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Want to Marry My Mommy? Line Up!

Want to Marry My Mommy? Line Up!


She was a genius in the design of jewelry and machinery. She could fly in the sky in a fighter plane, but she couldn't even drive a four-wheel car, which had become a typical mixture of genius and idiot. One of them was the father of the child. He was rich and self-righteous, just like a two hundred and five hundred years old. The two of them didn't get along well with each other since their first meeting. One of them was a man who had been guarding her for twelve years. He was gentle and gentle, and he took good care of her. He said, "With me, her heart will always be warmed up in an instant." In the face of the two big shots, her son said, "Want to marry my mommy? Line up and get the account..."
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  In the Zhuo's Empire Group.

  "President." Mo Yu walked into the office and walked to the back of the man standing in front of the French window.

  The office was on the 68th floor. With such a height, the man standing in front of the window could look down on this city.

  The man held a wine glass in one hand and a glass in the other, looking elegant and uninhibited. With his deep eyes, he stared out of the window and said, "How is it?" Zhuo Lingchuan gently shook the glass in his hand, and his tone was unwillingly calm, as if he had already known the answer.

  "At present, I only found out that the woman at that time was likely to be related to a female doctor in the hospital. However, the female doctor had quit her job three years ago and went abroad to study. It is said that she will be returning to China soon." Mo Yu looked at the information in his hand and frowned again.

  "It's been six years." Zhuo Lingchuan gulped down the wine in his hand. The word "six years" expressed his unwillingness and frustration to the extreme.

  He once thought that with the power of the Zhuo's empire group, even if they weren't omnipotent, they wouldn't have searched for a woman for six years, but they hadn't found her yet.

  But in fact, he had no choice but to doubt his ability.

  Mo Yu understood Zhuo Lingchuan's feelings and felt guilty for his own ability to handle matters.

  Just as Zhuo Lingchuan was trying his best to find the person from back then, a private jet landed steadily at the North City airport.

  After landing on the designated runway, a woman walked from the cockpit to the cabin, picked up a little girl, carried her on her shoulder, and got off the plane.

  The little man who was carried on his shoulder said, "Mommy, can't we change an elegant gesture?" He was so handsome, so much so that no one could see his handsome face.

  What's more, his mommy was so gentle, but why did she act so rudely?

  "For example?" Murong Guo'er calmly got off the plane without changing her posture.

  "Hold it." He didn't know how to walk, so why did he have to bear it? It was so hard.

  "I don't have a rope with me." Without a rope, how could I pull her? Murong Guo'er was very serious.

  "Mommy, I didn't say anything. Go on." He didn't want to talk anymore. He didn't want to dig a hole and bury himself in it.

  After leaving the airport, the mother and son went straight to their home.

  Back home, Murong Guo'er was in a hurry to cook a sumptuous dinner to eat her and her son's stomach. She was busy in the kitchen, and the little girl was busy in her room with a computer.

  Since Murong Guo'er was a genius in mechanical engineering, how could her son's IQ be poor?

  The little guy looked at what he had just heard on the computer. He stared at the picture on the file, which was like an enlarged version of himself. Then he looked at the introduction under the photo, and the little man's eyebrows were rarely wrinkled.

  "It's okay if you don't have responsibility to make my mommy's belly bigger, but you still like other women?"

  Looking at the photo and information of another woman under the photo, the little man's eyes kept turning. Since his so-called father already had a woman, why couldn't he help his mommy find a man?

  Originally, he thought that when he found this irresponsible man, he would let him be responsible for his own mommy. Now it seemed that such a man, even if he would marry his mommy for him, he would not be good to his mommy.

  "No, I can't let my mommy lose her value."

  His little finger quickly tapped on the keyboard. He wanted the man to understand that missing mommy was the biggest loss in his life.

  He casually took out a design drawing from the table. His mommy was not only a genius in mechanical design, but also one of the top two design geniuses in the jewelry industry. Don't ask him why the range between these two was so wide, and he didn't know either. Didn't he say that talent was cultivated and could be found? However, genius was born by a genius, so he couldn't answer this question. Perhaps, grandma would have an answer.

  After scanning the drawings in his hand, he sent them to an email in the form of a email. Looking at the words that had been sent successfully, the corners of the villain's mouth raised.

  After that, he bought two tickets from the Internet to play the violin. As the saying goes, only when you know yourself and your enemy, can you win and win.

  He didn't ask his mommy to compete with others for men. Then he wouldn't allow his mother to do such a disgraceful thing.

  His mommy was able to give birth to a baby, earn money, build a plane, and get out of the kitchen. Although she lacked a man to warm her bed, it was too disgraceful to grab it. If she wanted to grab it, it was someone else who came to grab her mommy.

  After a while, he received an e-mail on the computer. Yes, it was the reply from the e-mail he just sent.

  On a face-to-face basis, was the treatment easy to discuss?

  "Just these words?" The little girl stared at a line of words in the email and quickly turned it off.

  "Since you're so shameless, why don't you talk about it yourself?"

  The treatment was easy to discuss? It was as if someone was short of money for you.

  In his heart, he was as entangled as a Chinese. Why was he a bastard? He was so handsome, so elegant, and so smart. He was not a member of the same race as that kind of person. This was not logical.

  However, even though he was in a dilemma, he reminded himself in his heart that a man who loved his own man was not worthy of his mommy, even if this person was his father.