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My Wife, Charming Doctor

My Wife, Charming Doctor


He was a special soldier king that everyone feared, but he was alone with her, a cute little doctor. He didn't count as an instant marriage, but he wanted to take her by force. Whoever dared to hurt her would be killed by him. He was noble and arrogant, cold and fierce, but stuck to her like a child. When she took the divorce agreement and thought it had nothing to do with him, he was pestering her at night and asked her to make up for him on her own initiative. She couldn't bear it. "Fu Jin, see clearly, I am obviously divorced." Don't be silly!" He said,
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  "Let it go, oh—"

  Before Qiao Shanshan could finish her words, the man's rough hand had already covered her small mouth.

  She didn't expect that she would be robbed at the door of the house after she went home on night shift!

  She had never learned any self-defense skills, but if she really thought that she was a little white rabbit that was easily captured, then the man who robbed her was absolutely naive!

  Qiao Shanshan swallowed, opened his mouth and bit hard on the man's palm. In an instant, she felt that the salty blood was gradually spreading in his mouth. She thought that the man behind her should have a painful reaction, but he not only did not relax a little, but even did not make a sound. Perhaps, even breathing was her illusion.

  "What's wrong?"

  Qiao Shanshan couldn't help but wonder, "Could it be that she didn't bite hard?"

  In a panic, there were messy footsteps getting closer and closer to them, and the voices of the conversation became clearer and clearer.

  "I just received the news from the organization that he assassinated Fire Wolf! We can't let him escape this time."

  "Don't worry! He's seriously injured. I'm sure he won't be able to get far."

  "But, if he really gets away, we're done for!"


  Could it be that the "he" they were talking about was the man who kidnapped her in front of her?

  She didn't expect that this man was seriously injured, but she didn't expect that this man was chased after because of murder...

  "Isn't she a robber when she meets someone?"

  "That man is likely to kill me to silence me at any time!"

  In the panic, the man's deep voice was as cold as the glacier, without any ups and downs. He deliberately lowered his voice and said, " unconditionally cooperate with me. Otherwise, even if I die, you won't be able to live."

  "To cooperate without any condition..."

  This cold tone did not seem to be discussing with others at all, but more like an order given to her directly.

  As soon as he finished his words, the man turned around and turned around to face him with his hands on her side, forcing her body to be imprisoned between his hot chest and the cold wall. There was no way to escape, so he bit her lips and swallowed all her dissatisfaction.

  Qiao Shanshan's eyes were wide open in disbelief, and her lips were engulfed by the man's storm-like attack.

  Ha, what kind of cooperation is this?

  However, when she thought of the conversation she overheard just now and the blood that gradually wetted her blood, her struggle became smaller and smaller. In addition to Qiao Shan's eyes, which were a bit painful, the relationship between her and him really looked like a young couple in the middle of the night, hungry and thirsty.

  Qiao Shanshan prayed to Paris in her heart, hoping that time would pass quickly.

  However, as the footsteps got closer and closer, Qiao Shanshan's heart was about to jump to her throat. At this moment, there was a "squeaky" sound behind her, and then there was a chill behind her.



  Qiao Shanshan's little hand slammed on his chest, and her eyes were full of anger and shame.

  The man directly ignored her resistance and continued to stick to her lips. On the contrary, her struggle made the battle look more and more intense. Her white and delicate skin, the faint and ambiguous lights, and the two people's breath intertwined made the picture full of the lingering smell.

  "What's going on?"

  "Don't you understand that? He's a b*tch and he's a couple!"

  "You still want to see? Don't you want to chase after a beautiful woman? Don't make trouble. After all, if the police are attracted, we will only be more useless."

  "He really knows how to play! Next time I'll play like this!"

  Gradually, the sound of footsteps faded away.

  Qiao Shanshan seized the opportunity and pushed the man in front of her away. However, she did not expect to see the blood pouring out of his stomach...