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My Happy Place

My Happy Place

Author:My Happy place


To my other half, My sweetie pie, This one is for you. Even if we're living far away from each other but our story, which I wrote for you will always remind you that how much I love you. My Happy Place.
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  On a very cozy winter morning, My family and I woke up and got ready for my first cousin marriage. The bus arrived at the door to pick up where all family member's relatives were also present. As we got on the bus, we greeted everyone, After that Me and my elder sister told by one of the relatives to get shifted at back seats. I and my sister get settled down on the last third seat of the bus. The Journey started, and I started looking out of the window.

  I started thinking about marriage, the rituals, and so on. After some time I felt a little bored, so I started scrolling down my Facebook, and after that, I started doing chatting with my friends. After an hour, The bus stopped at the petrol station because many passengers want to get freshen up, and I was one of them because the winter morning can anyone make shiver.

  After getting freshen up, I came out of the washroom and then saw a strong figure standing right in front of me, I noticed his sharp gaze was looking at me. It was like a ray of light striking on my eyes.

  He was Arv, the son of my aunt's sister. After having eye contact with him for a few seconds, I came back to my senses. That feeling was so strong that I felt clueless for a moment. I removed my gaze from him and went back to the bus.

  In a while, the journey started again and the elder daughter of my aunt's sister asked us to get shifted to back seats. After having a thought, I and my sister shifted to back seats. All the cousins of my first cousin started a discussion that which game they all should play for not getting bored in the journey. After a few suggestions, My sister suggested playing dumb shahraz.

  Everyone got agreed on the suggestion and then we divided into two teams where I, arv and his 2 cousins were in the first team and in another team there was my sister, arv's brother and his two cousins.

  The game started by giving a movie name to the opposite team. After one round it was our turn to suggest a movie, so arv thought about a movie then whisper it in our ear. I wasn't satisfied with the movie name, so after thinking for a few seconds, I thought about a movie name then whispered it in the ear of arv and his cousin.

  The movie's name was, "Ghatak.” It was a Bollywood movie. I chuckled after telling them the name. After he agreed on the movie name, he whispers in his brother's ear

the opposite team

and his brother started doing the act to let his team members guess the movie. After a few attempts, the time given to the team was over so arv's brother told the name to everyone.

  While playing, my earrings were too heavy as a result, it was causing me the irritation. Arv was seating behind me. He told me that " You can remove your earrings for now when we'll reach the venue you can wear them again.

  I looked at him clueless and then move my gaze to the sister who was staring at me. I felt a little awkward but still removed my earrings without giving thought and placed them into my coat's pocket.

  In all this, we reached the venue where the marriage function was held. I got up from the seat and settling down my things and I suddenly felt that arv was standing right behind me.

  I looked back, and he said,” now you can wear them.”

  I smiled at him, picked up the things, and get off the bus.

  We entered the hotel, where all the arrangements were made from the bride's family. We went into the room where some were getting ready and some of them were getting freshen up because the venue was about 4 to 5 hours away from the city. While everyone was busy with their own, I went towards the direction where the mirror was attached.

  At the same time, arv and his brother were also standing there right beside the mirror. I looked into the mirror, and I got confused about my hair then I went forward and asked him if my hair is looking ok or not?

  Both gave a look to each other, and then he said you can set them. I did the same and went back to sit on the sofa.

  While everyone was busy, I went into my thoughts for a few seconds. Jas what have you done? why did you ask him about hair? and I was dumbfounded.

  In the meantime, there was a loud voice came from the door, "everyone gets up and reaches outside the hall.”

  I came back to my senses, I started feeling awkward about thinking of that the situation again and again. We all went outside the hall. The greeting ritual held between the grooms and the bride's family. Then a ritual between the Bridesmaids, and the groom held.

  After that, all the people entered the hall. At that time, everyone got settled down at different tables that were arranged. I got sited with my family. While I was talking to my sister suddenly, “Massi”, a little sharp voice came from behind. He was the son of my cousin sister. He was with my brother-in-law. Brother-in-law asked me to take care of his kid and make him drank the soup as he was getting difficult to handle. I hold the soup bowl and asked him to sit on the chair obediently. He wasn't ready to drink the soup, so I tried to trick him with the spoon and act like that the helicopter is going to land in his mouth. He opened his mouth and started drinking the soup.

  While doing that, I suddenly noticed that the two people who were sitting at the next table were looking at me. He was Arv with his cousin's sister. When I asked them with a gesture that what happened, his cousin replied to me with a gesture that was nothing. I felt awkward, but I replied to her with a faint smile that ok. But for me, it wasn't ok at all because a lot of awkward situations were already held since morning.

  After a period, the bride came and sat next to the groom. Later that, some bride and groom's relatives started dancing on the dance floor. After some time, it was the time for the marriage ceremony. My father asked me and my sister also to join the ceremony.

  We went to gurudwara sahib where the ceremony was going to be held. It was just a few minutes away from the venue. I realized that neither Arv nor his cousins came to the ceremony.

  I shrugged my shoulders and move my gaze towards the bride and groom. While the ceremony was going on, I started to imagine my wedding, the rituals, and so on because it was one of the biggest and the beautiful dreams of mine. After my cousin got married, we greeted him and his wife then went back to the venue.

  When everyone reached the venue, Almost all the family members started dancing. While I and my sister was taking pictures with cousins, My cousin's sister pulled our hands and asked us to join the dance floor. On the other hand, I noticed that arv was standing with his cousin.

  We went to the floor and started dancing with others. While dancing, I realized that the arv was no longer available in the hall. I looked around for him and felt awkward and heavy for a moment. It was a strange feeling that I felt for the first time. In all this, suddenly felt a push from behind as I was standing in the center of the dance floor. I came back to my senses and started dancing again but my mood was not good.

  In a meanwhile, I saw him standing with his cousins again and somehow felt Happy. After some time, everyone at the dinner and was making the bride ready for the palanquin. The marriage ceremony was over, and we greeted the family of the bride and went back to the bus.

  On the way back to the city, I was exhausted, because of that I settled down at the seat and supported my head towards the window and started listening to my favorite singer's song.

  In a while, a voice came from the back seat

  that, "who's listening to such sad songs"?

  I looked back and smiled at her. She was arv's cousin. After giving her a faint smile, I didn't felt good because of what she said, because I was listening to my favorite singer's songs but I still changed the songs. After some time my second cousin got up and started serving the soft drinks to everyone.

  At that time, his maternal uncle was standing right beside my seat. When the cousin gave me the cup, suddenly the bus jerked and my movement of hand was so quick that describes a beggar scene. I chuckled by myself while thinking of it and my cousin's maternal uncle saw me and asked with the gesture that what happened, I showed him by doing that exact thing. He started laughing, my cousin and sister as well.

  The bus stopped at the Dhaba because the winter was causing everyone to shiver. I got out of the bus and went to get freshen up with the daughter of my aunt's brother. After coming out, arv's parents were standing outside,

  His mother said to me that,” you can now remove your lehenga, you'll feel comfortable.”

  Even I didn't think about that. I went in again and removed the lehenga, as I already wore the woolen jegging inside it. After that, my father asked me if I want coffee or not. After getting agreed, my hands were already full as I was already carrying my lehenga. I wasn't able to hold the cup so

  My father said,” I'll hold it” you can hold your coffee cup and get into the bus. Not from far, arv, and my second cousin was standing next to the bus and was talking while looking at me. I reached the bus, gave a look, and got on the bus.