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Reborn: Sweet Wife Is a Tycoon

Reborn: Sweet Wife Is a Tycoon


In her previous life, Marianne's stepmother and stepsister wrecked her beauty and voice, imprisoning her in the basement for years. And they coveted her mother's heirloom, a jade key. That jade key was rumored to conceal an Ancient Herbal Formula promising immense power. Refusing to yield, Marianne swallowed the key and ignited a massive fire, resolved to exact revenge in her next life. Surprisingly, the swallowed jade key released a brilliant blue light from inside Marianne. Emerging from the radiating light, a man approached and held her in his embrace...
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"Marianne, you've been detained for years. Will you continue to resist?"

With a push, the heavy iron gate swung open, and a middle-aged woman marched in, her high heels echoing ominously.

She scornfully towered over a pair of lean, grime-covered hands, bringing down her heel with a brutal stomp.

Pain rippled through Marianne Campbell, but not a sound escaped her lips.

Confined to darkness, enduring daily torment, her body was conditioned to the pain, yet her heart simmered with profound loathing.

She lifted her face to reveal a grotesque and haunting visage.

Not an inch of skin was spared from scars and burn marks, spreading from her eye corners to her chin.

Amidst the mutilation, a pair of obsidian eyes gleamed with ruthless determination.

In her ragged, guttural voice, she locked her gaze onto Nancy Chalon, each word dropping like a stone, "I will never surrender the Jade Key. You can forget about it!"


Nancy, now furious, delivered a savage kick that sent Marianne sprawling.

She then held her breath and said coldly, "If it weren't for the fact that you are my stepdaughter, I would have chopped you to pieces and fed you to the dogs! You'd better not expect your father to come to save you. He said that as long as you hand over your mother's relic to us, he will let you be the sole heiress of the Campbell family! You'd better accept our offer, or you'll definitely suffer. If you don't hand it over, my patience will soon run out!"

"You've said that it's my mother's relic, so why do you think I'll give it to you?"

The sneer on Marianne's lips gradually widened.

Nancy was the one who killed her mother. The vicious woman was Marianne's sworn nemesis, but she had no ability to avenge her mother at all!

If it weren't for Nancy, she wouldn't have lost her status as the eldest daughter of the Campbell family and become nothing but a nameless prisoner!

Everything that she owned had been utterly destroyed by Nancy!

"I'd like to see how Campbell Solutions will continue to operate without the Jade Key. Hahaha!"

Her throat was also destroyed, so she looked like a banshee when she laughed. Her face looked particularly ferocious, but there was a teardrop sliding down from the corner of her eyes.

"B*tch, you'd better not be ungrateful!" Nancy kicked her again and stepped on Marianne's chest with her high heels. "If you don't hand over the Jade Key, you can live here like a pest for the rest of your life!"

Her patience had been exhausted after several years of interrogation.

She must get the Jade Key before its existence was spread by the media. This was the only way that Campbell Solutions could defend its throne forever.

Years ago, she'd chanced upon an entry about the Jade Key in a diary.

It was said to hold the Ancient Herbal Formula, powerful enough to dominate the industry.

Although the diary's contents eluded her, its owner's medical expertise was second to none.

Therefore, if it was penned, it must be factual, which is why Nancy was resolute to secure this Jade Key.

Shockingly, the diary's author was Marianne's biological mother.

Hence, the Jade Key had to be with Marianne!

Yet, even after all these years, she couldn't uncover its whereabouts.

Doubt began to creep in. Could she have been mistaken?

"Mom, is this b*tch still not spilling the whereabouts of the Jade Key?"

A soft voice cut through the silence...