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The CEO's Brave Wifie

The CEO's Brave Wifie


"Sir... It's my first time. Can... can you be gentle?" Tonight was the night of Violet Fross's engagement with an old man! It was rumored that the old man named Jerold Chambers was extremely ugly, and he had a strange temper. He was notorious for his fierceness. Therefore, even though he's the richest and the most powerful man in the city, there was no woman around him. But the Fross family needed his money, so they forced Violet to marry him. However, when Violet lived with him, she found those rumors were all fake...
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  It was pitch-black in the room.

  Xu Yi Nuan was lying stiffly on the bed. She felt as if she had been cursed and could not move.

  Tonight... was the night of her engagement with an old man!

  When she heard the sound of the door opening, she was so scared that she closed her eyes and was afraid of what would happen next.

  It was rumored that the third son of the Gu family was extremely ugly, and he had a strange temper. He was notorious for his fierceness. However, it seemed to be defective in that aspect, and there was no woman around him.

  In the whole city, even if there was someone who coveted the Gu family's wealth, he would not dare to marry a woman.

  However, the Xu family dared.

  The Xu family was short of money, and the group was on the verge of collapse. Her father borrowed usury, and now the other party was pursuing the debt to take her father's life.

  Her father had no choice but to sacrifice her sister. As a result, he sent her over.

  The other party agreed without hesitation and requested to check the goods tonight.

  To check the goods... To put it in a harsh way, it was to check the body. For Gu Laosan, she was just a piece of goods, and each of them needed what they needed.

  She felt that the other party was in her forties or fifties and had not gotten married or had a child. It was not because there was something wrong with that aspect, but because she had some special hobbies.

  Such as... mistreatment!

  At the thought of this, she trembled even more.

  She lifted the quilt and touched it with a big hand. It was slightly rough and a little cold, just like the devil's hand from hell.


  She screamed out of fear.

  The other person fell into a brief silence, and then said, "Afraid?"

  His voice was hoarse and low. In her state of high mental nervousness, she could not tell if it was good or not.

  He only felt that his voice was a little dull, as if he was angry.

  Thinking that her father was still waiting for saving money, she gritted her teeth, endured the air, and said with a trembling voice, "Yes... I'm a little scared, but I can overcome it..."

  "Turn on the light. You may have a sense of security if you turn on the light."

  The other party was very gentlemanly. He didn't ask for anything in a strong way.

  He raised his hand and tried to touch the switch on the wall, but was stopped by Xu Yi Nuan.


  Her voice was trembling, as if she was begging.

  It was said that Gu Laosan was a fierce man with an abominable face and a long wound on his face!

  If she turned on the light, wouldn't her little psychological quality scare her to faint?

  Turn on the light... absolutely not!

  Gu Laosan was silent for a moment. He seemed to realize something and slowly withdrew his hand.

  He caressed her cheek with his big hand. She wanted to stop him, but she dared not.

  "Sir... It's my first time. Can... can you be gentle?"

  She said humbly.

  His fingers went down between her eyebrows, spreading over her nose and lips, then her slender neck, her thin shoulders, and her collarbones...

  In the next moment, there was infinite spring light.

  Her body was even more stiff and tight. Her hands were grasping the sheets, and she was about to break them.

  The man knew that she was afraid, but he was still neither too fast nor too slow. It seemed that he was slowly going to crush her will.

  "Do you know what it means to lie here tonight?"

  "Spirit... means that I'll be... your man from now on."

  "Well, I'm a little self-aware. I need a wife, and you need money. We'll do it together." As he spoke, his hand covered her white skin.

  Xu Yi Nuan had never experienced such a shameful thing in her life. She felt that her face turned red and she wanted to kill herself.

  She disliked this stranger so much, but tonight she would become his woman and his wife in the future.

  He was already more than forty years old, but she was only eighteen years old...

  This age was really ironic!

  Perhaps, this was her fate...

  She had no time to blame this beauty, because his big hand had already arrived...