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Hidden Crown: He is not Weak

Hidden Crown: He is not Weak


No matter how many sons-in-law you marry, you still look at me today! Those who insult me, scold me, hit me, those who have evil feelings for my wife, your nightmares are coming...
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  In front of Villa No. 9 of the Prosperous Court of Darkness.

  The woman was wearing heavy makeup and four diamond rings in her hands. She held an LV handbag and looked at Liu Fei, who was wearing ordinary clothes and was obsequious. She squinted and said, "Do you want money? I can give it to you."

  Liu Fei's body trembled and his eyes were full of excitement. "Thank you, aunt."

  The corner of his aunt He Miao's lips curled into a cold smile. "Kneel down!"

  Liu Fei's body tightened and his eyes flashed with anger. But in order to save his life, he finally controlled his impulse.


  He knelt down in front of He Miao.

  His heart was like being cut by a knife, and he had no choice.


  He Miao laughed to the sky.

  "Rush Head!"

  "You're a despicable man!"

  "For the sake of money, let's get down on our knees when we see them!"

  Every word was heart-wrenching, and Liu Fei's heart was pricked like a needle.

  Three months ago, his father suddenly fell ill and lost his backbone. His family, who made a living by selling Chinese herbal medicine, collapsed in an instant.

  Although the Liu family used to be the first Chinese medicine family in Wang Hai City, it fell apart like a mystery more than a decade ago.

  Nowadays, there was no money in the family to treat the disease.

  In order to treat his father, Liu Fei entered the Ye Family as soon as he graduated from college.

  It was said that the fortune teller said that the second daughter of the Ye Family, Ye Qingzhu, was born to be a good husband. Her first husband must be beaten to death.

  The Ye Family paid one million for their son-in-law to die. In order to cure his father, Liu Fei gave up his dignity and became a son-in-law in Ye Family in exchange for one million in exchange for saving money.

  After three months, one million yuan was spent on the treatment. Before his father recovered, the doctor told him to wait for death if he didn't continue to pay the money.

  Helplessly, she found her uncle Liu Tian's family and asked for the one million that her father had lent to her uncle three years ago.

  His uncle was not at home, and his aunt humiliated him in front of him.

  Liu Fei begged with a begging face, "Auntie, I have lent you the one million yuan for three years. Now my father is waiting for money to treat the disease. You can pay him back!"

  He Miao rolled his eyes and poked Liu Fei's forehead with his finger.

  "You're a good-for-nothing! If you don't find a job after graduation, you'll become a son-in-law and lose the face of the Liu family. Aren't you ashamed to say that you don't have money to cure father?"

  "Your family is ungrateful. How much did your uncle and I help you these years?"

  "Now your mother's part-time job is given to you by your uncle and me, isn't it?"

  Liu Fei was so angry that his whole body was trembling.

  If it was the first time he paid the money, how could he be a son-in-law?

  On the contrary, those who borrowed money became ungrateful. What kind of world was this?

  Thinking of his mother's part-time job, Liu Fei's heart was bleeding. A mother in her fifties, who was selling medicine in a Chinese medicine shop during the day, went to his uncle's construction site at night to move bricks and carry steel bars, and her whole body was scarred.

  The anger rushed to Liu Fei's head again and again, but he forced himself to hold it back.

  "Auntie, I will try my best to take care of my family, but that one million yuan is really worth it. Without the one million yuan we lent to your family, how can it have ten million yuan of property now? The garage that your family is building is much more luxurious than the one we live in."

  "My father hopes that you can lead the Liu family to rise and do your best to help your family. It's okay if you don't feel grateful, but you can't return the money, can you?"

  "Among the one million, some of them were borrowed from usury by my father. You didn't pay any interest at all. If it weren't for the usury, my father wouldn't have been beaten again and again, and he wouldn't have been seriously ill in bed."

  He Miao suddenly became irritated and said, "Little bastard, what do you mean? Do you still want interest? Why do you still want to stay in our house and not leave?"

  He raised his hand and pointed to the construction site next to him. "Let me tell you, the car that is about to be put in the garage is worth more than one million yuan. It's more expensive than your life. You can't compare with it, and you can't live here!"

  "Let me see, your family's conscience has been eaten by dogs. They are so greedy!"

  Liu Fei's face turned livid. "Auntie, you..."

  He Miao snorted and said, "You just want to make use of my kind heart to ask me for money. There's no way, get out of here."

  At this moment, accompanied by the roar of the engine, a brand-new white Land Rover drove into the villa yard, which gave off a dazzling light under the sun.

  A man in his thirties with a pointed-mouth and a monkey cheek got out of the car with a coquettish woman. He looked at He Miao and said, "Sister, all the details of this car are down with 1.5 million dollars. It's really a good performance!"

  The corner of He Miao's mouth was quirked up, revealing a proud look.

  Liu Fei was so angry that blue veins stood out on his forehead.

  Millions of villas were lived in, and more than one million cars were in operation. The garage, which was more luxurious than ordinary houses, was built. There was no money at all.

  "Auntie, my dad is going to die!"

  "What does it have to do with me?"

  "He's a human being! He's a living person!"

  "So what?"

  "You're trying to murder me in disguise!"

  "What? I'm so annoyed! You'd better wait and see!"

  He Miao shouted angrily.

  Liu Fei suppressed his anger and rekindled his hope.

  He Miao turned around and walked into the villa. He picked up an ashtray with a bronze tripod from the tea table and walked out.

  "I don't have cash for you. This is an antique that your uncle spent two million yuan to buy. It can be regarded as paying back one million yuan to your family. The extra one million yuan is the interest. Are you satisfied this time?"

  He Miao threw the bronze tripod heavily in Liu Fei's arms.

  The smoke in it spilled all over Liu Fei's body, and the thick smell of smoke and oil made Liu Fei cough.

  He was completely irritated. The bronze tripod fell. "You're going too far."

  "Who is shouting there?" He Tian, who had been admiring the car just now, did not notice that the pointed-mouth and monkey-faced man on the other side, came over with a loud shout.


  Several workers who came in and out of the shop to deliver the construction materials also came over.

  He Miao put his hands on his waist and said, "If you want money, I will give you two million dollars for one million dollars. Are you still not satisfied? Are you going to rely on our family?"

  "This broken tripod is worth two million yuan? Do you buy twenty thousand yuan?" Liu Fei retorted.


  He Tian was furious. "Beat him!"

  Liu Fei saw the five strong workers coming over. The situation was not good, so he turned around and was about to run.

  But he was still surrounded.

  At this moment, an old woman with a helmet suddenly broke through the encirclement and cried, "Please let my son go!"


  He Tian stretched out his leg and tripped over the woman. She fell on the ground like a dog snatching her sh*t.

  His armor fell off, revealing his white hair and wrinkles all over his face.

  It turned out to be his mother Xiao Mei. Liu Fei quickly stepped forward and asked, "Mom! Why are you here?"

  He knew that his mother was working at his uncle's construction site, but he didn't expect that she would help him build a garage in his house.

  Xiao Mei couldn't care less about the injuries on her arms and legs. She quickly got up and looked at He Miao and He Tian. "Please don't beat the child for the sake of the fact that we are all relatives."

  "Who the fuck is your relative?" He Tian said and kicked Xiao Mei again.

  "Bastard! I'll fight you to the death."

  When Liu Fei saw his mother being beaten, he was completely furious. He picked up the bronze tripod and rushed toward He Tian.

  Bang! Bang! Bang!

  Before he could reach Liu Fei, his iron-like fist landed on Liu Fei's face and nose, causing blood to splash.

  The bronze tripod fell from Liu Fei's hand. A worker picked up the tripod and smashed it down on Liu Fei's head with a bang.

  Blood splashed out and flowed into the bronze tripod. Liu Fei kicked his legs and passed out.


  A green light flashed.

  The bronze tripod quickly absorbed Liu Fei's blood and gradually turned from green to red. Finally, it turned into a red light and entered Liu Fei's brain.