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She & Her Story

She & Her Story

Author:Suzana Sangma


Life is so beautiful but she didn't look it that way. Suzi thinks that everyone in this world is bad. All the misfortune stuff happens to her. She is miserable and always find herself in dark places. Since her child hood she always loved music from bottom of her heart. But now singing became less interesting to her... Oneday her guy best friend kissed her ! With a shocking face she said.........
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  Suzi was getting ready for going out with her mom. Quenney is little bit stressed about household and also excited to take her daughter at school..Today she is going to admit her daughter to the school.

  In her mind queeney praying and said "time fly so quickly, please god take a good care of my child".

  Queeny screamed to tell Suzi " hurry up Suzi we're getting late. I've other things to do later ".

  Suzi walked up to her and said "where are we going mommy ? Can you buy me a chocolate ? I wanna eat chocolate mommy !

  Queeny said "okay I will, now walk"

  With a excitement Suzi was jumping on the street. Suzi loves going out with her mom Queeny. Last year Suzi turned 5. What a beautiful crystal clear mindful angel. She have everything in this age. Everyone loves her.. But she don't need everyone. All she need was her mommy, daddy, her big brother and her beloved chocolate..

  Suzi was holding her mommy's hand and noticed a building.. she is getting nervous and regretting about going out with her mom. They have entered to the building.. Queeny struggling to find the office room but she somehow found it..

  Queeny walked in and gave her greetings then said "how is going sir" ?

  Mr. Mahelo replied " everything is fine mrs. Sang. How about you "

  Queeney replied " all good sir. I bring Suzi with me today to introduce you and her "

  Mr. Mahelo said "That's great. Come here Suzi ".

  Suzi is trying to hide on her mom's back cause she don't wanna go to that bald man.

  That's scary !!

  Suzi don't like this man.. Queeney pushed Suzi towards Mr. Mahelo and that man also was calling her, in the end Suzi walked up to that bald man..

  Mr. Mahelo asked Suzi some questions. It was " what is you name ? Spelled your name if you know the spelling ? Do you know all the alphabet ? Count 1 to 20 ? Do you know any poem ?

  Suzi answered all the questions perfectly..

  Mr. Mahelo said " she's ready Mrs. Sang. You admit her to our school"

  Queeny was relieved after hearing that. She was so happy and proud.. all the payment was done..

  Suzi is waiting for to go home while looking at the sunflower through the window..

  Queeney come and said "you did a great job baby. Let's go I will buy you some chocolate and mango juice" .

  Suzi said "okay mommy but can you tell what's that? It's so beautiful