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Rebirth: Hook The Bossy Officer!

Rebirth: Hook The Bossy Officer!


In her previous life, she was cheated by the scumbag and died a miserable death. When she was reborn, she was cold and ruthless. In her previous life, she took revenge one by one. The timid little white rabbit turned into an indifferent little demon woman, but fought back in front of the man. Her biggest targets in this life were revenge and accepting Gong Yue Chen. "I heard that you want to take me in?" "No... no, I want to take revenge first, and then... take you!" Someone tugged at the collar of his nightgown and hinted, "I'll take your revenge. now you can come back! Unexpectedly, the palace has two goals! One day!"
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  A tall and handsome man was holding a woman in his arms. The two men lay motionless in a pool of blood with gunshot wounds all over their bodies. Even if the man tried his best to protect them, he and the woman in his arms had no breath at all. Several men around with guns were laughing at him unscrupulously!

  "Great, Xu Wean, you managed to kill Gong Yue Chen."

  "Haha, thank you so much for this woman. It's so easy to cheat. Isn't Gong Yuanchen looking for death by falling in love with her?"

  "You're willing to kill such a beautiful woman. It's a pity for you to die like this."

  "Haha, are you going to play with the body?"

  The woman who was protected by the man with blood all over her body had long been dead, but at this time, there was a trace of tears on her beautiful face, as if she was telling despair and unwillingness. The red mole at the corner of her eyes was stained with blood, and it was getting redder and redder, which made her look more and more sad.

  Bai Lingxi was surprised to find that she floated in the air. She sadly looked at the bodies of Gong Yuanchen and herself. She looked at the executioners and laughed. They were still shooting, kicking and kicking at Gong Yuanchen's body as a plaything.

  Her soul rushed to those who were shooting. "Don't touch him. Get out of here. All of you, get out!"

  But no one could hear it and no one could see it. Her soul passed through the body of the people next to her. Bai Lingxi looked at it desperately. Gong Yuanchen would protect her until he died. He was so proud, but he would be insulted by these people even if he died. How could she accept it!

  "Ah!" Bai Lingxi couldn't help but cry out in despair from her soul!

  It was as if her soul had been shattered. Everything in front of her was dark. She had lost her consciousness!



  Not knowing how long it took, Bai Lingxi suddenly opened her misty eyes, and there was a cold and resentful hatred in her eyes!

  Through the gap of the curtains, the sun squeezed into the room, and the dark gray room gradually lit up!

  Bai Lingxi's brain was in a mess, and she didn't know where it was for a while. She gently moved her body as if she had been torn apart and rebuilt.

  "Can I still feel pain when I'm dead?"

  "Stay with me!" The man's deep and magnetic voice suddenly sounded beside her, but it sounded like it was ringing in her mind.

  Bai Lingxi's pupils contracted and her body suddenly froze, and the cold hatred on her face instantly broke up and turned into shock!

  She turned around stiffly, and her watery eyes widened in an instant. She looked at the man's face beside her. His face was as handsome as that of a god. His eyes were as deep as stars, and his nose was as straight as a peak. At this moment, his brows were slightly furrowed and his thin lips were slightly compressed.

  "Gong Yue Chen! It's Gong Yue Chen!"

  "Didn't he die with her? What the hell is going on..."

  When he took a closer look, he found that the room was full of male style, grand and luxurious. It turned out to be Gong Yuanchen's room!

  At this time, on the European-style large bed more than two meters wide, they were naked, and the snow-white sheets were covered with red plum blossoms, which were messy. The fool also knew what had happened recently.

  "This... is a bit of a big leap!"

  Bai Lingxi greedily looked at the face in front of her. Her face had not been scratched by her heart-wrenching scars. Her face, which was drained of energy and strength, was as gray as dying ash, there were no thin lines at the corner of her eyes, and there was no silence, coldness, and no breath.

  It was as if she wanted to see him in the bottom of her heart, and she wanted him to be her bottom of her heart.

  It was him, the younger he, and... the younger he himself!

  Bai Lingxi pinched her thigh and felt painful. It turned out that she was not dreaming.

  She was like a rebirth of the demons and ghosts in the chat room, but the time of rebirth was very "wonderful", and there was an ambiguous breath in the room, which made her heart beat wildly!

  She was overjoyed, and the resentment and unwillingness in her heart were temporarily suppressed. The man in front of her was the only one in her eyes, and she recalled the scene that Gong Yue Chen sacrificed his life to protect her again and again!

  She was stunned and did not move or dodge. She just looked straight at the naked man getting up, looking at his strong back, and watching him putting on the familiar military uniform!

  She was 18 years old, with a handsome face, and a healthy complexion. There was no extra fat on her whole body!

  Bai Lingxi blushed slightly and turned her head away!

  Gong Yuetian looked at her reaction and his eyes darkened. He didn't know what he misunderstood. He was afraid that Bai Lingxi turned her head because of disgust. Before he went out, she looked at him with a complicated expression.

  "Don't...don't be afraid of me!"

  "..." Bai Lingxi opened her mouth and did not speak. The sudden surprise made her not know what to say in front of this man.

  She blinked her eyes and thought that she was indeed not afraid. In the whole of the capital city, if anyone was not afraid of Gong Yuanchen, only she, Bai Lingxi, would be the only one!

  In her past life, she had become a joke. The man she had been looking for was only using her, using her to get close to Gong Yue Chen, using her to assassinate Gong Yue Chen, and finally killing Gong Yue Chen.

  However, Gong Yue Chen, who was determined to escape, lost his heart and sacrificed his life for her.

  It was great that they could meet again.

  In this life and in the next life, Gong Yichen would rather betray the whole world than you.