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Late but worth the wait love

Late but worth the wait love



Romance ,comedy,drama , Aeleen Lau, a daughter of a less fortunate farmer in U country ,Two months After she graduated she got pregnant by Ralp. Two years after giving birth to Antoine her son by Ralp. She decided to take the offer of Ralp parents to work overseas with the help of Ralp aunt.But Ralp aunt is I'll mannered.Aeleen take all those bad treatment by the aunt of Ralp.Months to go before Aeleen finishes her 1st contract Ralp found and impregnated another woman. Luckily Ralp and Aeleen is not married by the law that's why Aeleen sign another contract and didn't go home to U country. She need to work hard as a solo parent for Antoine she stays in V country continue working .after she finished her 2nd contract she decided to go home in U country to apply any job vacancies using her college degree luckily she got a job and she is currently 3 years in service as a policewoman in U country.Her friend Doris an owner of clothing brand near in her working place always teasing her to find man . Now, she realize shes alone and a such a lonely dumbfounded in this world. She thinks to try to take another places to reward herself. She decided to take a leave and decided to go T Country for vacation. (Kaminawat Ouy ,Wat) only heir of multi millionaire business man and woman and showbizness man in T Country. He is a God like looking man in the entire T country. Many girls are head over heels to him but He is in a long relationship to (Shella Go) a high so actress in T country but Wat wants to break off their relationship. because he know that he's girlfriend is force to be with him by the parents of Shella who's business are going to down in the bushes they want them Shella to get marry Wat a soon as possible. While he is the airport from S city n T country from their shooting in film. He accidentally bump in to a woman (Aeleen) and causes Aeleen to out of balance hurriedly he catch Aeleen abruptly looking her angelic face makes Wat heartbeats fast. His followers followed Aeleen knowing that Aeleen is a tourist and booked by the tourist guide which is Wat cousin (Nickalada) Wat got love at first sight by Aeleen he got a plan and ask for a help in Nickalada. He come as a tourist under by Nickalada so that he got to know more about Aeleen.
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  Flash report. Theres a gunshot in Valor St. South U country ,unfortunately the gunman was shot dead by a Policeman because the gun man is trying to shot the team respondents. Doris was startling thinking of the safety of her friend she off the television and make a call to her Policewoman friend , PO1 Aeleen Lau.


  Picking her phone, Hello? what's the matter ?

  Hello Aeleen it's me Doris ,how are you? I watch the news earlier there's a gunshot near in your workplace ,are you well?

  Aeleen replied, "yes I am well Doris and hey I am planning to go to the province tomorrow to visit Antoine I miss him so much!

  Doris replied, come here tonight let's dinner together I will cook your favorite dish I wait you here.

  Aeleen said, "wow that's sounds good in 20 minutes I am on my way there see you bye! Aeleen hang up first because her senior call her.

  Sir? how may I help you? Senior replied, you are qualified to take promotion nextmonth you are doing well to your job while patting her shoulder, I have to go first bye. Hearing those words makes Aeleen happy , she doing her job well because of her son.

  She is a solo parent for almost six years way back when she is in her last year of her university days. When she met the father of her son Ralp she was blindly deeply in love in to Ralp even the advice of her parents she didn't listen into it ,Aeleen is a daughter of less fortunate farmer in rural area in South U Country.

  Two months after she graduated in her degree she got pregnant by Ralps child. Her parents was so dismay of what choices she take on her life but still her parents accepted her wholeheartedly despite of her mistake. She suffered a lot while she is pregnant of her son Antoine because Ralps immaturity. He don't have a work and rely to his parents for the needs of Aeleens and the child.

  Two years after giving birth, Aeleen accepted the offer of Ralps parents to work oversea by the help of Ralps Aunt, she left Antoine in her parents because Ralp apply a job. She work with Ralps aunt but sad to say the aunt of Ralp is a ill mannered. Aeleen take all those bad temperament by aunt's Ralp.

  Months to go before she finish her contract Ralp found and impregnated another woman which Aeleen made a decision to sign another contract. Luckily she and Ralp not yet sign a marriage certificate. She didn't take a vacation after she finished her first contract and continued working in V Country. She suffered depression but choose to be strong because he has a son who needs her all support.

  After she finish her second contract, she chooses to go home in U country and a find a job vacancies. Finally, she got a job as a Police woman in U Country. She was still thanking those people who she met few years ago who bring both joy and heartache to her life which she made all of those naysayers as a motivation in digging her goals in life.

  She is very happy that all the sacrifices of her poor family has already a fruit which she got it as a Policewoman her parents was so happy to her even though its late at least she got it. She was successful and her parents are proud to her and she must so proud to her parents for not giving up especially when she's still studying in the university they are just a poor and only farming is their source of income but God is a good provider they survive.

  Aeleen back to her senses when she is nearer at Doris house. The guarf open the gate. She park her car and open the main door. The cute Son of Doris ,little Dwayne runs towards to Aeleen. She bend down and hug Dwayne ,Dwayne kisses her cheeks a lot makes Aeleen to giggle .

  " Oh I miss you a lot little man, how are you? Dwayne answer" I am handsome fine aunt, when will you bring brother Antoine here I miss brother, I miss playing cars with him. Aeleen get him and make him sit in Aeleens lap and answer I will bring him here in summer for now brother Antoine is still studying. Little Dwayne nods his head and jump on the sofa while clapping his hands seeing her mom Doris coming into the Living room bringing a tray of foods with her nanny in the house.

  Aeleen feel hungrier when she smells the food she miss eating the foods by Doris .Doris and her are board mates way back in college. Doris is a cook Aeleen is the cleaners. Right now , Doris own a Big Clothing Brand in U Country and married of a big time businessman Drake Brandon. She is lucky to have Doris in her life.

  "Ohh I'm so full thank you so much for the delicious dinner tonight Doris. Aeleen said. Doris replied, I'm so worried earlier watching the news but now I'm relieved watching you eating with me right now gosh I think I am your mother in the past life why I worry you so much like this ever since. They laugh each other.

  The nanny take little Dwayne in his room to sleep just the two of them left in the living room ,Drake is not around he has an important matter in West U Country maybe next day he can go home in his family. Doris started to talk to her about another blind dates, A year ago Doris sets a blind date for her , a lot of blind dates but Aeleen is not interested to those guys. Aeleen was still hurt of what happened to her relationship with Ralp but seeing Ralp struggling for his life with his new family Aeleen was happy to see him suffer , sounds bad but to her it's a quits!

  Doris spoke ,"hmm what about next month friend you take a vacation reward your self for the success you gain up to now. I book you a trip my treat . Aeleen says, no. You give me a lot now you treat me again I'm not your child Doris hahahha. Doris spank her ,hey you! you are my younger sister I treat you so well because you do a lot everything to me to make my clothing brand success you are my lucky sweetie beatiful sexy charm.I plan that so you can explore and find a man there hahaha. Aeleen drank her glass of wine and answer, hey your still talking about man again.

  Yes, so that you don't have to be lonely in this world. " Doris replied.