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Master's Happy Underground Marriage

Master's Happy Underground Marriage


Joe married Fu Sian because... love. Fu Sian married Qiao Mo because of... kindness. Joe knew that Fu Sian didn't love her, so he secretly gave birth to her twice behind his back. Until the third time— Joe wanted to keep the child alive, but watched another woman kiss him. Joe held the test sheet tightly with his foam, and tears blurred his vision. "Fu Si Nian, let's divorce..." She couldn't hold on any longer, but he didn't want to let go anymore.
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  It was late at night.

  After taking a shower, Joe put on his clothes and went to the bed. Then he picked up the phone on the bedside table and took a look.

  One and a half minutes later.

  He, Fu Siannian, would not come back, would he?

  After lying down, she closed her eyes and gently rubbed her lower abdomen with her fingers. There were joy, excitement, and hesitation.

  The words that the doctor said during the day came to his mind.

  "The inspection report came out. The baby is less than two months old, and the baby's appearance is not stable enough. Are you going to stay or lose it?"

  She didn't dare to give the doctor a positive answer because she wasn't sure.

  Although she was very looking forward to it, the joy of being a virgin.

  This was her first child. She had been married with Fu Sian for more than a year, and it was hard for her to plant a child.

  In addition to the marriage letter, there was also the only bond between them.


  The bedroom was lit up with the dim light of the sleep lamp. Joe heard the sound of opening the door from the Hidden Latch in a daze.

  A moment later, a tall figure appeared.

  The man's fingertips were so cold that she gradually sobered up.

  "Fu..." She felt that something was wrong, but before she could finish her words, she was all sealed by him.

  Fu Siannian's kiss was not overbearing. It was just like his whole person, cold, with a hint of mint.

  Joe crily felt a chill run down her spine. She raised her hand in surprise to stop him. "Siansun... No!"

  The doctor said that she had just found out that she was pregnant. She couldn't do it in the past three months...

  Fu Siannian stopped what he was going to do.

  In the dark night, the man's dark eyes, which were staring at her, were so deep that he could not see the bottom. There were waves of unknown emotions in his eyes.

  "What's wrong?" His voice sounded a little hoarse, but there was also a little dissatisfaction.

  Any man would not like to be stopped halfway when he was engaged in sexual affairs.

  Moreover, he was Fu Siannian, the eldest son of the Fu family, and the most eager to flatter and flatter the diamond king, Old Wu, among all the women in the city.

  Joe dared not tell Fu Sian about the pregnancy with his foam, so he swallowed his saliva and lied softly. "I... I feel uncomfortable today and went to the hospital to have a check-up..."

  In the silent air, only the sound of each other's breathing could be heard.

  Joe was nervous and didn't even dare to look at Fu Siannian's eyes, but she knew that he was waiting for her to continue.

  She hesitated and said, "The doctor said that I have a slight etiquette problem. It's better not to... No, that..."

  Even if he didn't know what it meant, Fu Siannian knew what it meant.

  His cold eyes wandered on her unnatural face, as if he was trying to estimate the authenticity of her words.

  And Qiao Mo knew very well that Fu Sian was not a man who was easy to fool. Sooner or later, he would know that she was going to the hospital for an examination today. She might as well go with the flow...

  She said that she was pregnant and that she was ill in the Department of Gynecology.

  Fu Sian, who had a high mysophobia, couldn't be in such a situation...

  Joe was so nervous that he almost couldn't breathe.

  She knew that men would think too much, but she really could not...

  "I'm sorry..." Joe pursed his lips and replied in a muffled voice.

  Fu Siannian was silent for a moment and did not answer. He just stared at her. After a while, his heavy body suddenly fell down.

  With a sound of "bang", he turned off the light on the bedside table and then covered her with the quilt with two words as if he was giving an order.


  This was the first time that Joe had rejected Fu Sian.

  Although Fu Sian didn't say anything, Qiao Simo still felt a trace of displeasure from the man.