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My Magical Doctor

My Magical Doctor


Lin Qinghua was waiting for her to come out. He thought, "If you don't want me to help you, I'll give you a break."
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  "Lin Xiaofeng, you're fired!" Executive Jia said coldly, with a scornful smile on his face.

  Lin Xiaodong was stunned and asked with a puzzled face, "Director Jia, why did you fire me? I'm the best doctor in Tian Lin Hospital, and I've won the Best Doctor award of the hospital for two years. My performance this month is among the top three in the hospital!"

  Tian Lin Hospital was a private hospital. In addition to treating patients, doctors had to sales part-time to find customers and keep customers. Every patient he treated deserved this white gown. In the past two years, he had never had a medical accident. He treated all patients with all his heart and soul and customized their exclusive health life. It was also because of this that Lin Xiaodong had a group of loyal patients who came to the hospital for a long period of time and regularly examined and treated patients, which made Lin Xiaofeng's performance top in the whole hospital.

  But Lin Xiaodong couldn't understand. He got up at four o'clock every morning and went to the park to give leaflets. After seven or eight o'clock every morning, he would see patients and go home after work. Why did the good employees who worked hard and did not complain about the company's efforts suddenly get fired?

  "Lin Xiaofeng, are you really stupid or not? Don't you know who Mr. Fang is? His father is the vice director of the third hospital in the city, the fifth largest hospital in the city. Do you know how powerful he is in the city's medical circle? With a word of Director Fang, our small hospital will be closed! All medical equipment agents in the city will not deliver us! Without equipment and medicine, tell me how the hospital opens?" Jia Ren patted the table and scolded Lin Xiaodong angrily.

  "Good to meet you. You're so awesome, Master Fang. You've beaten him as you wish. Get out of here as soon as possible. I'm so small that I can't tolerate you, a god-like player!"

  Lin Xiaofeng clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. In fact, he had already guessed it was because of this matter.

  "Then, how about my salary..."

  Jia Ren scolded directly, "Fuck, you want to pay me even if you give me such a big money basket? What do you like in this room? If you take it away casually, it will be your salary!"

  Lin Xiaodong was also angry. He kicked Jia Bing's table over, which scared Jia Ren so much that Jia Bing's face turned pale.

  "Lin Xiaofeng, how dare you fool around with me?" Jia Bing scolded him with anger all over her face.

  Lin Xiaodong looked at Jia Ren coldly and said, "Jia Ren, I'll see if you can find me! I've endured the fact that I used to pay you. Now that I'm fired, what the hell are you doing? Even if there's an old man in this house, he's still me!"

  After saying that, Lin Xiaodong slammed the door and left in a hurry. Before leaving, he saw a wooden ghost mask hanging on the wall, and Lin Xiaodong took it away.

  Jia Ren was so mean that there was nothing valuable in the office except for the Ghost Face Mask. It was always hung on the wall of the office. The staff in the hospital secretly said that Jia Ren was as ugly as the Ghost Face Mask.

  "No! No! Damn you, you bumpkin, Yu Jing, just kick you!" Jia Ren's face turned pale with fear because of Lin Xiaofeng's imposing manner. It was not until Lin Xiaofeng left that he started to curse him in a trembling voice.

  Lin Xiaodong and his ex-girlfriend Yu Jing had been together in college. They had a good relationship and had always been the model couple in the class. In the year of junior year, Yu Jing's family had an accident. Her father passed away and her mother was seriously ill, so Yu Jing almost dropped out of school. At that time, Lin Xiaodong made an important decision to drop out of work for his girlfriend to study! At that time, Lin Xiaodong almost fell out with his family because of this matter.

  Because Lin Xiaodong Medical University had not graduated, it could only work in such a small private hospital. Although Yu Jing had received her education after graduation, because she had no money and background, all the major hospitals did not hire her. Lin Xiaodong took her to Tian Lin Hospital to work, and gave Yu Jing the patient he had worked hard to find to help her improve her performance.

  However, to Lin Xiaofeng's surprise, last night, he saw Yu Jing and a young man with a BMW. They kissed and kissed each other! At that time, Lin Xiaodong felt like he was struck by a thunderbolt in the clear sky. Lin Xiaodong was furious and beat the BMW man.

  After that, Lin Xiaodong learned that the BMW man was Fang Ming, the son of the vice president of the third hospital in the city. His family was rich and powerful, especially in the medical circle. He was very powerful. A small hospital like Tian Lin couldn't afford to offend him.

  Lin Xiaodong came out of Jia Ren's office and saw Yu Jing and Fang Ming coming over. They were talking and laughing. Yu Jing was still intimately holding Fang Ming's arm.

  Lin Xiaodong's face was gloomy. It was impossible to say that he didn't hate Yu Jing. He had sacrificed so much for Yu Jing, but in the end, he got such a betrayal! But since they had been together for so many years, Lin Xiaofeng didn't want to hurt Yu Jing.

  "Lin Xiaofeng, after so many years, you are still so naive. You don't know anything and you can't do anything. I advise you not to be so impulsive in the future. Some people are something you will never be able to compete with, and you can never afford to offend them. I have already told you that he will not blame you, nor will he ask you to pay for it. You should behave yourself in the future." Yu Jing and Yu Jing also saw Lin Xiaofeng, who was in a hurry. Yu Jing said in a very cold tone to Lin Xiaofeng arrogantly.

  Fang Ming didn't say anything. He put his arm around Yu Jing's slender waist and started to caress her slowly. He looked at Lin Xiaofeng provocatively. In his eyes, Lin Xiaofeng was nothing but a smelly bug. He didn't deserve his help at all.

  Seeing their movements and hearing Yu Jing's words, Lin Xiaofeng didn't want to say anything more to the b*tch couple.

  "I wish you'll... give birth to a baby without a trace of fart!"

  Lin Xiaodong raised his head and tried to squeeze out a smile. However, the first three words looked very friendly, but when he said the first four words, it changed. After that, Lin Xiaodong passed by calmly with a calm face.

  Yu Jing's eyes were full of anger. She didn't expect Lin Xiaodong to be such a person. Fang Ming's face was also gloomy. He snorted and said, "What an uncultivated bumpkin."

  After going downstairs, Lin Xiaodong went straight to the financial department, hoping to get his own salary. But when he went to the financial department, he saw that the door was locked. Now it was the time to go to work. There must be someone in the financial department. The only explanation was that Jia Ren asked the people in the financial department to go out in advance in order not to pay him a salary. He deliberately hid from him.

  The salary hadn't arrived yet. Lin Xiaodong packed up the things in his office and went home. The more he looked at the Ghost Face Mask on the table, the angrier he became. The Ghost Face constantly changed in Lin Xiaodong's eyes. One moment, it was Jia Ren, another, Fang Ming, and another, Yu Jing. Lin Xiaodong clenched his fist and punched the Ghost Face Mask.

  "I, Lin Xiaofeng, will definitely make a name for myself one day. All the people who look down on me will regret your choice today!" Lin Xiaofeng was usually an open-minded and cynical person, but this betrayal made him take it seriously!

  The fist hit the ghost-face mask. The wooden ghost-face mask was smashed, and the sawdust pierced Lin Xiaofeng's fist. Then a golden light flew out from the ghost-face mask and got into his finger! What was even more amazing was that Lin Xiaofeng's finger and the wound on his fist healed in the blink of an eye!