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Like a a River flows to the sea

Like a a River flows to the sea



Apocalyptic love story filled with modern themes and an unlikely love story. Secret societies abound threatening all around. This family lived off grid protecting their precious gift that is the immensely powerful River Shay, who has no idea how powerful and important she really is.
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  The River always finds the sea

  Written By

  Marilyn Amanda Smith

  It is Time to Wake up People

  You’re power Is within, now use it

  This book Is dedicated to my daddy and my sister who have passed on and are in Heaven, and my family here with me down here on earth , you all give me courage and hope to continue on. I love you all.

  Most of us grow up with no thought of the future, no notion of what part we will play in the grand scheme of things. In fact most of us tend to dream of happy endings and fairy tales when we’re young. It’s quite frivolous because one day you want to be an astronaut, the next a doctor, with each day a new embodiment of acceptable societal aspirations gets tried on for size. Children are sponges soaking up the daily brain washing being fed to them from the television sets, the internet, the “heroes” they have strung up on pedestals for us to emulate and worship. Most have no idea of who or what they are supposed to be. This world is meant to keep us pliable to the will of the powerful. We are all slaves, most do it willingly, and most do not want to break free from the wheel. This world does not like free thinkers, rebels or those who stand up for what is right.

  Then there’s the precious few who are born on this planet who will be the change makers, they will be the very catalyst to a new beginning here. For Greatness is within their genetic makeup, and they simply have to wake up to their immense power that is within. Even as children they have always felt they are different from those around them and that they are meant to make a difference, but so many become disheartened by the troubles they face throughout their lives and lose their way. Their journey, their very important quest in this life, is to find their own strength and to awaken what lies within themselves. Hopefully with the help of kindred spirits they find along the way. For awakening is forbidden in this world and viewed as a threat to the powers that be and these most evil of beings will stop at nothing to snuff out the special ones. Either they are killed outright or simply disappear, never to be heard from again.

  Those who are different must be kept secret at all costs and they must be kept safe, for they are our only hope against the growing forces of darkness. Darkness is the biggest plague of this world. It infects millions daily, dimming their souls and changing them into cold, heartless creatures. They have no regard for life of any kind. Cruelty and apathy abound. The enslavement of all is the end goal. We are to be used like cattle, herded and farmed. They are preparing for a war, the last war, which is to be the final showdown of good versus evil.