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Legend of the Tattooed Doctor

Legend of the Tattooed Doctor


Wu Lei was an orphan raised by a fortune-teller. At the age of 18, this mysterious old man left him a turtle shell with the same mysterious origin, and then quietly left without a letter... A person, with magical medical skills, who could save people, step on people to flirt with girls, and create legends on the way to the root! This was the top-grade doctor of heaven, this was Wu Lei!
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  The snow-white ceiling and the smell of disinfectant pervaded the air...

  Where is this place? A hospital?

  As soon as he woke up, his head was in a mess.

  After a brief dizziness, there seemed to be a lot of things in his mind.

  Wu Lei was about to digest these things when the door of the ward was pushed open.

  The fragrant wind blew.

  It was the unique scent of a young girl.

  Sure enough, it was a young and beautiful woman who came in.

  Looking at the nurse's clothes and the bottles and cans in her hands, this beauty obviously didn't come to see a doctor.

  Seeing Wu Lei staring at her, the beautiful nurse suddenly stopped.

  "You... you're awake! The doctor also said that you won't wake up until at least at night." The beautiful nurse said incredulously.

  "My life is tough!" Wu Lei said with a smile.

  "You really have a tough life!" The beautiful nurse said, "I heard that you were hit in the head with a chair and lost a lot of blood. You didn't find any wound when you were sent to the hospital for examination, and you didn't find any internal injury after MRI. But you were unconscious again. The doctor said that you might be frightened too much and will wake up later."

  "What? You didn't find a wound?" Wu Lei subconsciously touched the back of his head.

  Indeed, as the beautiful nurse said, there was no wound at all!

  "Wu Lei, right? You're just waking up. Now I'm going to hang a bottle of water for you to cooperate!"

  Wu Lei heard this and couldn't help but be stunned.

  Now that everything was fine, why did he hang the needle?

  He tried to lift his leg, but he didn't feel any discomfort.

  He moved his hands again and stretched his neck, very flexible.

  Wu Lei sat up straight and said, "Beauty, look at me. I'm fine. I'm just hanging the needle, isn't it?"

  "No, Doctor Wang wants to hang the needle. I can't make the decision on my own without his permission. Also, please call me nurse."

  Wu Lei rolled his eyes.

  This girl was pretty good-looking, but why was she so short-sighted?

  "Beauty... Uh... Miss nurse, you see, I have confirmed that I am all right. I am discharged from the hospital now. Please call the doctor here. I need to finish the discharge formalities immediately."

  Wu Lei's heart was bleeding as he spoke.

  His little meager income was hard to maintain in daily life. Now he didn't know how much medical expenses he would pay.

  The key was that he hadn't paid for medical care yet.

  "I wonder if the money in the card is enough..."

  "No way!"

  The beautiful nurse's direct refusal made Wu Lei's eyes wide open.

  "It doesn't work. Could it be that there is a bundle consumption in this hospital?"

  At this moment, his brain seemed to have adapted to those strange things. Wu Lei only wanted to find a place to study it first.

  At this moment, the needle in the hands of the beautiful nurse was getting closer and closer.

  As if he had felt a threat, he grabbed the nurse's joint and asked, "What are you going to do?"

  When someone suddenly grabbed her arm, the beautiful nurse's face suddenly changed. When she was about to shout, she heard a noise outside the door.

  Through the door of the ward, Wu Lei saw a man rushing in with an old man on his back. As he ran, he shouted for help.

  "Well, it seems that there's a guest. Aren't you going to greet him?"

  "I'm calling you a big guy!" The nurse shook her painful wrist and rolled her eyes at Wu Lei.

  "Big man, don't be afraid of the needle! I'll come to see you later. Behave yourself!"

  After saying that, he gave Wu Lei a brain stuffed with the stuff that was hanging the needle. Then, he turned around and ran outside.

  Wu Lei let out a long sigh of relief after temporarily avoiding being pricked by a needle.

  Since he was a child, he had rarely been sick. Even if he occasionally had a headache and a fever, it was Mr. Wu who had cured him in an unknown way.

  It could be said that Wu Lei had never been to the hospital, not to mention taking the injection, except for the chemotherapy that had to be taken when he was at school.

  This time, he made an exception when he went to the hospital.

  Wu Lei's heart skipped a beat at the thought of Old Wu.

  It seemed that the thing in his mind was left by Old Wu.

  It was just that he had only learned a general knowledge from him, but he only knew a little about it. How could he suddenly become so clear about it?

  Wu Lei was an orphan who had no father or mother. He had been adopted by Old Wu since he was a child.

  Old Wu was a mysterious man. Wu Lei had lived with him for 20 years, but he didn't know his name.

  They only knew that Old Wu's income was fortune telling for others.

  When Wu Lei was 18 years old, Old Wu had already left.

  Old Wu left and left an old apartment in the east of the city for Wu Lei, as well as the shabby furniture and a letter in the room.

  The letter was pressed on the table with a turtle shell, and the content was very concise.

  The letter told Wu Lei not to try to find him. If he wanted to repay his upbringing, he would inherit his stall to make fortune-telling for others. Three years, three years later, everything would be clear.

  This was the only request that Old Wu had made for Wu Lei in the past 20 years. Wu Lei could not find a reason to refuse. It had been three years.

  Wu Lei dared to do fortune-telling for others because of the turtle shell. As long as his hand touched the turtle shell, no matter whether the official road was good luck or good luck, Wu Lei could easily see it for others.

  But it was just too accurate. When the agreement was about to be completed in three years, Wu Lei encountered a big trouble, which led to the coma and hospitalized this time.

  The thing in his mind was left by Old Wu. It was the essence of his decades of cultivation and some news about Wu Lei's life experience.

  "What the hell are you doing in this hospital? Where are the doctors? Why are you the only nurse here?"

  The sudden roar outside the door brought Wu Lei back to reality from his memory.

  He didn't want to stay in bed anyway, so he hurried out of the ward.

  On the corridor, a strong young man was helping an unconscious old man to sit on a chair, staring at the beautiful nurse with fire in his eyes.

  At this moment, the beautiful nurse was not as strong as she was just now. She stood there with a face full of anxiety, and she was already in a panic.

  When he looked at the old man again, his face was blue and his breathing was unstable. Obviously, it was the heart problem that caused the lack of blood supply in his head.

  "Why did you, a man, yell at a girl?"

  The young man was about to lose his temper when Wu Lei continued, "There must be something wrong with the old man's heart. Go and find an expert in this field!"

  "Yes, yes, yes! My grandfather has a heart attack. He just made a support last year... Hurry up and call your expert!"

  After the young man finished his words, he cast Wu Lei a grateful look.

  Just now, when he was in a panic, he actually forgot about such an important thing.

  The nurse rushed to call the doctor as if she had been granted amnesty.

  Wu Lei continued, "And you too. Don't you know how cold this seat is? Hurry up and get the old man to my bed first!"

  The young man was stunned, and there was a hint of displeasure in his originally grateful eyes.

  In the past 20 years, apart from his grandfather and parents, how many people dared to talk to him in such a tone?

  However, the young man found that he didn't know what to say, so he could only nod and do as Wu Lei said.