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Kiss Me Every Morning

Kiss Me Every Morning


"Don't provoke me. My husband is super fierce." Jiang Xi, 18 years old, was sold to an old man in a wealthy family by his father. His half-sister pretended to be happy and said, "I heard that Master Han was a devil from hell. He killed people without blinking. He was fierce and cruel. If he went to Fu family, he would be tortured very badly. If he didn't live for three days, he would be humiliated." Later, she saw with her own eyes that the old devil-like man was not only handsome, but also he knelt down on a pair of a pair of a pair of a pair of gentle shoes. After that, she asked, "Why did I say, "Why did I give you such money to you to you? Tell you that you that you that you that you that?"
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  "Miss Jiang, take off your clothes." The old servant's expression was cold, his eyes drooped, and he did not have much respect.

  Jiang Shi bit his lower lip. "... Why do you take off your clothes?"

  The servant smiled and said with a little contempt, "Our Old Grandma spent so much money to buy you to celebrate. You can't refuse to check the goods, can you?"

  Jiang Shan's face was pale and red. Embarrassed, she tugged at the corner of her shirt. "... I... I've never had a boyfriend before..."

  However, the servant acted as if he had not heard her. He said impatiently, "Hurry up, Old Grandma is waiting for me to reply."

  Jiang Xiu bit his lip so hard that it nearly bled.

  Before yesterday, she was still the second daughter of the Jiang family. Although she was not favored and even bullied, she had never suffered such humiliation.

  Jiang Chong had always known that his father, aunt, and sister did not like her because she was his illegitimate daughter. But she did not expect that his father would sell her to someone else as a loving child bride in order to make up for the huge fund gap in Jiang's Pharmaceutical Industry!

  Before leaving home, her sister Jiang Wei went to her room in person and told her what kind of a murderous demon her future husband was.

  When it came to the Fu family in Jingcheng City, no one would not know that this giant, who had stood for hundreds of years, was still in charge of the fate of A country. And the Fu family's eldest son, Fu Chentan, was called "Master Han". As for his rumors, he could be described as an evil ghost who could stop children from crying at night by all the negative words, such as being murderous, ruthless, changeable, sinister and cunning.

  As long as they heard his name, everyone would retreat, and no one dared to marry him. That was why they chose Jiang Chen when the old lady of the Fu family wanted to find someone to celebrate when the demon was seriously injured.

  Jiang's Pharmaceutical Industry required money, and the Fu family wanted a child bride. Both sides were very cost-effective, and the cooperation was very pleasant. Jiang Chong, who was treated as a product, was taken into the dark secret room to conduct a body test on the first day he arrived at the Fu family.

  The servant was impatient. He frowned and said loudly, "Miss Jiang, I'll call you Miss. Don't put on airs for me! I know what kind of person you are! If you don't like it, I won't! Who knows how long you can live? Master Han kills so many people. Who knows when you will..."

  "Don't say that." Jiang Tao's voice was very low and soft, with a little soft softness in the South of the Yangtze River. It was so soft that it made one's heart itch. "I... take it off."

  The servant raised his eyebrows and sneered as he sized Jiang Chong up casually.

  It had to be said that the children's mother-in-law who was casually bought by Old Grandma was very outstanding. Her small face was neither evil nor beautiful. Her eyebrows were particularly beautiful, like peach blossoms with rain in spring. Her eyes were as clean as glass without any impurities. Her skin was so white and delicate that it made people surprised. She was like soft tofu soaked in milk. Her skin was really "fat" like cream.

  Not to mention that she was only sixteen years old and had not yet grown up. If she was alive, she must be a goblin who would bring calamity to the country and people!

  Jiang Xu's slender, white and tender fingers were on the button of her clothes. When she was about to untie them, someone outside suddenly said, "Aunt Lin! Old Grandma asked you to take her to the Yard of Gan Tang as soon as possible! It seems that Big Master is going to die!"

  Aunt Lin paused for a moment and said, "But I haven't examined my body yet..."