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Black Heart

Black Heart



In general, Black Heart is a condition where a person is not be able to feel emotions, it can be said his heart is dead. Usually happens after various tragedies that occur in his life. Black Heart is often associated with cruelty and evil nature, which is not totally right. Because at first, they were a loving people with very beautiful soul. This story is about a person who experienced these conditions, various extraordinary events will happen throughout his life. Will he be able to feel emotions again as before?
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  "Hurry up!"

  "Be quiet, and help me!"

  Two strange-looking people were putting some jewelry and valuables into a bag.

  While one other person, who looked no less strange was tying an unconcious married couple, the house owner.

  In another room, a boy and a girl were also seen unconscious, bound and their mouth were gagged by a cloth.

  Yes, this is a robbery. The gang of robbers wearing strange but scary costumes. They disguised themselves as ghosts to frighten their victims into fainting.

  "Hey, there's someone in front of the house." the fourth robber whispered, watching the situation.

  "Hurry up and do something about it!" whispered the robber who was tying a married couple.

  - - -

  The next day, a robbery news went viral, because the robber syndicate that had been troubling for a long time was captured. The robbers who disguised themselves as Genderuwo

an Indonesian demon

were found bound with battered faces, not because of the makeup, but because they had been beaten by somebody.

  When the owner of the house woke up, they were surprised, because they found four battered ghosts tied to the pillars of their home terrace.

  No one knows the perpetrator of the robber's arrest.

  He looks more like a real ghost, his movements are very fast, flashed to right to left while throwing punches and kicks. Even though we fought him with sharp weapons, when we came to our senses, we were bound... That is the narrative of one of the robbers.

  This became the subject of conversation for almost everyone in the suburbs of Nusa Selatan.

  - - -

  Three days later, news of the discovery of a child who had been lost for a week. Suddenly went viral.

  The kidnappers were found dead, and the missing child returned home safely, accompanied by a mysterious man.

  This news became a hot topic in Nusa Tengah city area. Many people began to ask questions, who is the mysterious man who thwarted the robbery and rescued the kidnapped child?

  Is there a Super Hero in the city of Nusa Tiga with an area of ​​946 km²? Check out the sequel!

  - - -

  In a corner of the town of Nusa Selatan close to the beach, on the side of one of the crossroads that is not too big, stands a small bar that is quite famous. Because the bartender is great at concocting various types of drinks and is also very beautiful.

  Yes, a female bartender who is able to make her customers drunk seven rounds. The blend of delicious drinks and her natural beauty is a secret weapon for her business continuity.

  It is still around 11 in the morning, a proportional-bodied man wearing an office suit walks to the Bar.

  "Welcome!" a friendly greeting of a cute girl from the bar lets a customer.

  "Hello." the customer answered while walking to the high round chair in front of the bar counter.

  "Broad daylight, and you are already here?" asked the bartender, the owner of Lv Bar who is standing behind the bar counter.

  Different from the previous girl, the bartender looks much more mature, her body is tall and slender, her brown hair long and loose. Her face? Don't ask again, just a little daily makeup makes her look like a model. What do you expect, if she was helped by a make-up artist?

  "Looks like you got a new kid, huh?" while looking at the cute girl who greeted him earlier, already returned to her work, cleaning the glass windows of the bar.

  "Yes, don't tease her!" she replied with a slight smile, "She is still too innocent for you to touch."

  "You are jealous?" smiling evil.

  "You want to go home with one leg dragged along the way?" Lexi answered with a smile that is more evil.

  "Come on, I'm just kidding. Besides, if you keep this up, no man will dare to approach you. Even though they are crazy about your beauty. " his words sound flirty.

  "You really want to limp today, huh?" getting annoyed, her tapering fingers are working on concocting her fussy customer's favorite drinks.

  "Lately, gangsters often appear which make it difficult for the project that I'm working on. I'm already crazy with pressure from the project owner, and those thugs are making things worse, I don't know what else to do? " immediately vent to hope Lexi give him an idea, or at least comforted him.

  However, the person he expected to give an answer remains quiet, still busy concocting drinks.

  "Here, have a drink!" handed a glass of clear green Mocktail with a charming little smile.

  While reaching for the glass offered at him, Alan is still waiting a response from Lexy.

  Seconds after seconds passed, the glass already in his hand, his eyes still staring at Lexy who is busy polishing several other glasses.

  "Oi ..." still waiting for a response from Lexi.

  "Why?" her voice is flat as if nothing had happened.

  Damn, I'm asking for advice, why are you silent instead?

  "Forget it!" immediately drank his favorite Mocktail, which has been on his hand from a while ago. Even though he is upset, his expression changes after inhaling the mint aroma from his drink.

  "Have you tried to put an unique ads in newspapers?" suddenly Lexi continued to speak, while keep polishing the glass.

  Alan who is enjoying his Mocktail, looked at her with a surprised face.

  "Some of my customers had discussed a Handyman who can do any job."

  "Any job?" tilted his head, asking for more explanation.

  "I have no idea." Lexi answered simply as she moves her shoulders up.

  She is... Actually she wants to help me or not? Alan feels more upset.

  "Stop giving false hopes like that, Lexi. Later, you will really can't match." began to smile wickedly again.

  Lexi who is polishing the glass, immediately put the glass and napkin in her hand. She walks toward Alan who is opposite the counter bar.

  "Should I start from your left or right leg?" smiling even meaner, while holding the large knife she used to cut the garnish.

  "WTF girl, Come on! You should had giving me a clear information!" Alan smiled bitterly, because he is also really afraid, that Lexi would actually stick the knife into one of his leg.

  Sighing, Lexi put down the knife, she is now leaning against the counter bar.

  "I don't know either, but according to some of my customer's story, I can tell a conclusion, he only does the work, that you really need right now."

  "So, he can help me to get rid of these thugs?" looked serious and hopeful.

  "May be." Lexi answered shortly, and then goes back into her counter bar.

  "Hmmm ..." huddled and crossed his arms, thinking.

  Can this person really get rid of the thugs and the corrupted cop? Does this person really have that ability? The reason I can't ask the cop is because some of these thugs are the cop themselves.

  Meanwhile, "Welcome!" said Rea, the cute girl Lv Bar employee invited two customers in.

  "I guess, I'll try your advice. Thank you, Lexi." Alan immediately got up from his seat, then took out $15 from his wallet, put it under his dried mocktail glass.

  "Wait, this is too much." Lexi shouted after seeing the money left by Alan.

  "Just take it, because you want to listen to my problem, and because you are very beautiful today!" smiling satisfied with a slight flirty tone, when saying the last sentence.

  "You little..." Lexi was annoyed but she smiled. And then she greets her new customers