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Untamed Love

Untamed Love



Have you ever been so much in love with someone,that you don't want this person to see or talk to anyone not even her family?That kind of obsession that makes you insane..well that's how Dylan Cole feels for Hayley Dean since they had one night full of passion..His heart tells him this is the best and greatest feeling ever,but his mind knows the difference between wanting what he can’t have and wanting what he shouldn’t want. And he shouldn’t want her as she's a human and he's a..werewolf... A story full of lust,passion,suspense,and forbidden love between a human and a werewolf..!
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  26 January,

  Last year at Heden High haha!I've waited this for so long !I'll have to achieve my goals,as i want to study at the Faculty of Medicine in Eastbrun.

  Hey! My name's Hayley Dean..yeah i'm a typical 22 years old girl.

  Mom has prepared breakfast before going to work.

  Wow! Pancakes!And ohhh...mapple syrup..my favourite!I had my breakfast ,took a shower ,combed my long dark hair into a bun,put my glasses on and my clothes.I stared at myself one last time in the mirror,and felt satisfied..

  "Yes!You'll make it Hayley Dean,today's your first day at school,try to be cool,ha.."

  I'm that kind of nerdy school girl who sit in the corner of a room amidst all the popular people in the school. I know they have better social life, giant friends circles, and that they are already winning the affection of boys who were, as you would call them, the “bad boys”.

  I have only one friend,Daisy Chow...well i had..we don't see each other very often now as she's always with her girlfriend Lily Sterl..

  "Okay class ,i hope that this year would be a great year,like last year..some of you will have some changes in their timetable..but that's okay,we'll deal with that later..and oh..so first of all ,i would like to introduce a newcomer..psst Dylan..come in..well a new classmate,Dylan Cole!Could you talk a bit about yourself please Dylan?" Said Proffessor Andrea.

  A strong ,good-looking guy stepped into the classroom,every girl stared at him..He has deep blue eyes,a comb-over black hair,thin nose,red lips like cherry,and dimples on both cheeks as he smiles..he's wearing a white t-shirt and black leather jacket,ripped jeans and leather boots,he has also a black wristwatch around his left wrist...what a sexy figure...He's the kind of guy every girl will fall for.He always has this flirtatious way of pulling his hair back that makes your heart melt.

  "Hello i'm Dylan Cole ..from..

he hesitated,his reaction became different,as if he had to think hard

..from Madberry..i..i'm happy to be here at Heden High School" he said im a sweet voice,with a nice smile.

  "Ohh my parents have a villa in Madberry,wow!Come and sit near me Dylan!"

  That voice seemed familliar..yes it's that snob Sara Risings.She's a real devil.She thinks that everyone else is useless because her parents are rich..she's a kind of spoiled baby girl..

  Dylan didn't say anything but only smiled at her,then i saw him staring at me for atleast 5 seconds,his expression seems different this time..he stopped smiling..he walked towards me with that weird facial expression..then went to sit besides Sara Risings.

  I grinned then took out my books and started reading quietly...

  I see myself as the “serious, good girl” who you cannot fool around with, who takes life seriously. A woman who gives a lot and expects a lot in return as well. I don’t have a boyfriend and doesn't want any..Anyway ,who would want to be with a nerd like me,huh...But if i do,i truly don’t want a bad boy..i just want a good boy who's going to treat me well..

  The bell rang and i ran quickly to my locker.Dylan is still staring at me.That makes me so uncomfortable.

  "Uh..hello..is it me or..you were staring at me.."I said with a smile.

  He looked at me with pity and laughed.

  "Haha do you think you're the centre of the world or what" he shouted

  Everyone laughed and pointed at me.I feel humiliated,it was just a simple question,nothing else..

  "It was a simple question.."

  "And it is a simple answer" he walked away..

  I can hear The Sara and company's pitch snobby voices.Those girls love to heavily trash talk of other people behind their backs and brag a lot.

  “Ew, it smells like shit here”

  “Look at her clothes, ew it's out of date"


  "She thought she can date a guy like him one day hahah,pathetic!"

  Sara came close to me as if she's trying to warn me.

  "Stay away from Dylan,he told me you're not his type,i Am his type of girl,do you hear me,stay away from him,or i'll ruin your pretty face okay"

  "Oh wow i see,so you've been talking about me with him,does that means that Sara Risings is afraid that a girl like me flirt with her crush?You know what..he's all yours,i'm not trying to steal someone that you don't even own.Bye" i said in a sarcastic tone ,took my bag and went home.Everyone was amazed about the way i talked to that snob girl.I'm kinda proud of myself...