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Reborn: Sweet Wife Is a Tycoon

Reborn: Sweet Wife Is a Tycoon


In her previous life, Marianne's stepmother and stepsister wrecked her beauty and voice, imprisoning her in the basement for years. And they coveted her mother's heirloom, a jade key. That jade key was rumored to conceal an Ancient Herbal Formula promising immense power. Refusing to yield, Marianne swallowed the key and ignited a massive fire, resolved to exact revenge in her next life. Surprisingly, the swallowed jade key released a brilliant blue light from inside Marianne. Emerging from the radiating light, a man approached and held her in his embrace...
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"Marianne, you've been locked up like a dog for so many years. Don't tell me you're not going to hand it over yet?"

The heavy iron gate was pushed open, and a woman in her forties came in with high heels.

With a scornful look on her face, she raised her foot and stomped hard on the back of her hands, which were covered with dirty stains and were as thin as firewood.

Marianne felt a spasm all over due to the pain, but she didn't even let out a groan.

Over the years, she had been locked up in this dark basement for many years, and what greeted her every day were endless abuse and abuse. Her body had long been accustomed to these pain, but her heart accumulated endless hatred.

She raised her head, revealing a gloomy and horrible face.

There was no intact skin on that face. The scars and burns spread from the corners of the eyes and eyebrows to the chin. The whole face was disfigured. There was only a pair of dark eyes, which were cold and bright.

She stared at Nancy, who was standing in front of her, and said word by word in a hoarse and broken voice, "I've said that it's impossible to hand over the jade key in your lifetime. Don't dream about it!"


Nancy was enraged and kicked Marianne over.

She held her breath and said coldly, "If it weren't for the fact that you are my step-daughter, I would have chopped you to pieces and fed you to the dog! Don't expect your father to come to save you. He said that as long as you hand over your mother's relic, you will continue to be the eldest daughter of the Campbell family! I advise you not to refuse to accept wine or refuse to accept wine. If you don't hand it over, my patience will be exhausted!"

"You've said that it's my mother's relic. Do you think I'll give it to you?"

The sneer on Marianne's lips grew bigger little by little.

It was Nancy who killed her biological mother. She was her enemy in the blood sea, but she had no ability to avenge her mother!

If it weren't for Nancy, she wouldn't have changed from the eldest daughter of the Campbell family to this kind of person who was neither human nor ghost!

Everything that had happened to her had been destroyed by Nancy!

"Without the Jade Key, I'd like to see how Mdm Ye will continue to operate it. Hahaha!"

Her throat was also destroyed. She laughed like a ghost. Her face was particularly ferocious, but there was a drop of tears dripping from the corners of her eyes.

"Bitch, don't be ungrateful!" Nancy kicked her again, and her high heels stepped on Marianne's chest. "If you don't hand over the jade key, you can live here like a dog for the rest of your life!"

After several years of interrogation, her patience had been exhausted.

She must get the Jade Key before it was spread by the media so that the Campbell Solutions could be invincible forever.

A few years ago, she recorded the jade key in that person's diary. It was said that the jade key hid the King of Medicine's ancient prescription. With this ancient prescription, she could dominate one side alone.

Although she couldn't understand what was recorded in her diary, that person's medical skills were so excellent and admirable. Now that he had written it down, it must be true! Therefore, she had to get this jade key at all costs!

That person was Marianne's biological mother.

Therefore, the key to the jade could only be in Marianne's hands!

However, after so many years, she did not find out the whereabouts of the jade key at all. She could not help but suspect that she had made a mistake!

"Mom, is this bitch still unwilling to tell me the whereabouts of the jade key?"

At this moment, a soft voice was heard.