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Undercover among Beauties

Undercover among Beauties


Yu Fei, the most powerful special soldier of the Tiger Wolf brigade in China, whose code name was Sirius. He was sent to Yun Province, which was under the leadership of the Goddess's superior and was arranged to be an undercover by the kind and pure beauty manager, to uncover the secrets behind the kind and beautiful women. When all the mysteries were revealed, a violent and bloody storm swept over Yun Province. In this bloody storm, in order to protect his loved ones and protect his beloved women, Yu Fei depended on his iron fists. With Sirius's nature, he climbed to the top of the Blood Wolf Tribe and reached the peak of the Blood Wolf Tribe.
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  Standing on the top of the city's tall buildings, with cheap cigarettes in his mouth, Yu Fei looked at the police cars that were shining with dazzling red lights and the criminals who were stuffed into the police cars. A strange smile appeared on the young man's sword-like eyebrows and star-like eyes, who had sharp horns.

  She didn't know how many superiors had been sent to prison because of her.

  "Congratulations, Sirius, you completed the task beautifully again. You deserve to be the most outstanding undercover I have chosen." A middle-aged strong man in police uniform came from the darkness behind.

  Yu Fei didn't look back. He was already numb to this kind of praise. He was so numb that he didn't even care about it.

  "Don't talk about these useless things. Tell me, what's the matter? If there's nothing else, I'll go." Yu Fei flicked the ash and said with a poker face.

  "Er..." The middle-aged police officer looked a little awkward to say, but he still had to say, "Yu Fei, we originally agreed to let you go back to the tiger and wolf brigade after finishing this task, but now there is a case that is very important. Even the higher-ups have been alarmed, and the higher-ups directly pointed to your general, so..."

  "Humph." Yu Fei just snorted, and there was no change of expression on his resolute face. It seemed that he had expected such a result. He could not remember how many times Liang Zhengwu had gone back on his word.

  Hearing Yu Fei's snort, Liang Zhengwu also felt embarrassed, so he emphasized, "Yu Fei, I know that you are dissatisfied, but this time, I, Liang Zhengwu, will assure you with my reputation, it will be the last time."

  "Do you still have a reputation?" Yu Fei sneered.

  Liang Zhengwu was a famous figure in the domestic police circle, but who knew that in the face of the disdain and disdain of the young man in front of him, he didn't dare to have a temper at all. He owed too much to Yu Fei.

  "Don't talk nonsense. I'm tired of listening. Let's talk about the task," Yu Fei said straightforwardly.

  He didn't want to listen to this old boy's nagging. Anyway, talking too much was useless. Even if he had a lot of bad feelings and too much resentment in his heart, he was a soldier and should obey the orders.

  Liang Zhengwu chuckled and said, "I knew you would agree. You deserve to be an excellent elite of the Tiger and Wolf Squad."

  "F*ck you, elites, fart now!" Yu Fei scolded impatiently.

  "Er, that's it... Can you be more civilized?" Liang Zhengwu couldn't stand this guy's rude words.

  "If you want me to go back to the Tiger-wolf Task Force, I promise that I'll be more civilized than anyone else. If you want me to be an undercover gangster, you should be civilized. Do you want to kill me?" Yu Fei cursed again. He was so angry that the director Liang was so angry that he couldn't help but feel aggrieved.

  There was nothing he could do about it. He could only endure it.

  "Well, let's get down to business. This mission is not in my charge. The order I have received is to tell you to leave Yan Jing in three days and go to Yun Province, Jiang Hua province. Go find a man named Luo Xiaoyong, and she will tell you what to do."

  "So mysterious?" Yu Fei frowned. Suddenly, he paused and said, "Hey, wait, Yun Province?"

  "Yes, Yun Province." Liang Zhengwu nodded and smiled mysteriously. "It happens to be your hometown."

  "My hometown?" Yu Fei's heart trembled, and his expression suddenly became serious, and the momentum of his whole person changed. His deep pupils shot out sharp eyes through the darkness, and he looked in the direction of Yunzhou. There seemed to be a fire burning in his chest, and an emotional voice came out of his throat.

  "My home, I can finally go home!"


  Yun Zhou City, a three-tier city with a population of more than one million, was located at the western border of China.

  Yu Fei carried a simple luggage bag and walked out of the exit of the Yunzhou train station. Outside, it was raining, and the cold wind blew, making people feel cold.

  He had expected that the weather here was cold, so when he got off the car, he put on a jacket.

  Looking at the gloomy sky and the falling rain outside, Yu Fei frowned. Looking at the situation, he could not stop the rain for a while, so he could only find a taxi to go back.

  Thinking of this, he followed the flow of people, stepped on the wet ground, walked along the aisle outside the station, and went to the street outside.

  As he walked, he suddenly stopped and turned around.

  A woman's scream rang out.

  A girl who followed closely behind was suddenly attacked by Yu Fei. Without any preparation, she had no time to stop, so she crashed into Yu Fei face to face.

  Seeing that their faces were about to collide with each other, Yu Fei reacted quickly and blocked the girl's body with his empty hand.


  Unexpectedly, the girl's scream was more loud and harsh than before.

  "I'm sorry." He apologized in a hurry and quickly withdrew his hand.

  "Rogue!" The girl screamed and slapped him angrily with the sound of the wind.

  Yu Fei frowned. Almost instinctively, he moved his heel slightly to the side and turned his face. The girl's angry slap was in the air.

  Because the girl used too much strength, plus she was wearing high heels and the ground was slippery, after this slap missed, one of them couldn't stand steadily. In the scream, her people fell down in the direction of the slap.

  "Be careful!" Yu Fei hurriedly grabbed her clothes with a "squeaky" sound and the sound of his clothes being torn.

  His hand grabbed the collar of the girl's clothes and pulled it up, and the clothes were torn off from the collar.

  In order to prevent the scenery exposed by the girl from being seen by the dense crowd, Yu Fei quickly held the girl in his arms and hugged her like a couple. At this time, they were close at hand, and each other could hear each other's breathing.

  The girl was shy and annoyed. Besides, she was frightened, so she was going to cry.

  "Ah, let me go, you hooligan!" The girl's pretty face turned red and white as she cursed and tried to break free from Yu Fei's devil claws.

  "If you don't want so many people around to see you exposed your glamor, you'd better not move." Yu Fei kindly reminded him.

  The girl came to her senses in an instant. She turned around and saw that there were indeed a dense crowd around them.

  There were a few detestable young people who were watching the scene of bustle. They even took photos with their mobile phones.

  As long as she pushed Yu Fei away, the place where her clothes were torn would definitely be seen by others, and she would even be recorded on the Internet by those annoying people.

  She had no choice but to swallow it with a blushing face.

  "Everybody, I'm sorry. This is my girlfriend. She is quarreling with me." After Yu Fei saw that the girl did not struggle, he said to the people around him with embarrassment.

  "Who is your girlfriend?" The girl gritted her teeth and shouted in a low voice.

  Yu Fei ignored him and continued, "Let's make up now. It's all right. Let's all go."

  "Oh... it's gone. Everyone is gone. Don't stand here and block the way." Someone shouted.

  Seeing that there was no more fun to watch, the onlookers left one after another.

  "Now you can let go of me!" The girl's face was red and she gnashed her teeth and shouted in a low voice.

  "Young lady, I'm sorry to have offended you." Yu Fei apologized and quickly took off his coat to cover the girl.

  "I have to go first. If there is a chance, I will apologize to you later." Yu Fei didn't wait for the girl to speak. He picked up the salute that he had thrown on the ground just now and rushed into the mist in a thin shirt.

  "Hey, you..." The girl wanted to curse him, but when she saw Yu Fei take off his coat, and he went away in a thin shirt in the rain, her heart trembled for a moment, and the words that were about to be cursed were stuck in her heart.

  Passing through the mist and rain, Yu Fei rushed through the rockery in the middle of the square and rushed towards the opposite figure.

  On the opposite side, in the rain fog, a figure with broken legs was crawling little by little on the ground. His clothes were soaked all over his body, and he did not care at all.

  He crawled with his left hand and held a broken bowl in his right hand, begging for passers-by one by one.

  In a place like the train station, it was not surprising that there were beggars. People had seen too many people, so they didn't care about it.

  Yu Fei didn't care about it at first, but he suddenly had a familiar feeling about this figure, which made him stop and turn around in a hurry, which led to the scene just now.