, there was still a cold look on his face as he asked, "Are there any other doctors here?"

Madeline straightened her back slightly. "Almost all the doctors had gotten off work. Are you feeling unwell? Which department are you planning to go to?"

"I'm looking for the Urology department," Yohannas answered coldly.

Madeline coughed awkwardly and asked, "Oh, do you have a problem down there?"

Yohannas' eyes were so cold as if they were covered with a layer of frost. Madeline clenched her fists and said nervously, "Sorry, I didn't mean that."

"Do you know how to cure it?" Yohannas asked. 

"Ah..." Madeline was stunned. It seemed that there was really something wrong with him.

She turned around and said to Yohannas, "Come with me."