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You Can't Leave Me

You Can't Leave Me


Yunxiao loved Feng Jingzhou. She loved him so much that she didn't hesitate to force him to marry her, but in return, it was a three-year cold marriage. In the last three months of her life, her only hope was to put on the wedding dress. But he humiliated her, took her as a tool to vent his lust, and handed her the divorce agreement... He even forcibly sent her to the interview table and destroyed all her hopes personally. Until five years later, Feng Jing Province looked at the cute treasure beside her. It was not until then that it felt regretful and regretted it for the rest of its life...
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  "Jingzhou, I love you!"

  In the dark bedroom, Yun Kun sat cross-legged on the man's body, teasing him with all her strength.

  However, the next second, she was pushed away by the man. "Yun Xiao, how did you become so cheap!"

  Feng Jing Province looked at her with disgust, as if he was looking at something dirty.

  Instead of retreating, Yunxiao moved forward and pressed against the man's chest. "Jingzhou, it's not easy for you to go home. I won't get out..."

  A sudden heat rose from the man's lower abdomen. He narrowed his eagle eyes and pinched her chin. "Bitch, how dare you plot against me?"

  Yunxiao did not answer. She gritted her teeth and endured his violence. Her tears quietly fell down and wet the pillow.

  He scolded her for being a bitch, so he should know that she was Yun Xiao, not Yun Qingqing.

  She was his wife. He was in the same bed with her, but he was shouting the name of another woman. This made her not willing to die!

  She must make him clearly remember that the woman named Yunxiao under him was his legal wife who had been married for three years!

  "Jingzhou, are you so rude to Yun Qing?"

  Her body was so painful that Yun Xiao couldn't help but pinch the man's waist and ask.

  "What qualifications do you have to compare with Qing Qing?" Feng Jingzhou got up and threw her to the ground. "Such a disgusting woman like you can't even compare with Qing Qing's one finger!"

  With a bang, the back of Yunxiao's waist hit the foot of the bed, and a blast of fishy sweetness suddenly spread in her mouth.


  How dare he say that she was disgusting!

  He used to be as gentle as a treasure to her, but why did she become like this as soon as she got married?

  Despair spread like weeds in Yun Xiao's heart. She revealed a bitter smile and said, "In that case, Jing Province, let's divorce."

  Feng Jingzhou's hand, which was binding the belt, stopped and his eyes fell on her face.

  Since the day he got married, he had said that he would divorce countless times. However, no matter how threatening and tempting he was, she would never compromise.

  But today, she not only seduced him in an abnormal way, but also proposed a divorce?

  What on earth was this bitch trying to do?

  Yunxiao suppressed the tears in her eyes and slowly stood up. "I agree to your divorce, but I have a condition."

  Feng Jing Province frowned. "What kind of tricks do you want to play?"

  "You want to design a wedding dress for me!"

  "To design a wedding dress?" Feng Jingbo was stunned for a moment and then sneered. "Do you think you are qualified?"

  His words were like a sharp sword piercing into Yun Xiao's heart. Her body shook, but she still held her head up stubbornly. "If you want me to sign, you must promise me! Otherwise, Yun Qing can only be a mistress forever!"


  Feng Jing Province was furious. "If it weren't for you, my wife must be Qing Qing! If it weren't for you, Qing Qing Qing wouldn't have become like this!"

  Yun Xiao gritted her teeth and said word by word, "Feng Jingzhou, I don't want to mention the past anymore! But if you don't agree, I don't mind wasting time with you!"

  She lowered her eyes. "Did you forget? Our marriage was personally decided by your grandfather. As long as I don't want to, no one can force you to divorce me!"

  "Why is there such a vicious sister like you?"

  Feng Jingzhou's eyes, like ice edges, were fixed on Yunxiao's eyebrows.

  There was a bitter smile on the corner of her lips. She still wanted to say something, but at this time, her throat suddenly had a blast of fishy sweetness.

  "Think about it. I don't have time to talk nonsense with you!"

  She quickly jumped out of bed, ran out of the room in a hurry, and rushed into the bathroom in the bedroom.


  Yun Xiao spit out large mouthfuls of blood, and all her strength was drained. She looked at the red toilet in the toilet and felt dizzy.