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Teacher Natasha

Teacher Natasha

Author:The Ventriloquist


Teacher Natasha is a very gorgeous and voluptuos woman with an angelic Face and Stunning body. Everythings seems normal being a college teacher Major in Math.. But one day, a ghost from her past suddenly came back and blackmail her... One day she received an anonymous letter and a pink envelope.... After opening the letter she was totally stunned and dumbfounded... "Where did this csme from and how could this happen.. The envelope comes with a letter and her pictures .. And the photos are herself while taking a bath, fully naked.. The letter says.. Welcome me back, i am gonna be your Master of Lust, from now on you will follow everything i command you.. You will not and never bother to disobey any of my orders.. You will not like it if you make me angry.. MY MASTER...
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  Natasha was dumbfounded with the letter and photos that she received on her doorstep.

  She still cannot believe what is happening.

  The letter also came with some dress and a small plastic containing a lighter fluid and a match.

  "My Master": From now on you will not be wearing any underwear or lingerie.

  Gather everything from your bra's and thongs and any bikini.. You will burn them... We will start from that..

  You will also wear the miniskirt and tanktop i gave you while doing your friday class.

  You will not ever dare to not follow me or else this Photos will be aired and you will instantly become famous...

  P.S. stay lowkey and horny...

  Who the hell are you, Natasha looked at the hallway and outside, she was raging in Anger.. She never thought that a premiered Professor such as her and a daughter of a Senator soon to be a Presidential candidate is being bullied by an unknown writer.

  She ignored everything and take a bath to wash the heat and anger she is now feeling..

  Earlier this day she notice two of her students is getting a boner and kept on staring on her..

  She is actually used to it but she never imagined while thinking of it that she is already playing her flower and touching her supple breast while pressing her pinkish nipples.

  Hey hey hey Natasha Colvine what are you doing..

  A voice just echoed from the background while she was taking a shower..

  She is totally shocked and almost slipped .

  Who the hell was that, is anybody there??***!!!

  After taking a towel her mobile phone suddenly ring..

  A dredging voice was on the other line as if the person is talking inside a Crypt.

  Who are you Natasha ask..

  I said i am your Master..

  Who the f%$#k are you and how dare you command me..

  Natasha replied furiously..

  I just said i am and will be your Master and you will be my Gorgeous Marionnette.. You will follow all of my orders whether you like it or NOT"""".

  Login now to your computer and check the link i will send to you then tell me again later if you will still dare not to follow me.

  The call got disconnected even before Natasha can speak.

  And a message was received in her WeChat..

  "As you can see i even have accessed your phone too, click on the link and login to this account


  password : sexyteacher69


  that is just one of the accounts.


  Out of curiosity and anger , Natasha logged in.

  And she was totally shocked, her lips turned Pale and she feels so Numb as if she was drenched in a tub full of ice..

  It also includes already her last act in the shower while playing herself eyes closed.

  How could this be...

  Her wechat beeped again..

  do you now believe me, I know how respectable you are and your family. But i am also sure how horny as a girl you are.

  So lets begin with the frist orders i just gave you earlier..

  burn all your lingerie, Panties, Bikini and all undergarments. Burn them all as you will not be using them anymore...

  She was totally shocked and fell on her feet . She want's to cry but heart was full of anger, her eyes where red and teary..