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Grand Marriage with Mr. Right

Grand Marriage with Mr. Right


"Woman, you want to run away? You're going to be wanted all over the world!" She tore off the wife-hunting order on the wire pole and asked, "What right do you have to arrest me?" "You've killed someone. How dare you hide from me?" "A life? No, I'm innocent. I don't even dare to look at a chicken being killed." He pointed to the little bun on her back, which had the same face as his. "Big Brother, that's a human being, not a human life." "Dad, your Prince Charming is a bit fake. Mommy didn't even think of having a baby with you." The little baby had a disdainful look on his face. Ten months later, in the hospital's delivery room, the little baby looked at the wrinkled sister in the baby bed and said with a bitter face, "The rumor still needs to be believed. Mommy really gave birth to a monkey with the Prince Charming..." Two years later, Monkey's younger sister had grown into a delicate younger sister, and the little brother Xiao Bao became a younger sister. "Mommy, your belly is a little big. Are you pregnant with a fairy sister again?" After eating so much at night, she was speechless and knocked on her son's head. "I've only seen the females who were born, and I've never seen a son like you who was born like this!"
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  In the empire's 8 Hotel, it was magnificent and luxurious everywhere.

  Lin Manyue came out of the elevator and smiled sweetly.

  Today was the birthday of her fiancé, Liu Xiuyu. After learning that Liu Xiuyu had booked a guest room, she got the room card.

  She wanted to give him a surprise.

  The door was opened, and he entered the room and sat down.

  There was a glass of water on the table. She was a little thirsty and thought that it should have been poured by Qingyu, so she did not make a suspicion and drank half a glass.

  Gradually, they heard vague breathing coming from the inside.

  "Lin Manyue, that bitch, I don't like you. I'm willing to give you everything..."

  "Baby Ruirui, don't talk..."

  The bedroom door had nothing to do with her. She tilted her head and saw the fragrant scene on the bed.

  The woman in his arms turned out to be his half-sister, Lin Ruirui!

  One year!

  They had such a relationship, had it been a year?

  "No matter how I look at it, it looks like two dogs!"

  Shameless dog!

  Lin Manyue was about to rush in, but an unknown fire quickly lit up in her body, making her uncomfortable.

  His limbs gradually became weak, and his expression began to look confused.

  There was medicine in the cup of water that he had just drunk!

  "I've never eaten pork, but I've seen pigs run, and I've taken that kind of medicine. What kind of reaction will I have next..."

  The two people in the room didn't notice it at all. If Xianyu found out that she was like this, the consequences would be...

  Her nails were almost digging into the flesh, and the pain made her not completely lose her mind. She rushed out with the last bit of strength.

  There was a loud bang when the door slammed, and both the two people on the bed in the inner room heard the sound.

  After wrapping himself in the quilt, he came out and opened the door. When he reached the door and looked into the corridor, there was no one.

  Lin Ruirui was so seductive that she didn't wear any clothes. Standing at the door of the bedroom, when she saw that he was going to call and ask, she went over and pressed the phone to stop him. "Don't be suspicious. When I came in, I didn't bring too many people with me. There is no third person coming."

  Before Liu Xianyu put down the phone, Lin Ruirui continued to persuade him. "The hotel needs to be checked. If your parents know it, the relationship between me and you will be exposed."

  Only then did Xiu Yu put down the receiver. At that moment, he thought it was Lin Manyue.

  However, according to Lin Manyue's bad temper, if she found out that he was with Lin Ruirui, she would burn the hotel together.

  Today's birthday, Lin Manyue, the idiot, must be busy preparing a birthday party for him. How could he come to the hotel?

  The stone in Liu Xiuyu's heart fell, and he turned around and closed the door. "Baby Ruirui, let's continue..."

  Lin Manyue, who had arrived at the door of the elevator, could not support herself anymore and leaned against the elevator door feebly.

  As soon as the elevator arrived, the door opened and she fell into a cold embrace.

  His whole body was burning hot, his face was red, and his eyes were full of lust, looking at the man in his arms.

  It looked a little familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere before.

  In particular, the power of his arm seemed to have been experienced before.

  "Help me..." She couldn't help rubbing herself against this man.

  Three seconds later, Sheng Hanxuan turned around and blocked the woman who threw herself into his arms behind him, not allowing the surveillance video in the elevator to capture her state and behavior.

  Lin Manyue, who was standing behind him, held his waist with both hands and was still rubbing him.

  Sheng Hanxuan took out his mobile phone and made a phone call. "At this time, all the surveillance video related to me in the elevator in the Empire Hotel has been removed."

  When they arrived at the floor where they lived, Sheng Hanxuan went out with Lin Manyue, who was attacking him, and quickly entered the presidential suite.