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Revenge to My Ex-Husband

Revenge to My Ex-Husband


My man is recognized as a model husband. He loves me, works hard, and always keeps a distance from other women. Marrying him seems like the best thing that ever happens to me! I just don't expect to see him with another woman. Who would know that my "loyal" husband is cheating on me behind my back? His brother knows it, my sister knows it, and even my daughter notices it. It turns out I am the only one blinded by his fake love! "Lin Shihan, I don't love you anymore. Let's have a divorce!" "...So you can marry my niece?"
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My name's Lin Shihan. It was the anniversary of my nine-year marriage.

Every year, my husband would carefully pick a gift for me to mark the occasion, and this year was no exception.

Just as I was lost in thought, a notification appeared on my mobile phone screen with a "ding". It was 50,000 yuan, and the payment was from a Chanel store.

The moment I saw the message, I was stunned.

It was not that I couldn't bear to spend the money, but that my husband was not a spendthrift person. In the past, no matter what he gave me, as long as it was with love, I would be very happy.

Spending a large amount of money was not his style.

Was this 50,000 yuan luxury item for me?

As soon as this idea came to my mind, I immediately rejected it.

I met my husband when I was in college. When I first met him, he was standing under a cherry tree, wearing a white shirt and jeans. He turned his head and smiled at me, and his dark eyes seemed to have magic.

It immediately drew all my attention.

Just like that, I fell in love with him at first sight.

Not long after, he confessed his love to me in public. With everyone's blessings, we became the perfect couple of the university. After dating for three years, we naturally got married.

Our life after marriage was even happier. He was a good man, the kind that would only appear in TV series. Not only did he do all the household chores, but he also spoiled me, treating me like a princess.

Soon, we had a lovely daughter, Sheng Qingqing.

The reason why he picked this name was that he hoped that his daughter would always be like a little sun in his life, full of vitality and warm sunshine.

Such a happy home was not an illusion. My husband, Sheng Yu and I worked hard to manage it little by little. I shouldn't have forfeited the trust in the marriage over a small thing.

Just then, my husband called.

I picked up and asked in a low voice, "Honey, what's wrong?"

I was still at work, and I was still in the office, surrounded by hard-working colleagues. I was shy about the call, so I had to run to the toilet to talk.

My husband, on the other end of the line, said softly, "There is a lot to do in the company today. Xiao Fan went out to pick a gift for his wife and swiped my card."

Although the card was under my name, it contained the common funds of us husband and wife. We agreed before that this money was for emergency use, and we would not spend it unless we had no other choice.

My husband thought for a moment and added, "I'll top up this money in a while."

I smiled and said, "Don't worry. Anyway, we don't need this money now."

The Xiao Fan he was referring to was his younger brother, Sheng Fan. It was understandable that his husband would want to help his younger brother buy gifts. After all, they were a family.

Seeing that I didn't mind, my husband hung up the phone.

My husband cared so much about what I thought, which I found extremely sweet. Everyone around me envied me for marrying a loving husband.

As soon as it was time to get off work, I hurried home.

When I got home, I was almost half an hour earlier than usual.

I took the key and opened the door. Just as I was about to call my husband, I heard a woman's charming moan and my husband's laughter.

For a moment, all my words were stuck in my throat.

Gritting my teeth, I walked quietly to the master bedroom. When I opened the door, I saw my husband sitting alone on the bed, staring straight at his phone.

His upper body was bare, and the hair on his forehead was a little messy.

The moment our eyes met, my husband looked a little embarrassed.

I quietly looked around the bedroom and saw only my husband. The anger that I had just felt dissipated a lot. I took a deep breath and asked softly, "What were you doing just now?"

My husband coughed unnaturally. He got out of bed and hugged me with his strong body. He said in a pettish voice, "I'm sorry, dear. You're usually so busy so I didn't want to disturb you. But I couldn't help but watch a movie..."

His voice became smaller and smaller, and I could hardly hear what he was saying.

I was stunned.

My husband was in his early 30s this year, and he was energetic. It was the time when his physiological needs were strong. It was almost midnight when I came back from work every day. I went to bed as soon as I got home, and I didn't even have energy to talk to him.

I really couldn't blame him for watching an adult movie. I had not been carrying out my duties as a wife.

I looked at my husband with guilt. Like when I was in love, I put my arms around his neck and kissed his lips. I coaxed him like I was coaxing a child, "Honey, I'm the one who should say sorry."

Before I could finish my words, my husband kissed me on the lips.

His burning hot breath hit my face. He immediately picked me up and gently put me on the bed. A pair of familiar hands removed my clothes.

I felt weak under him, but I couldn't help saying, "No, our daughter is coming back soon."

"My mother missed Qingqing, so I took the initiative to send Qingqing to her." When he said this, his eyes were burning with desire.

His body was getting hotter and hotter. I turned my head and said with a red face, "Then I'll take a shower."

My husband was still kissing my neck, refusing to let go.

"Hurry up! I haven't bathed in a few days," I said in a sweet voice.

Hearing this, he reluctantly let me go.

I went to the bathroom to take a nice shower. After drying my hair, I deliberately changed into lingerie and returned to the bedroom.

The look in his eyes intensified again. He took me by the hand and we had sex for several hours.

When I lay on the bed powerlessly, I didn't even have the strength to raise my hand. He was still staring at me with burning eyes, as if he wanted to do it again...

I quickly raised my hand and surrendered. "Honey, I'm so tired."

He came over and looked at me with regret. In the end, he just kissed me on the forehead and said helplessly, "Well, go to bed early then. Don't work until two or three o'clock past midnight."

"Okay." I nodded repeatedly.

This time, he let me go to the bathroom.

Just as I was about to fall asleep in a daze, someone's cell phone rang.

I took a quick glance at the screen with my half-closed eyes and saw a line of words.

"Brother, have you thought about how to explain the 50,000 yuan bag to my sister-in-law?"

Almost in an instant, I thought of the message I received during the day.

Didn't Sheng Fan buy it for his wife? What was it hard to explain?

I didn't mind getting a gift for my sister-in-law, but what did Sheng Fan mean by that?

At the thought of this, my mind became much clearer.

I read this sentence over and over again. When I was about to unlock my husband's cell phone and check the chat history, my husband came out of the bathroom.

When he saw that I was holding his mobile phone, he immediately became anxious. He rushed over and asked rudely, "What are you doing?"

Looking at his anxious expression, I became more and more confused.

My woman's sixth sense told me that he must be hiding something from me.

I asked him, "Who did you buy a gift for with the 50,000 yuan?"