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It's a story of a young lad who belittle himself, who never thought he has the capability to rule over a werewolf pack after the death of his father. But in reality he is more capable than his brother (terry), he was only lying low in other not to upset his brother. This consist of power struggle and love between werewolf packs and brothers.
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  "Oh, why Richard hasn't come back yet with the union agreement from the Dark Angel pack?" Said by Alpha Blake Lews..

  " Maybe it's because he has to convinced them more in other to sign it" Mrs Lews interrupted..

  " He told me to open our border gate, so that we can welcome the dark angel representative along with him" alpha says

  " Don't you think it's dangerous to open the pack border? That means we are exposing them to danger. What if the rogues attacked us instead" Luna says..

  " I know! But we have to welcome the representative of the dark angel pack in other not to disappoint them, that's what Richard said when he was going" said by Alpha..

  " Alright, no problem. I want to go and check on the kids"... Luna said.


  Eric pov

  Mom do you think it's safe for us to open the border gate just to welcome some pack we don't even know their minds? I think it's dangerous..

  Mona pov

  I trust father, but not that selfish uncle Richard, I can never trust him. I don't know why father trust him so much, he shouldn't have given uncle Richard such an important task to deal with..

  Luna pov

  Come on guys trust your uncle at least once and besides your dad knows what he is doing..

  "Alright mother! If you say so"..both Eric and Mona said in uniform..


  Alpha Blake Lews ordered the pack warriors to open the border gate in other to welcome the dark angel representative, the gates of the Star Pack was open all around and we're prepared to welcome the guest. After waiting for almost an hour, there was no sign of the guest from a distance. The head of the pack warriors came to meet the Alpha..

  "Alpha! We haven't sighted any guest or movement outside for over an hour now, and I think it's dangerous to keep our gates opened".. said by the Omega

  " Am aware of that, but let's wait a little after that if we didn't see anyone then we will close the gate but make sure the warriors are on standby" alpha said..

  " Yes alpha! As your lordship wishes" the Omega responded..


  "They are here! They've arrived with the Duke!" a warrior shouted from afar...

  All the Star Pack warriors welcome the Duke


and other dark angel warriors...

  The guest moved so speedly to the palace looking suspicious.

  "Why are the guest armed, according to the pack law, armed guest are not supposed to be welcome" said by beta..

  " It's true, I have to inform the palace about this before they gets there before me! Stay and gaurd the border" Omega said..

  " Alright then, be careful and make sure you protect the alpha!!" Beta said slowly.

  While Omega was trying to run to the palace, he noticed that most of the guards guiding the palace are dead already. This made him scared, he ran into the palace and saw the Duke


and the guest attacking the alpha and other star pack warriors. The Omega ran back and went to their Luna Chamber to inform the Luna..


  "Hey cousin! All you have to do is to surrender and I will spare your life! Don't be stubborn!" Richard said harshly...

  " Warriors of star pack!! We fight till the end, do not back out. Protect the pack" the alpha said.

  " Yes Alpha!!" The warriors roared in uniform..

  " Even though you are an alpha, your power and strength can win over all the warriors I brought".. Richard said

  The fight broke out. Alpha Blake eyes turned red showing the power of an alpha, his body begin to reshape into a huge wolf .. All the star pack warriors also changed into a wolf and attacked the Intruders.. This actions scared the Duke which made him to secretly leave the scene and went after the Luna and the kids....

  "Eric!! Mona!!! Let's go, we have to hurry and leave here, the pack is under attack by your uncle!!" Luna shouted...

  " I will escort you Luna and I will protect you and our little princess and prince" Omega said firmly..

  Eric and Mona were crying packing their stuff. The Omega lead the Luna and the kids to the secret exit of the pack which only the pack members knew. On the way, Richard double crossed them...

  "Where do you think you are going pretty Luna and my wonderful little pets" Duke said.

  " I should have known better that you weren't trust worthy! Just to have the pack to yourself, you betrayed your own blood" the Luna said angrily

  " Oh ok. Am flamished Luna but don't worry your dear kids and husband would join you soon in the after life" he said

  While talking the Omega took the kids and ran away. On his way he met the alpha.

  "No matter what you do the pack will never accept you as their alpha and your eyes will never turn red" Luna shouted

  " Let's see about that" Richard roared

  Luna also changed into a wolf and attacked Richard with full force hitting him hard on his head. Richard also changed and charged angrily towards the Luna. He wounded the luna, she was bleeding profusely then she started casting a spell which made Richard grow weak and fell. But her spell was cut short with the piercing of claw by the leader of the dark angel pack. The Luna lost her life. The alpha sighted this from afar and became weak Because he couldn't protect his mate. More warriors showed up in pursue of the alpha... He ran to the secret exit along with his kids and the Omega and beta.