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My Husband, Pleas Take Care

My Husband, Pleas Take Care


She said, "Master Ming, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry." He opened his mouth and said, "Let's call it a day. We'll be together if we can find the answer." "I'm not allowed to go anywhere!" "It seems like I'm going to go through my best, but it doesn't mean that I'm going to go through it!" At the same time, she entered the room with a smile on her face and said, "I'm going to go with you. I'm going to meet you." ... "Young Master, what are you doing?" "Da Dan, let's go to the other side. We'll get out of here if we don't know what happened."
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  Standing at the entrance of the luxury box on the ninth floor of the Emperor Hotel, Qiao Feifei took a deep breath.

  At this time, she was here for a blind date, but the target of the blind date was not a man, but a woman.

  Because she did a part-time job in a wedding. When one side of the blind date couldn't be present, she would go on a blind date on behalf of the other side.

  Fortunately, Qiao Yunfei was 1.7 meters tall. In this age with superb makeup skills, she was not very far-fetched to disguise herself.

  She pushed the door open and walked in, only to find that there was someone in the bathroom.

  "Could it be that he is taking a shower?"

  Qiao Yunfei clicked her tongue and sighed with emotion. Now the girl was so unguarded that she was taking a bath in the room where the blind date was.

  Fortunately, she was a woman. Otherwise, if she had been an indecent man, her chastity would have been ruined.

  At this time, the bathroom door suddenly opened, and a cool feeling came.

  Qiao Yunfei's first reaction was that it was almost autumn, and she was still taking a cold shower.

  The second reaction was that when she saw the person coming out of the bathroom, her whole person suddenly felt bad!

  The man had a beautiful face, and his obsidian-like eyes were like a deep pool. He looked directly at him, as if he would be doomed if he took a wrong step.

  His upper body was bare, and the water drops fell down. Then he was surrounded by a bath towel, revealing a mermaid line, which was indescribably attractive.

  If the scene at this time was photographed and uploaded to the Internet, it was estimated that a large number of lascivious women would have a nosebleed.

  But now, Qiao Yunfei felt that she was going to spit blood.

  "What's going on? Didn't I say that the other party is a woman?"

  "Why is it a man who has come out now?"


  The man in front of her had a burning desire in his dark eyes, as if he was going to swallow Qiao Yunfei.

  Qiao Yunfei's first reaction was to run away. However, she tried her best to use her card to drop the lock, but it didn't work.

  At this time, the whole room suddenly became dark.

  What the f*ck!

  "What's going on? It can't be so unlucky that it's going to fail!"

  Sure enough, there was a radio call from the Dihao bar saying that there was a blackout. In the house, there was only one light that was lit with a back-up power.

  There was a western-style lamp hanging on the wall that was printed with patterns. There was a faint light that gave off a little bit of dense smell.

  "Who are you?" The man took the lead in speaking. His voice was a little hoarse, as if he was suppressing himself.

  "I'm, I'm..." Qiao Feifei stammered for a long time. She rolled her eyes and quickly said, "I'm here to clean up..."

  "Ha!" The man sneered and suddenly took a step forward, grabbing Qiao Yunfei's wrist.

  However, the touch made him frown slightly. It was clear that it was a short man in front of him. How could his skin be indescribably smooth when he grabbed her hand?

  "The staff of the Dihao bar are all wearing uniforms. You are lying. Tell me, who sent you here?" The man's eyes were cruel and his tone was cold.

  "..." This was beyond Qiao Ziyi's expectation. She frowned and said, "I, I accidentally broke in. I'll go out when there's a flashlight. I won't do anything to you!"

  Fortunately, she had a cold recently, and her voice was a little rough, which sounded like a male duck's voice.

  The man pressed Qiao Yunfei against the wall and buckled her slender neck with his big hand. "To tell you the truth, otherwise, I, the North Underworld Halberd won't let you go!"